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Daylight Savings 2024: Pros & Cons Of Turning Back Time

Daylight Savings 2024: Pros & Cons Of Turning Back Time

Daylight savings ends on Sunday the 3rd of November, 2024. Clocks around America will wind back one hour marking the end of Fall and the start of the festive season.

This time and energy saving initiative that started in the US during World War 1 has become a permanent component of the lives of most Americans, but why do we still do it and what are the pros and cons?

Despite being around for over a century, daylight savings time can be a friend to some, but a foe to others. So as America prepares to watch the sun set a little sooner, we’re exploring why we have daylight savings, whether it still saves time and energy, and helping you discover how you can seamlessly transition into the new season without impacting the sleep and wake cycle.

Why Do We Have Daylight Savings?

Back in the day, the purpose of daylight savings was introduced as a cost saving measure. More daylight helped homes and industries save money on energy production and make use of more time in the day.

Today around 40% of the world utilize daylight saving timing. The vast majority of US states and territories observe daylight savings time. Hawaii and Arizona are two states who do not follow daylight savings.

So why doesn’t the rest of the world want to enjoy extra sunlight and make the most of the day? Not all countries benefit from sunlight in the same way.

For example, countries close to the equator, such as Chile, don’t see dramatic changes in sunlight even as seasons flow. Countries further from the equator benefit from DST the most which is why it's permanent in these parts of the world.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) has an interesting history in America which once caused a lot of confusion with clocks moving forward and back without any type of formal law.

Before congress enacted the Uniform Time Act, which set out rules states had to follow, states took a wild west approach using DST as they saw fit. Now we know what to expect with daylight savings.

When Does Daylight Savings 2024 Start?

When Spring time rolls in, so does daylight savings. This year, daylight savings started on Sunday March 10, 2024. At 2AM on the second Sunday of March, clocks move forward by an hour. So instead of reading 2am, it will be 3am.

When Does Daylight Savings 2024 End?

When Does Daylight Savings Time End | Puffy

Daylight saving ends at 2am on the 3rd of November. Clocks fall back by an hour so at 2am, the time will shift to 1am. The big question on most people's minds is "do we get more sleep when daylight savings ends?" The answer is yes! But that all depends on whether you have good sleep hygiene or not.

It’s impossible to take advantage of an extra hour of sleep when you’re falling asleep later in the night. Despite the clock turning back an hour, it also means that bedtimes roll back. If your usual bedtime is 10pm, post daylight saving, this becomes 9pm. Many find it difficult to stick to the same sleep schedule.

The end of daylight savings is always the best time to get morning routine ideas to ensure you can get quality sleep, even when schedules shift.

Pros and Cons Of Daylight Savings

DST is widely debated. Some love it, some hate it. No matter what side of the story you support, many people in the US are pushing to make daylight savings a permanent thing. Over time, there have been endless debates about the benefits and disadvantages.

While changing the dial on a clock might sound simple enough to most, it's an area of contention for many people. Let’s look at some of the arguments.

Pro: more light for doing fun things -after finishing work or school most people really love that they can go home and spend an extra hour in the sun.

People also tend to shop more, and do more activities, so many business owners and politicians campaign for daylight savings to be permanent as it boosts the economy.

Pro: safer roads and communities -studies have found that more natural light can help improve safety on roads and reduce pedestrian fatalities by up to 13%. Another study also found that robberies reduce by up to 7% during DST.

Pro: better mental health -DST is said to have a positive impact upon mood and mental health by creating more opportunities to socialize and be active in the evenings.

Con: hard to adjust sleep schedules -the winding of the clock twice a year can create some difficulty for people who already find it hard to get quality sleep. Some studies suggest a decrease in productivity and increase in economic costs due to lack of sleep hygiene during DST.

Con: not that much energy gets saved - saving money and energy was once one of the key drivers for implementing DST, but the hyperconnected modern world is showing no signs of saving energy. In fact, a 2008 study found that energy usage can increase during DST because more people are using devices.

How To Protect Your Sleep Cycle

How To Protect Your Sleep Cycle

We are not sure if DST will stay for good. Until that’s figured out, improving your sleep is highly possible regardless of how the clock swings. The key to perfecting sleep is to have a sound understanding of the circadian rhythm - the internal body clock that controls the sleep and wake cycle of individuals.

Supporting the circadian rhythm can be much easier when you have a good sleep routine and empower yourself with enough morning routine ideas to help create a flexible schedule that is easy to follow.

You also can’t look beyond the need for a comfortable mattress. For an unbeatable combination of support and comfort, a memory foam mattress is a great choice for a mattress upgrade.

Memory foam mattresses are perfect for every season as they are highly breathable and have exceptional cooling capabilities. So whether you’re a hot sleeper, or like to sleep cozy under the covers, memory foam will deliver night after night.

As you head into daylight savings time and prepare for the festive season, consider giving your bedroom an upgrade. Trial Puffy Memory Foam Mattress for 101 nights as daylight savings comes to an end and experience the best sleep. 

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Your Turn...

Did you manage your sleep cycle during daily saving time? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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