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Puffy Mattress
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The Puffy Mattress
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The Puffy Mattress

Ranked 2020 best mattress

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12 Reasons to Choose Puffy Mattress

Reason 1


Have you seen our awards? Puffy has ranked highest in numerous Best Mattress categories for all types of sleepers. 

Reason 2

Ships Free to Your Door With Fedex

Get the best sleep of your life shipped directly to your door for no extra charge within 1 to 3 business days. Better sleep should be easy and Puffy makes it so. 

Size & Weight Information

Reason 3

Place on Any Surface

Puffy was designed to work with any frame or surface. This includes box springs, flat frames, slats, adjustable frames or even the floor.

Reason 4

Puffy 101 Night Sleep Trial

Want to feel the comfort of sleeping on a cloud before you commit? You can test sleep the comfort of Puffy for a full 101. If you are not satisfied, you can return the mattress free of charge for a full refund. 

Reason 5

Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee PUFFY for as long as you own the mattress.

Reason 6

100% Made in the USA

Every part of the Puffy memory foam mattress is proudly made right here in the USA. 

Cloud Cover Made in the US
Cloud Foam Made in the US
Assembled in the US
Designed in the US
Sewn in the US

Reason 7

Breathable and Cooling

Puffy’s Cooling Gel Cloud Layer is breathable and optimized for temperature control. It’s cool to the touch and does not absorb heat so you can sleep without interruption. 

Reason 8

Climate-Adaptive Regulation

Our Puffy mattresses incorporate an advanced temperature-stabilizing, ClimateComfort™ layer that prevents sudden temperature swings that can disrupt a comfortable night's sleep.

Reason 9

Enhanced Spinal Alignment

Puffy's Cooling Cloud & Firm Core Support foam is designed to adapt to the body and provide support as your back shifts throughout the night. 

Reason 10

Total Pressure Relief

Puffy's Firm Core Support Layer is specially designed to keep your spine aligned while eliminating pressure points.

Reason 11

Stain Resistant Cover

Your Puffy comes with an all-new Stain Resistant Cover! Quickly and easily wipe up spills while leaving your cover just as white and clean. Our Zip-N-Wash cover allows for seasonal deep cleaning to remove dirt and germs that build up from regular use.

Rest assured that you're sleeping on quality – our mattress covers are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified. Learn More

Reason 12

Donations to Children in Need

Puffy makes donations to children in need of a bed. We believe every child should have a bed to sleep on.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6087 reviews
Finally, An Honest Night's Sleep!!

I'm 60 years old and a few years ago I bought a new mattress and an adjustable base. The salesman told me it would change life. It didn't. So I bought a Puffy thinking I had nothing to lose. I dropped it on the same adjustable base and it had been life altering. Thank you Puffy for an honest night's sleep.

Kc mattress

Good sleeping!!

Glad to hear you are sleeping good!
Awesome Back Support

We were a bit skeptical ordering online without being able to try it first, but free returns and a life time warranty were definitely worth the risk. Shipping was very fast, especially as we ordered on boxing day. Assembly was very easy and the product was exactly as described. We very much like the washable cover feature. We both have back pain, mine due to a car accident. We find our new mattress helped our pain and keeps your spine in the correct position. We also don’t disturb each other when we move or get out of bed. The lack of springs is awesome. This is definitely not a memory foam bed. It moves to your body quickly and is not heavy. We love our investment and are excited to try more Puffy products.

Knowing you are sleeping better and with less pain makes us smile! Thanks so much for the review, Amy!
Love My Mattress

I ordered a Puffy Mattress in November of 2019. Prior to this mattress purchase, I owned a series of air mattresses. They are generally easy to set up and provide customized support. However, they require maintenance of the air level on a frequent basis and can be cold. I knew that I would not have to do anything on a regular basis to maintain a memory foam style of mattress. My search of mattresses lead me to Puffy.
The mattress's design is well-explained on its website. The features of the mattress were also easy to read about and the price was reasonable. I liked that, should this mattress turn out to be not as I'd hope, someone was still going to benefit by receiving the mattress I could return. I had every reason to give this mattress a try, so I did.
I ordered it and it arrived within the estimated shipping time line without issue. I did need some help getting the boxed mattress inside and the well-wrapped mattress out of the box. I took the mattress in all of its wrapping and placed it on the bed frame. Once the wrapping was removed, it was amazing to see the mattress unfold and puff-up. It did not take long for the mattress to come to its full height and once there, I had to resist the urge to want to flop on it and lay there for a while. I let it sit for the required time and found that my expectations for support and comfort were more than met. I knew in that moment that there was little to no chance that this mattress was being returned. Within a few days, the new mattress scent, which did not disrupt my ability to get to sleep, dissipated. I have loved being able to go to sleep on this mattress ever since. During my trial period, I did some traveling. I enjoyed my vacation, and was happy to come home and sleep on my Puffy Mattress which felt just as great as the first night I slept on it.
It really does provide a unique blend of comfort and support that is perfectly consistent night after night. It is not too firm nor too soft. It is not cold,...

Great to hear that switching from an air-mattress to a Puffy was the best move for you, Kate! We are happy to hear you love your Puffy!
Puffy mattress

I had a traditional mattress for the longest time and thought it was very comfortable. I got married 2 years ago and the wife kept asking can we get a new mattress. Finally I said sure and we decided to try puffy. Bought it back in October, and the first month I was not impressed at all, but like the website says it takes time for your body to adjust. Now... This is the best mattress ever. I have never been able to sleep in past 7 AM, now...I'm sleeping in till 9 on my days off. The wife absolutely loves it too. She gets to sleep on it every day. Im a firefighter and work 48 hour shifts. Our mattress at the fire station are absolutely horrible, if I could afford to buy another mattress I would absolutely buy this mattress for the fire station too. It's night and day difference of how I sleep at home vs at work. Highly recommend this brand.

So good that you took the time to adjust, Charles. Making the switch to memory foam usually takes a few weeks. We are pleased to hear you are sleeping so well; you really deserve it!