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Puffy Mattress

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38"W x 75"L x 10"H
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12 reasons to choose Puffy Mattress

Reason 1
Puffy Mattress Made In USA

Puffy - Made In The USA
Made In USA

Every Puffy Mattress is designed and manufactured with pride in the USA. We use premium materials and processes to ensure you’re sleeping on a premium quality mattress.

Reason 2
Puffy Mattress 101-Night Sleep Trial

101-Night Sleep Trial

Want to feel the comfort of sleeping on a cloud before you commit? You can test sleep the comfort of Puffy for a full 101 nights. If you are not satisfied, you can return the mattress free of charge for a full refund.

Learn more about our 101-night sleep trial.

Reason 3
Puffy Mattress Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Our lifetime warranty protects the quality and craftsmanship of the Puffy Mattress for the entire time you spend snoozing on it. We make the process of upgrading your sleep risk-free.

Reason 4
Puffy Mattress Free Shipping

Delivers Free In 2 - 5 Business Days

Get the best sleep of your life delivered directly to your door for no extra charge within 2 - 5 business days. If you don’t love your mattress, we’ll pick it up for free and give you a 100% refund.

Learn more about shipping & returns and size & weight information.

Reason 5
Puffy Mattress Rests On Any Surface

Works With Any Bed Frame

Puffy Mattress is designed to work on any frame or surface including box springs, flat frames, slats, or even adjustable frames. Need a new frame? You can choose the Puffy Bed Frame or the Puffy Adjustable Base.

Reason 6
Puffy Mattress Designed For All Sleeper Types

Designed For All Sleep Positions

Whether you’re a side sleeper or prefer snoozing on your stomach, the Puffy Mattress is versatile enough to contour to your body while providing total comfort. Puffy has ranked highest in numerous Best Mattress categories for all types of sleepers.

Reason 7
Puffy Mattress Has 5 Layer Sleep System

Innovative 5-Layer Sleep System

Our carefully crafted sleep system is engineered to deliver a perfect balance of cooling, comfort, and support. Experience support without sinking, advanced motion isolation, and temperature regulation for a blissful night’s sleep.

Learn more about our innovative sleep system.

Reason 8
Puffy Mattress Has Hypoallergenic Cover

Perfect For Sensitive Sleepers

The Puffy Mattress cover is hypoallergenic and designed to protect your mattress and stop pesky dust mites, dust, and other allergens from entering and causing irritation while you sleep.

Reason 9
Puffy Mattress Has Cooling Comfort

Stay Cool All Night

Our foam is infused with cooling gel for optimal temperature control. It’s cool to the touch and does not absorb heat so you can sleep with consistent comfort all night.

Reason 10
Puffy Mattress Has Enhanced Spinal Alignment

Complete Full-Body Support

Puffy's innovative high-density foams are designed to adapt and contour to the body. Experience structured support as your back shifts throughout the night.

Reason 11
Puffy Mattress Has Pressure Relief

Total Motion Isolation

The superior motion isolation of the Puffy Mattress allows you to toss and turn without interrupting your sleep partner, ensuring both of you get the best night’s sleep.

Reason 12
Puffy Mattress Has Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover

Unique Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover

The Puffy Mattress comes with an innovative Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover that is noise-free, and perfect for families. Simply zip-n-wash to sleep on a fresh mattress night after night with ease!

five Layers Of Cloud-Like Comfort

We’re rated America’s most comfortable mattress for a reason. Here’s a peek behind the scenes:

Soft Firm
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Puffy Mattress Comfort Layers

Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover

Hypoallergenic top cover keeps your mattress squeaky clean and fresh.


Cooling Cloud™ Foam

2 inches of gel-infused breathable foam that keeps your sleep easy, breezy, and comfortable.


Climate Comfort™ Foam

2 inches of pressure-relieving cooling foam to cradle your body and support every position you sleep in.


Firm Core Support Foam

6 inches of high-density foam base to help stabilize and support your mattress, keeping it durable.


Grip Base Cover

Helps your mattress stay put as you toss and turn to your heart’s content.


  • What is the difference between Puffy mattresses?

    The Puffy Mattress has 5 layers and includes a 10” thickness. It is a great choice for sleepers looking for a balance between comfort and support.

    The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress, our most popular model, has 6 layers and includes a 12” thickness. It features a highly breathable feel and includes targeted pressure relief.

    The Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress includes 7 layers and is 14” thick. It has cooling gel-infused foam for optimal temperature control and has full-body zoned support to adapt to your sleep.

  • What sets Puffy apart from other brands?

    Apart from making award-winning mattresses, Puffy also provides the best benefits in the industry, ensuring you’re able to purchase a mattress totally risk-free. Our 101-night sleep trial provides you with over three months to test your mattress for comfort. We also have the best warranty coverage in the industry, with a lifetime warranty that promises to repair or replace your mattress.

  • How often should you change your mattress?

    The average mattress lasts between 7-8 years, though higher quality mattresses such as Puffy can last for as long as 10 years. Coupled with our 101-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty, your new mattress is a true investment for better sleep.

  • Does the Puffy mattress sleep cool?

    Puffy mattresses are formulated with innovative, cooling gel-infused foams that keep your bed cool to the touch. Gel-infused memory foam gives our mattresses naturally cooling properties that make them perfect for hot sleepers, or anyone who experiences fluctuating body temperatures at night.

  • Are the foams in the mattress CertiPUR-US® certified?

    That’s right - all our mattress foams include materials that are CertiPUR-US® certified. This means these foams are made without any ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates. They also have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality, making them totally safe to sleep on.

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the Puffy mattresses?

    Our products are available in every standard US mattress size. You can view more details on the Puffy mattress dimensions and weights here.

  • What is the weight capacity of the Puffy mattresses?

    Puffy products are designed with all sleepers in mind. We generally recommend our twin, twin XL, and full size mattresses can accommodate 350 lbs. Larger mattress sizes, such as the queen, king, and California king, can easily hold 350 lbs on each side.

  • What type of base or foundation can we place the Puffy on?

    You can place your Puffy mattress on almost any surface! That includes box springs, slatted frames, platform bed frames, and adjustable bases. Still shopping for bed frames? The Puffy mattresses also work perfectly on the floor while you decide.

  • How does your return policy work with the 101-night sleep trial?

    If your Puffy mattress isn’t the right fit for your sleep, you can choose to return it within 101 nights of your purchase, and still receive a full refund of the purchase price. We’ll organize the mattress return, and we’ll also donate your returned bed to a charity so it doesn’t get wasted.

  • How does the lifetime warranty work?

    The Puffy mattress warranty is one of the best in the industry. As long as you sleep on your Puffy, you’re protected by our lifetime coverage. Invest in a 100% risk-free purchase.

  • What are my mattress financing options when purchasing from your website?

    With Puffy, you can get the top-rated mattresses with payment terms that work for you. Our mattress financing partner Klarna allows you to pay from $81/mo for a brand new memory foam mattress for as low as 0% APR.

  • Where are Puffy mattresses made?

    All Puffy mattresses are designed and made with pride in the USA. We use the highest quality materials and processes to ensure you get premium quality mattresses to sleep on.

  • When can I expect my Puffy mattress?

    Your order can take anywhere between 2 - 5 days to ship from our warehouse and reach your doorstep. Shipping in the contiguous United States is always free and safely delivered.

  • How much does it cost to ship?

    Shipping with Puffy is completely free!

  • How do you clean a Puffy mattress?

    Our mattresses are made with ease of cleaning in mind. Featuring stain resistant covers that keep your mattress fresh for as long as possible, you can clean your Puffy with any conventional household detergent.

    Want to keep your mattress extra fresh? Our waterproof mattress protector, complimentary with any mattress purchase, includes cloud-like comfort and premium cooling materials.

  • Does Puffy have retail stores?

    Puffy has a partnership with multiple large retail stores and showrooms across the US, use the store locator to find the closest store to you and experience a Puffy mattress in person. With our 101-night sleep trial, you can test any Puffy product in the comfort of your own home.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11405 reviews
Susan H.
What is your preferred sleep position?: Side
Do you share your bed?: No, I do not
Which mattress size did you purchase?: Full

I truly love my Puffy! I had been waking up with right hip pain which immediately stopped with my new mattress. I love the combination of both firmness and softness. Last week I was away on vacation and the pain in my hip returned. It’s gone again now that I’m back home sleeping on my Puffy. And, you will see in the attached photo that Bud the bunny and Cade the bear love my Puffy too!❤️

We're so glad you're sleeping better with your Puffy, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Joseph Toscano
Best Sleep Ever

Most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. My wife and I bought it after my back and neck surgeries and it definitely helps with sleeping. It contours to the body and provides a relaxing sleep!!!!!😃

Joseph, we're so glad you and your wife are getting better sleep, thank you so much for sharing with us!

What is your preferred sleep position?: Side
Do you share your bed?: Yes, with a partner and/or kids
Which mattress size did you purchase?: King/Cal King
Best Mattress I’ve ever slept on

I’ve tried “box beds” in the past including Helix and always struggled with them either being too soft or too firm. I also seem to sweat so much more with a memory foam mattress, but this is the first one that’s amazing to sleep on while keeping me cool. It’s supportive but there’s no pressure points and the pillows are amazing.

Jessica, we're so glad you're getting better sleep with your new Puffy mattress, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Judy Peltier
What is your preferred sleep position?: Combination
Do you share your bed?: No, I do not
Which mattress size did you purchase?: Queen
Puffy to the Rescue!

I am very satisfied with my new mattress and base. I went with the remote multi position base and love it to watch TV or read in the evening. Thank you!

Judy, we're thrilled to hear you love your new setup, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Cheryl Hansen
What is your preferred sleep position?: Back
Do you share your bed?: No, I do not
Which mattress size did you purchase?: Twin/Twin XL
The Shop Bunkbeds Are Bunkhouse Ready

Love the Puffy mattresses, soft comfortable pillows, and silky sheets in the new Shop remodel. A former machine shop now a bunkhouse for guests, the shop shares a large space filled with Puffy products. The guests love the mattresses and they fit so well into the bed frames. Highly recommend!

Cheryl, we're so glad you're enjoying your Puffy products, thank you so much for sharing with us!

dori gilels
Everything Puffy is Awesome

I recently purchased four puffy mattresses and got free sheets and pillows and mattress covers to boot. I also referred a friend and got $200 and used that to buy a puffy blanket. It’s brilliant. I love everything Puffy. What can I say. Quality products, good prices and great service.

Dori, we're so glad you're enjoying your Puffy products, thank you so much for sharing with us!

David Leach
What is your preferred sleep position?: Back
Do you share your bed?: Yes, with a partner and/or kids
Which mattress size did you purchase?: Twin/Twin XL
Puffy Love

Great mattress and we love the adjustable bed frame.

we're so glad that you're enjoying your new sleep setup, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Theresa Marx
What is your preferred sleep position?: Side
Do you share your bed?: Yes, with a partner and/or kids
Which mattress size did you purchase?: Queen
Our Traveling Puffy Lux

We ordered a Queen Puffy Lux For our RV. It is so comfortable that we ordered another one for a Murphy bed on our home property!

Theresa, we're so glad you love your Puffy mattress, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Amazing product

This is our second puffy mattress. We upgraded from a queen to a king and purchased the King Puffy Lux Hybrid, and we are extremely happy, it is so incredibly comfortable, we also purchased the King upholstered bed frame, it is extremely well made and beautiful and easy to put together, I was concerned about the height and making the bed, but now it all tucks in and the height is perfect. It’s like sleeping in a luxury hotel! ❤️

We're thrilled to hear you're enjoying your new setup, thank you so much for sharing with us!


Great mattress finally opened after a few months of having it here waiting for my bedroom come but I’m very happy with it I like it

We're so glad you like your new mattress, thank you so much for sharing with us!

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