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How To Make The Minimalist Bedroom Of Your Dreams

How To Make The Minimalist Bedroom Of Your Dreams

Minimalist bedrooms have become an increasingly popular trend for those looking to create a true sanctuary of peace in their homes.

You’re probably already a little familiar with the working principles of minimalism but as a refresher, it is an approach that values intentional living.

All this means is that when it comes to bedroom decor, a minimalist approach requires selecting everything that’s in your room with care, and organizing it with ease of access and maintenance in mind.

When you’re using a minimalist decor style for your bedroom, everything from finding the best mattress possible to choosing the right color for your curtains matters.

If you’re looking to calm things down in your space by opting for a minimalist bedroom decor style, here are a few basic guidelines that can help you create a space you can feel truly at peace with.

How To Create Function In Your Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalism requires everything in your room to have a purpose for being there.

From the best mattress you can find for your sleep to the perfect storage solution for excess clutter, investing in bedroom decor that can actively contribute to your rest is the driving force minimalists use to decorate their space.

Sleeping well should be an obvious goal your bedroom sets out to achieve, and doing this is made a lot simpler when you have the best mattress for the job.

Finding the best mattress for your rest can have a deep and lasting impact on the way you sleepMemory foam tends to be among the best-ranked mattresses for good sleep.

From correcting your posture, minimizing your snoring, and fighting off any issues you might face with sleep deprivation, it’s one of the most functional pieces of bedroom decor you can invest in. 

When investing in the best mattress for your sleep, you’ll also want to keep ease of maintenance and longevity in mind.

Compare Puffy’s top-ranked mattresses for comfort, and support levels that work great in any minimalist’s bedroom.

Other pieces of minimalist bedroom decor can be equally handy. A cozy couch added to the corner of your room might just help you separate your space.

Keeping activities like reading or doing a few last-minute work-related tasks on your couch rather than taking it to your bed will allow you to practice healthy sleep hygiene, without compromising on having your bedroom feeling like a personal sanctuary. 

Getting Rid Of All Your Clutter

The queen of tidying, Marie Kondo, has a special approach when it comes to clearing out clutter. This requires taking out everything that belongs to a space in your room. For instance, take all the clothes in your closet, and then separate them by honing in on what ‘sparks joy’, and what you can stand to lose. 

Part of minimalism definitely requires editing down your belongings to the tried and tested classics you know you can rely on and come back to time and again. If you’ve previously taken to decorating your bedroom with a lot of art, or photos, you’ll want to take them down and leave only a select few up.

Minimalist Bedroom Decor

Getting rid of your clutter also requires removing any opportunity for it to pile up. This means ensuring there’s a place for everything in your bedroom, that allows you to put it back once you’re done with it.

For instance, if you enjoy a bit of bedside reading as you’re getting ready to go to sleep, you’ll want to avoid the trap of having a pile slowly forming on your nightstand.

Finding a nightstand with drawers is a quick solution to this problem - simply put your book away when you’re done with it, and ensure that things stay neat and organized even within your drawers.

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Choose Neutral Tones When Decorating

Many people mistake minimalist bedroom decor for monochromatic or dull spaces, but this doesn’t have to be the case when you’re designing your room.

The overall impact of a minimalist bedroom should be to create a serene space you can feel anchored in, and that’s why color can play a significant role in contributing to this. In one survey, people reported feeling significantly more refreshed when the walls of their bedroom were blue.

Apart from the traditional black, whiten, and grey, you can also choose to use muted pastel tones or mid-tones to create a theme that you both resonate and feel comfortable in.

Minimalist Bedroom Tip: Pick Neutral Tone

Staying away as much as possible from pops of color or anything that feels interruptive is key to building something that feels seamless and looks it, too.

You can integrate your bedroom colors into various aspects of your room, including your bedsheets, your curtains, or your bedroom rug. Regardless of your minimalist decor approach, you should remember that ultimately, your bedroom needs to be a reflection of your own personality, so don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Arranging Your Bedroom Furniture For More Space

One of the most important aspects of minimalist decor is to create space within your room to keep things feeling airy and open. Finding the best mattress size for your space and strategically placing your bedroom furniture so that there’s plenty of breathing room for both you and your decor is important.

Finding the best mattress size for your minimalist bedroom will go a long way in helping you structure the rest of your room appropriately. If you live in a smaller room, you’re going to want to invest in bedroom furniture that is compact and functional.

The best mattress size for this kind of task is usually a twin or twin XL mattress, depending on your height and personal preferences.

If you share your space with a partner, opting for something slightly larger is going to give you both the best possible sleep. The best mattress size for a shared bed in a smaller space is usually a full-size mattress.

If you’re confident you have the space for it, or your minimalist bedroom is really only going to contain your bed, the best mattress sizes can go as far as King without interfering in the airflow or space in your room.

Minimalist Bedroom: Arranging Your Bedroom Furniture For More Space

Finding a way to style your minimalist bedroom in a way that still resonates with your personal style can be tricky. From finding the best mattress you can to organizing your clutter intelligently, applying these tips will help you get closer to the minimalist bedroom of your dreams.

With a little time spent on Pinterest, a few hours spent re-organizing your space, figuring out what in your room actually sparks joy, you’ll be surprised with how quickly you see results.

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Your minimalist bedroom won’t just look great, it’ll feel it too, leaving you with just the right space to decompress in after a long day’s work.

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