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5 Reasons To Teach Your Kids Sleep Meditation Today

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5 Reasons To Teach Your Kids Sleep Meditation Today

Children process so much information through their day - it’s especially important for them to be able to rest and recover with the help of a good night’s sleep. Kids sleep meditation is one approach that has proven effective in improving the sleep cycles of children and adults alike.

As Rachel Dawkins, M.D at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital explains: ‘Studies have shown that kids who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health’. The importance of a good night’s sleep is, therefore, a vital part of any child’s well-being.

Empowering your children with the right tools to get better sleep can help them, even as they grow into adults. Here’s everything you need to know about teaching your kids sleep meditation, and why it’s important.

What Is Sleep Meditation?

kids sleep meditation

Sleep meditation is a specific, guided experience, that aims to completely relax the body and mind when winding down for the night. It can come in a few different forms - guided meditation requires deep breathing, while other forms integrate yoga to calm the body as well as the mind.

While there are many different approaches to sleep meditation, the core practice remains the same - focusing on the breath, staying mindful of the body, and acknowledging thoughts without allowing them to take over.

Getting a child to sit perfectly still while quietly acknowledging their thoughts might seem like it deserves a Nobel Prize. Thankfully, the process is a lot easier than you might think - don’t worry, we’ll mail your plaque to you either way. A couple of tried and tested strategies and tools can help your child build sleep meditation into a daily practice.

How To Teach Your Kids Sleep Meditation

bedtime routine

Not sure where to start? You have a ton of free online resources that can help you teach your child how to meditate before bed:

  • Use Online Resources - You can opt to use a guided sleep meditation video to get both you and your child in the practice before bedtime. There are also tailored meditation apps that help turn the meditation experience into a game in a way that’s more accessible to kids. Some popular apps include Mindful Powers, Smiling Mind, and Stop, Breathe & Think.
  • Try Gratitude Practice - If you don’t want to get technology involved, there are other ways to effectively soothe and train your children in the art of kids sleep meditation. Having an evening gratitude practice where kids are encouraged to say one to three things that made them happy during the day can help calm more anxious sleepers down.
  • Explore Sleep Stories - If your child struggles to feel safe or calm before going to bed, try using sleep stories to distract them back into a positive headspace. Getting into the practice of reading a bedtime story together can be built into a ritual that your children do not need to associate with any kind of device.
  • Do It Together - Remember that meditations for children don’t have to take a long period of time. For preschool children, setting down for even just ten minutes a day can make a significant impact on the way they understand their bedtime routine and sleep schedule. Carving out time in your day and making sure you spend this time with them will help build value into the practice.

The Benefits Of Sleep Meditation For Children

For all of this effort, you might be wondering if teaching your kids sleep meditation can really make that much of a difference. Here are a couple of reasons experts say it’s worth taking the time to do:

1 - Meditation Can Instill More Disciplined Sleep Hygiene

sleep stories

Some schools in the US have begun replacing detention with a new form of self-reflection: meditation. Educators are finding that meditation can actually be a valuable tool in teaching children how to self-soothe, be more reflective, and be more thoughtful of their actions.

If you struggle with behavioral issues or simply need to figure out how to get your child to stay still, kids sleep meditation can be a great way to impart the lesson without having to bring in disciplinary rules that feel suffocating or overly harsh. For children who are especially fussy about getting to bed on time, disciplinary action might work against you, and make the experience more stressful for them, causing further delay in proper rest. Sleep meditation can be a calmer way to impart sleep discipline.

2 - Expect Deeper, Longer, & Higher Quality Rest

The most obvious application for kids sleep meditation is for the quality of their rest. If your children are having trouble sleeping, then building a calming sleep routine that involves a little mindfulness can go a long way in the overall quality of their sleep.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, mindfulness meditation can be especially helpful in children who struggle with sleep anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, behavioral issues, and much more.

You might also choose to supplement their new routine with sleep accessories that can help too. Weighted blankets use something known as gentle pressure stimulation to distribute an even amount of weight across the body. Children can find this especially comforting during their sleep since it mimics the familiar feeling of being swaddled.

3 - Enables Your Child To Take Charge Of Bedtime

Meditation expert Cory Cochiolo explains the importance of having your children involved in creating their own bedtime routines - ‘What I’ve learned is kids invest in and trust a routine most when they’ve participated in making it’, she explains. Sleep meditation allows your kids to take ownership of their bedtime and allows them to feel a sense of responsibility for what needs to get done.

Children are especially responsive to their parent’s behavior - encouraging them to remain proactive by asking them if they want to lead a meditation session, and sitting down with them to practice gratitude, some deep breathing, or simple bedtime stories can all contribute to a better night of more restful sleep.

Kids sleep meditation can be a challenging habit to cultivate and put into practice. Consistency and patience are both keys in ensuring your kids are really enjoying their meditative practice, and reaping the full benefits of a good night’s sleep. You’ll find yourselves becoming a family of mindfulness masters in no time.

Your Turn...

Do your kid's sleep better after sleep meditation? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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Certified Sleep Science Coach

Written by Teresa Francis, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Teresa Francis is a Certified Sleep Science Coach and full-time writer focused on well-being and sleep health. She’s written on a variety of topics, from what’s trending in bedroom decor to the way lifestyle influences sleep. Some of the subject areas she covers for Puffy include the best foods for better sleep, how new parents can catch up on rest, and the best way to become a morning person. Teresa has a Master’s Degree in Literature, and has always believed in the power of a good bedtime story.

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