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Puffy Weighted Blanket
Puffy Weighted Blanket
Puffy Weighted Blanket
Puffy Weighted Blanket
Puffy Weighted Blanket

Puffy Weighted Blanket


Product Features

12 Reasons To Choose Puffy

Dual-feel weighted blanket designed to help relax the body and create calm just before bedtime. Available in 2 weight options for big and small sleepers.

  1. 101-night sleep trial

  2. Lifetime warranty

  3. Delivers free in 2 - 5 business days

  4. Hypoallergenic

  5. Dual-feel

  6. Machine washable

  7. Gentle pressure stimulation

  8. Comfortable and calming

  9. Soft to touch

  10. Diamond pattern stitching

  11. Perfect weight

  12. Improve sleep quality

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Weighted Blanket

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12 reasons to choose
Puffy Weighted Blanket

Reason 1
101-Night Sleep Trial

101-Night Sleep Trial

Try the Puffy Weighted Blanket in your own home for a full 101 nights. If you do not love it and feel a difference in the quality of your sleep, we’ll provide a refund of the purchase price. Start sleeping better today!

Your comfort is our priority. Learn More

Reason 2
Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Rest assured, we deliver on our promise of quality. We believe in the quality of the Puffy Weighted Blanket so much that we give you a lifetime warranty - for as long as you use the blanket, we protect your purchase.
Reason 3
Delivers Free In 2 - 5 Business Days

Delivers Free In 2 - 5 Business Days

Get your Puffy Weighted Blanket delivered straight to your door for free within 2 - 5 business days! You can also return it for free and get a 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Learn more about shipping & returns.

Reason 4


You need a weighted blanket that is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and odorless. That’s what you get when you buy the Puffy Weighted Blanket. The Puffy Weighted Blanket will not irritate your skin or cause allergies.
Reason 5


Twill cotton on one side and plush micro mink on the other provides touchably soft comfort. The Puffy Weighted Blanket’s dual-feel design is perfect for a cozy, soothing sleep.
Reason 6
Machine Washable

Machine Washable

The Puffy Weighted Blanket cover removes with ease and is machine washable. The Puffy Weighted Blanket can also be washed at home by following our gentle care instructions to protect the quality of the ceramic beads and fabric.
Reason 7
Gentle Pressure Stimulation

Gentle Pressure Stimulation

Looking for that gentle hug that only a weighted blanket can deliver? The Puffy Weighted Blanket will help you feel just the right amount of pressure stimulation for a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience.
Reason 8
Comfortable And Calming

Comfortable And Calming

The Puffy Weighted Blanket is extraordinarily cozy and is likely to become the most popular blanket in your house. The light pressure is calming on the body and can help reduce disruptive tossing and turning.
Reason 9
Soft To Touch

Soft To Touch

Feel comfortable and cuddled. The Puffy Weighted Blanket has a dual fabric design. The super-soft mink top is lightweight and plush, and the 100% twill soft cotton bottom will caress your body without irritation.
Reason 10
Diamond Pattern Stitching

Diamond Pattern Stitching

The Puffy Weighted Blanket is stitched perfectly with a double-line diamond pattern, so the weight spreads seamlessly. The Puffy Weighted Blanket will arrive with a diamond pattern cover that is easy to apply and remove.
Reason 11
Perfect Weight

Perfect Weight

Two choices in weight mean you can meet your ideal match. For lighter bodies, the 15 lbs Puffy Weighted Blanket provides just enough pressure for a peaceful sleep. The 20 lbs Puffy Weighted Blanket suits heavier bodies.
Reason 12
Improve Sleep Quality

Improve Sleep Quality

The Puffy Weighted Blanket can help you sleep for longer and wake up rested. The ‘hug’ feeling of the Puffy Weighted Blanket provides therapeutic comfort and has become a go-to natural sleep solution for many.


  • What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?

    A weighted blanket has many health benefits. These benefits include reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, improving sleep quality, calming the nervous system, and promoting security.

  • What are the cons of a weighted blanket?

    Since a weighted blanket is heavier than a traditional blanket, it’s not as easy to move around or travel with. Additionally, a weighted blanket mustn't be too heavy that it would be uncomfortable or make it hard for you to breathe while sleeping. The Puffy Weighted Blanket comes in different sizes and two weights for light and heavy sleepers.

  • Can you wash a weighted blanket?

    The Puffy Weighted Blanket comes with a hypoallergenic zip-n-wash cover that can quickly be removed and washed. The weighted blanket can also be machine washed by following the gentle care instructions provided to protect the quality of the ceramic beads and fabric. It is recommended to air dry the weighted blanket.

  • How do I know which weighted blanket to get?

    The first step to buying a weighted blanket is knowing the right weight for you. It is recommended to buy a weighted blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight. The Puffy Weighted Blanket is perfect for all sleeper types. For lighter bodies, the 15-lb weighted blanket is recommended for a soothing and relaxed sleep. For heavier bodies, the 20-lb weighted blanket feels like a warm and gentle hug.

  • How heavy should my weighted blanket be?

    Your weighted blanket should be around 10% of your body weight. Most weighted blankets range from 10 to 20 lbs for adults.

  • Is it okay to sleep with a weighted blanket every night?

    Using a weighted blanket every night is safe and it’s recommended for better sleep. A weighted blanket provides gentle pressure stimulation that’ll calm your nerves and reduce disruptive tossing and turning while sleeping.

  • Are weighted blankets better than regular blankets?

    While regular blankets are great for warmth, weighted blankets provide therapeutic comfort through deep pressure therapy. They improve your sleep quality, reduce stress, and calm the nervous system. Weighted blankets can also have a positive impact on autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, and depression.

  • Where to buy a weighted blanket?

    You can buy a hypoallergenic weighted blanket from our website, puffy.com. The Puffy Weighted Blanket comes with a 101-night sleep trial, lifetime warranty, and free shipping & returns.

  • What is the most comfortable weighted blanket?

    The Puffy Weighted Blanket features a dual-feel design for cozy comfort and ultra-softness on both sides. The top side is plush micro mink and the bottom side is 100% twill cotton for breathable sleep and to prevent overheating.

  • How much is a weighted blanket?

    A weighted blanket ranges from $100 to $300, depending on the weight and size. The Puffy Weighted Blanket starts at $127 and flexible financing is available on orders above $149.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Charusheela Chandrachood
Best sleep ever

I purchased puffy weighted blanket along with puffy mattress. We are very pleased with the purchase! I will highly recommend the purchase to all my friends and Family.

Hi Charusheela, Thank you for your kind words! We're so glad you're enjoying your new weighted blanket!

Scully Thompson
Love my Weighted blanket!

Love my puffy weighted blanket!

Hi Scully, we're so glad you're enjoying your new Puffy Weighted Blanket, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Sage P
Great Blanket and Dog Friendly!

This blanket has been fantastic! I've heard a lot of hype around weighted blankets and wanted to try one out. This one has a super soft removable cover that feels great on the skin and can easily be removed to be washed - which is great for all dog lovers and those of us who like clean blankets. I love the ties around the blanket to keep it place with the cover and no bunching!

Hi Sage, we're so glad you're enjoying your new Puffy blanket, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Love the weighted Blanket!

Been using it for years now and I've had no issues with the weighted blanket and the Puffy mattress. I honestly didn't expect much but I have been deep sleeping without waking up periodically throughout the night consistently. The weighted blanket has a nice feel, weight, and comfort too. It's definitely one of the best gifts you can give, I appreciate it, thanks!

Hi Alex, we're so glad you're enjoying your new Puffy, weighted blanket thank you so much for sharing with us!

Ken Houldsworth
Love it works like a charm

Great blanket. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size but still love it.

Hi Ken, we're so glad you're enjoying your new Puffy blanket, thank you so much for sharing with us!

Russell Menard
Lovin' It

The puffy weighted blanket is just what I needed for restless legs and a good night's sleep. Thanks again!

Comfortable and effective

It's so much easier to sleep with the Puffy Weighted Blanket!

Justin, we're so glad you're getting better sleep with the Puffy weighted blanket, thanks so much for sharing with us!


The weighted blankets are awesome All the reasons why you gave are true. If I were to recommend anything to future buyers it would be to buy the weighted blanket one size bigger then your bed for the blanket is the same size as your bed and doesn’t hang over the edge it’s not big enough for two it always ends up with your partner having more. Otherwise still awesome thinking about getting a king size to solve the issue and give our son the queen size.

We're thrilled to hear you love your weighted blanket, thanks so much for sharing with us!

Gloria Boban
Weighted blanket

Blanket already came put together & it is amazing!!! I have the mattress, sheets and blanket. Very satisfied

Thanks for five stars, Gloria! We appreciate your review.

Josh Nguyen
Puffy weighted blanket

Great weighted blanket

Thanks for choosing Puffy, Josh!

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