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Puffy Ranked Best Mattress 2019 RANKED 2019 BEST MATTRESS

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12 Reasons to Choose Puffy Mattress Foundation

13 Reasons to Choose the Puffy Mattress Foundation

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Love our puffy!!

My husband and I ordered a puffy mattress about 1 month ago to replace a sleep number bed that we were never thrilled with, and went with a cal king. The mattress and frame were super easy to set up. The puffy offers great support without being too stiff. It is also super quiet (no springs) and I can't feel the bed move at all when my husband turns over in the night.

Decent Foundation, Awesome Mattress

This foundation is easy to assemble. It looks nice. It does occasionally creak a little. It is very lightweight. The Puffy mattress is wonderful!

Heavenly Mattress

This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned, hands down!!!


I was having trouble sleeping because I would hurt so bad during the night. With my new puffy mattress my pressure points(hips and shoulders, I'm a side sleeper) are cushioned. I also stay cooler so am not kicking the covers off all night either. Even my dogs are enjoying sleeping on our puffy mattress instead of fluffing up pillows and blankets they spread out on the mattress. There has been more sound sleep and less movement through the night now

I love my Puffy!!

Really love my mattress!! I’m glad I made the decision to get a Puffy!! Even my child, dog and cats love it too!!

Puffy Mattress is perfect for any surface and designed for use with any frame or box spring- even for use on the floor. While your new Puffy Mattress doesn't need a box spring to give you an amazing night's sleep, our Puffy Mattress Foundation is the perfect solution. The Puffy Mattress Foundation is not only built to last, but it's made to optimize our cooling technology giving you a cooler night's sleep. You'll even gain some extra, much-needed storage and receive our 101 night sleep trial! And with our quick and easy set-up instructions, you'll be ready for the best night's sleep in a matter of minutes.

We think our customers will agree when we say a Puffy mattress just isn't quite complete without its complementary foundation.