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Infographic: 5 Most Sleep-Deprived Careers In The U.S.

Sleep deprivation is a pervasive problem in the modern world, and for many people, their jobs are to blame.

Some jobs require employees to work upwards of 50 hours per week. We surveyed 700 professionals to understand their careers, routines, lifestyles, and sleeping habits to determine the most sleep-deprived jobs in the U.S. Let's take a look to understand how employees cope with insufficient sleep and the circumstances behind it.

Check out The 5 Most Sleep-Deprived Careers In The U.S. [Infographic]

 Infographic: 5 Most Sleep-Deprived Careers In The U.S. | Puffy


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Infographic: 5 Most Sleep-Deprived Careers In The U.S. by puffy.com

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