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How to Create a Luxury Master Bedroom on a Budget

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How to Create a Luxury Master Bedroom on a Budget

Everyone wants to sleep in a room that looks like it belongs in the glossy pages of a magazine. When you think of a luxury master bedroom, many things might spring to mind and nearly all of them are expensive. Chandeliers, plush area rugs, hardwood floors, cashmere throw blankets, a cushioned headboard, so on and so forth.

But you don’t need to break the bank to create a Pinterest-worthy luxury bedroom. In fact, it’s entirely possible to turn your room from drab to chic without splurging on decor you can’t afford.

The key to transforming your space into the ultimate luxury master bedroom is just in the details. Here are some of our top luxury bedroom ideas to help you get started.

Clear the Clutter

How to Create a Luxury Master Bedroom on a Budget

There’s a reason why being in a hotel room feels like an indulgence even if it’s not — most hotel rooms are so well-kept that you might not even find a thread out of place.

Ultimately, no bedroom will look or feel luxurious if it’s being dominated by piles of clutter. Before you make any major investments for your luxury master bedroom and start redecorating, first declutter. Take a minimalist approach and get rid of everything you don’t need.

The next step is to reorganize everything that’s in disarray, even your closet. Though no one is likely to see the mess behind a closed door, you may find that decluttering can clear your mind and prepare you to redecorate your bedroom with renewed vigor.

Pick a Fitting Color Scheme

Your bedroom colors don’t just impact the quality of your sleep, but they can also upgrade your room instantly.

Something as simple as establishing a color scheme can elevate your luxury master bedroom, making it look more expensive than it is. Here are some popular color schemes that capture the essence of luxury:

Rose gold: Luxury master bedrooms are often associated with metallic colors, but if you’re averse to a gold or silver theme, opt for soft rose gold.

A rose gold bedroom can make your space look refined and polished, while also adding an element of modernism. To ensure your rose gold elements work well together and remain understated, pick minimalist decor in varying shades of rose gold.

Black and gold: Most interior design rulebooks might steer you away from black decor, but when done correctly, black can be the ultimate embodiment of luxury.

Pairing black with gold can provide a glamorous finish, but ensure your black and gold bedroom isn’t too overpowering by adding enough lighting to brighten up your space.

White and gold: Heavy black accents aren’t for everyone. If you want to play it safe and still add elegance, opt for a white and gold bedroom scheme.

White is a relaxing color that’ll invite more light into your room and the addition of gold accents can break up the monotony of your space and add dimension.

Upgrade Your Bedroom Furniture

Luxury Master Bedroom: Upgrade Your Bedroom Furniture

Investing in new luxury bedroom furniture is one way to upgrade your space, but your bank account might disagree. An inexpensive alternative to purchasing new furniture is thrifting or upcycling.

For instance, if your old bedside table looks out of place in your luxury master bedroom, revarnish it for an easy upgrade.

You can also swap out any generic knobs on your chest of drawers or wardrobe and replace them with hardware that’s more congruous with your color scheme, such as rose quartz knobs for a rose gold bedroom.

Keep it Classy but Minimal

At first glance, you might think that you need an excessive number of accessories and decor to create a stunning luxury master bedroom, but the opposite is true. You don’t need a lot, and to truly achieve an air of sophistication, it’s best to resist the urge to add too many stylistic elements and keep it simple instead.

Luxurious bedrooms are defined by clean lines, so focus on adding a few statement pieces and avoid smothering your room with artwork, plants, lamps, or anything that takes up too much attention.

Adding these elements can certainly bring about some interest and personality, but just be mindful of how you incorporate them.

Luxury Begins in the Bed

Luxury Master Bedroom

Luxury is more than just a look — it’s a feeling that you should get every time you’re in your bed, and that starts with investing in a luxury mattress.

The ultimate luxury mattress should provide you with an optimal level of support and comfort, and the Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress just might fulfill all those requirements.

With medium-plush comfort and increased contouring, the Puffy Lux captures the essence of relaxation. The mattress even comes with quilted borders, making it an ideal addition to any luxury bedroom.

Once you find a mattress suitable for you, consider your bed frame options. The bed is usually the focal point of any bedroom, and a bed frame can add a lot to your luxury master bedroom, especially if it has a padded headboard that makes lounging extra cozy.

If you want your mattress foundation to be unobtrusive, opt for a metal bed frame that’s versatile enough to suit any bedroom aesthetic.


At the end of the day, a luxury master bedroom isn’t hard to achieve, especially when all the right elements are in place. You can forgo expensive purchases and put together a room that’s visually stunning even when you’re on a budget. Find inspiration in these luxury bedroom ideas and decorate away!

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