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3 Bedroom Decor Ideas For New Homes

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3 Bedroom Decor Ideas For New Homes

Moving into a new home is an incredibly exciting opportunity to hit reset on some aspects of your life. Of all the spaces in your home, your bedroom is the most personal. When trying to come up with bedroom decor ideas for your new space, it’s tempting to get carried away in the details.

Getting the basics right will give you the perfect foundation with which to build (more bedroom furniture) upon. Whether you’re decorating the minimalist bedroom of your dreams or looking for a more luxurious master bedroom, here are some top tips for when it comes to decorating a space that works well for you. 

#1. Invest in bedroom furniture that is functional 

When it comes to getting your bedroom furniture basics right, the clue’s right there in the word - begin with your bed. Your bed is going to be the most important investment you make, not just in your bedroom, but your home as a whole.

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep can make you a more balanced, focused, and healthier person. Getting the best mattress for your needs is an absolutely crucial element of getting good quality rest.

Memory foam mattresses were first popularised in the 1970s and have become an increasingly popular choice for those looking to invest in something long-lasting, comfortable, and versatile enough for many different sleeping styles.

The best mattresses are hypoallergenic (to avoid any unnecessary nasties getting trapped in your bed) and stain-resistant, to save you time and energy for future maintenance. Usually, you’ll also be able to test out a mattress for yourself before committing to your purchase - try our 101-night trial and see for yourself. 

#2. Get comfortable with your design aesthetic (or don’t) 

In an ideal world, we’d all pick one design aesthetic and stick with it. But that’s a pretty boring version of reality - the truth is, our rooms and taste should evolve and grow with us. This doesn’t mean that you need to buy a whole new set of bedroom furniture every time you change your mind on minimalism.

Bedroom Decor Ideas

This brings us on nicely to our next point: whether you’re investing in the best mattress for yourself or just choosing other major pieces of bedroom furniture, be sure to pick designs that are contemporary, and neutral enough to adapt to styles the same way you do.

As good an idea an elaborate wooden bed frame may seem at the time of purchasing it, the truth is you’re much better off with something that’s clean-cut, optimized so that your cozy new memory foam mattress gets maximum airflow, and will last you the ages. 

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#3. Bedroom decor ideas for shared spaces

One of the most common reasons for wanting to move into a different or larger space is if you’ve found someone to share it with. When it comes to picking bedroom furniture while catering to two different tastes, it’s important to agree on the big stuff.

Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice not just for their durability, but also make the best mattress for couples sharing a bed. Not only do their contouring capabilities mean they cater to different sleeping positions, but they also absorb movement thanks to motion isolation capabilities, so that you don’t feel a partner’s tossing and turning through the night.

If you’re new parents, your master bedroom might also be a space you have to share with your newborn. To ensure you get a good night’s sleep while you can, you may want to look into other sleep accessories that can help with this.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with your bedroom furniture, or you’re just looking for the best mattress and other basics to invest in, your new home is an exciting chance to start afresh. Start slow, and invest in pieces that will provide you considerable return. You’ll find yourself resting at a place that feels like home sooner than you know. 

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