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5 Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas For The Master Bedroom

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5 Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas For The Master Bedroom

When soft textures, reminiscent artwork, luscious greeny, mood lighting, and rich tones meet in the master bedroom - you’re bound to create a romantic vibe.

And while romantic bedroom decor is free spirited and personal, there are some definite design tips you can apply to add dreamy charm that's comfortable, yet also designed for passion.

Here are some romantic bedroom decor tips that can help you:

5. Flaunt Beautiful Florals And Indoor Plants

Yes roses are red and violets are blue, but there are other plants that speak romance, too. Indoor plants are one of the fastest growing trends in bedroom decorPlants have a unique ability to add tranquility and serenity into the bedroom, and this calming effect is just perfect for romantic master bedroom decor.

You can say "I love you" in the bedroom with a heart fern (Hemionitis arifolia). Heart ferns have thick and shiny heart shaped leaves with glistening deep green color. To add a luxurious yet subtle layer of color, head in the direction of a moth orchid (Phalaenopsis). The curious shape and long-lasting flower of the moth orchard make them the perfect addition for any romantic bedroom decor layout.

Indoor plants are trending for more than just good looks. Studies show that plants help purify the air by removing harmful pollutants such as organic solvents. Not to mention other benefits such as boosting creativity and relieving stress.

4. Get The Romantic Bedroom Lighting Just Right

Get The Romantic Bedroom Lighting Just Right

There is something about the way the light hits different corners of the bedroom that can get you in a calm and cuddly mood. Mood lighting is a key consideration in romantic bedroom design - and to get it right, you need to consider lighting style as well as positioning.

Unlike other rooms in the house, lighting requirements in the bedroom range from complete darkness, to complete brightness, and then that sweet spot in between when it’s time to relax.

There’s a lot to consider! Our top tip is to understand the bedroom decor principle of light layering. Light layering is a method used by interior designers to find a perfect synergy between your lighting requirements, efficiency, style, and positioning.

When you are light layering in the bedroom, there are three main categories of lighting to take care of: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is for general illumination of your bedroom. It’s your foundation lighting so it’s critical that it is glare free. Your next light layer is task lighting.

Task lighting offers bright illumination to a focused area - think about the lighting you might need to read in bed, or find clothes in your walk-in wardrobe. Lastly, accent lighting adds a final touch of illumination to specific areas of the room you want to stand out; such as a painting.

Dimmers are a popular style of lighting for the master bedroom that can help serve multiple purposes. Brighten the dimmer when you need ambient lighting, then reduce the illumination to set the mood you’re looking for.

3. Select Deep Romantic Bedroom Decor Colors

Select Deep Romantic Bedroom Decor Colors

Romantic bedroom colors always feature a deep tone such as ruby red, earthy caramel brown, or rich black - but it’s important to keep the palette balanced so you don’t impact sleep quality.

Romantic bedroom colors are best used as a feature accent to compliment the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. It’s best not to paint the entire room ruby red for one good reason: it may keep you up at night.

While red might help set an intimate mood, it’s considered a noisey color that can evoke alertness instead of calm. Instead of going big and bold on every wall of the master bedroom, take advantage of a feature wall.

Feature walls allow you to experiment with colors and textures that are complementary to the overall design, without overwhelming the romantic bedroom decor style you’re aiming to achieve.

2. Layer The Master Bedroom With Soft Textures

Nothing much compares to laying on soft bed sheets, faux fur blankets, and piles of cozy pillows and cushions. Integrating soft textures into your bedroom design is the best way to envelope the master bedroom with warmth and intimacy.

As well as super-soft bed sheets, luxurious bed frames also lend timeless romantic form to the master bedroom. Upholstered bed frames are a great choice for couples who like to lean against the headboard, while watching tv, reading, or relaxing. An elegant gray soft touch bed frame can make the perfect addition for an alluring master bedroom design.

Lastly, while we’re talking about soft textures, you cannot look past the importance of a modern bedroom rug to complete any romantic bedroom decor floor plan. Rugs create warmth and open up space in the master bedroom.

The art of selecting a rug for romance inspired decor is to go for a subtle tone such as ivory or gray. Also consider comfort. Head in the direction of a high pile shag rug; it’s not only durable for high traffic areas such as the master bedroom, it’s also incredibly soft underfoot, so you’ll feel luscious comfort as you stand or lay on it.

1. Invest In The Most Comfortable Mattress

Here’s the thing. You can spend hours, weeks, and months designing a warm and appealing romantic bedroom decor - but if your mattress is uncomfortable, it’s not worth it. Upgrading to the best mattress will not only ensure you and your partner are sleeping well, but you’re also guaranteed to enjoy relaxing in bed together.

Most people are surprised to learn that we spend up to a third of our lives in bed, which is an even greater reason to make sure you are sleeping on the best bed possible.

The features of the perfect bed for both romance and sleep are comfort (of course), support, and motion isolation. If you haven’t heard of motion isolation, it's a sleep-changer for couples and those who tend to wake up easily.

Motion isolation is a feature you can find in the best memory foam mattresses, and even some hybrid mattress models. These mattresses absorb movement, and diminish bounce on top of the bed, creating stillness and comfort for deep sleep.

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Ready to bring your romantic bedroom decor ideas to life? Tell us about what your perfect romantic bedroom might look like in the comments below!



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