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Puffy Mattress Pad REVIEWS.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 274 reviews
Beth S
Relief for chronic back pain

I suffer from an autoimmune disease and constant back pain. I did my due diligence in searching for our new mattress. I read countless reviews from mattress review blogs like marred clarity. The Puffy Lux Hybrid kept coming up as a great option for side sleepers with back and neck pain so we gave it a go. Right away I noticed an improvement in my quality of sleep. I still had a tiny bit of pressure on my hips and shoulders. I tried both a Puffy mattress topper and a Puffy mattress pad. The pad and lux combo was my sweet spot and I sleep well. No more constant flip flopping from pain. Thanks, Puffy!!

Hi Beth, we're so glad that you're getting better sleep now, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Michelle Krager
Perfect Fit!

Perfect fit for us! We've purchased a hybrid mattress, sheets, a mattress pad, pillows... and the difference we feel in the morning is AMAZING! What a game changer! No more restless nights for us. Hip aches are gone. We sleep so much better. No more night sweats. Our new Puffy set up has made a world of difference in our sleep pattern. We now look forward to going to bed at night.

Hi Michelle, we're so glad you're enjoying your new Puffy mattress pad, thank you for sharing with us!

Sherry Hammer
Thanks for introducing us to your wonderful”Puffy" products! They are fantastic and allow us to ...

The Puffy representatives are absolutely wonderful. They provide all of the information on the products you will need to assist you in making the right decision. !We have the queen size soft mattress and mattress pad which provides a wonderful soft feel to our bed. We love it! Puffy wants o be absolutely sure that you make the right decision and are happy with your purchase. There is a very adequate return policy which allows you to be sure it is what you want. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase.with the 105 day "like it our return” policy. This company is absolutely wonderful!

Hi Sherry, we're so glad you're enjoying your new Puffy mattress, thank you for sharing with us!

Merrilee Osterhoudt
Finally getting a good night's sleep

I've been struggling with back pain upon waking up for years. One night on my Puffy Deluxe and I woke up pain free feeling rested.

Hi Merrilee, we're so glad to hear that you're getting better sleep, thank you for sharing with us!

Katherine Lambert
Best Mattress Pad

Best mattress pad I’ve ever owned. It’s perfect on my firm mattress.

Hi Katherine, we're so glad you're enjoying your new Puffy mattress pad, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Douglas Stolp
Heaven in a bed

Just replaced my first mattress pad on our puffy mattress after five years this bed is worth every penny like sleeping on a cloud wake up pain free every morning and ready to start my day THANK YOU PUFFY !!!!

Hi Douglas, we're so glad you're enjoying your Puffy mattress pad, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Darzellia Allert
Puffy Mattress Pad

My old mattress now feels like new with the Puffy Mattress pad.

Hi Darzellia, Thank you for the review! We're glad to hear that the Puffy Mattress Pad has been helpful in restoring the comfort and support of your old mattress.

Donna Perry
Puffy mattress pad

The mattress pad is very nice but I will want to return it because I’m actually looking for a mattress cover that makes my mattress softer. The Puffy mattress cover is very soft for a topper but I’m looking for something truly thicker.

corine gannon
Mattress cover

Love it / helps our hard mattress feel softer .

Hi Corine, we're thrilled to hear you love your new Puffy pad and cover. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Phyllis Tiderington
Puffy Mattress Pad

I love everything Puffy! The mattress, the sheets, the pillow. But the icing on the cake is the Mattress Pad. It is so fluffy and so comfortable! IAnd as with all of the Puffy products, the delivery and service was outstanding. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great night’s sleep!

Hi Phyllis, we're so glad that you're getting better sleep now, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Our 5-star product reviews demonstrate the customer satisfaction that Puffy is known for. From our award-winning mattress collection to our bestselling bases, frames, and bedding, thousands of sleepers prefer Puffy’s cloudlike comfort.
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