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5 Reasons You'll Find The Best Mattress Online Not In Store

5 Reasons You'll Find The Best Mattress Online Not In Store

5 Reasons You'll Find The Best Mattress Online Not In Store

There’s a new way to shop for the best mattress online, and it doesn't involve leaving your house. If you are not a fan of mattress shopping, it’s likely you have had a bad experience at a mattress store.

But sleepers today can rejoice, because gone are the days of pushy salespeople and crazy mark-ups on mattress prices. There’s a new way to shop, and it’s more convenient than ever.

Since the boom of the bed-in-a-box industry, customers can buy the most comfortable and affordable mattresses online. Not only is it convenient, it’s also more comprehensive with endless choices for mattress style, price, and added benefits. Beyond choice, high-quality luxury mattresses are now available at a fraction of the price they used to cost!

If you’re a little skeptical about buying a mattress online, we’re here to help. By the end of reading these 5 reasons about why you’ll find your next best mattress online, you’ll be convinced that buying a new cloud mattress online is the way to go.

Top 5 benefits when you buy a mattress online

Top 5 benefits when you buy a mattress online

1. Endless choice

A few years ago, having a range of choices when upgrading a mattress was a nightmare. You would have no other option but to drive from showroom to showroom trying to test out styles and compare prices, all while feeling the pressure of pushy salespeople.

Now, you have endless choice, at the click of a finger. The greatest thing about looking for the best online mattress is that it’s easy to compare mattresses side by side and filter options by price, mattress size, mattress type and brand.

One of the most popular options for shoppers who want the best rated mattress to buy online is a memory foam mattress in a box. It was the first type of mattress to be vacuum sealed, and it’s the first type of mattress that could be neatly packaged in a small, easy to handle box. Memory foam has a porous nature that makes the material perfect for easy home delivery.

Originally designed by NASA, memory foam is a viscoelastic material that conforms and adapts to the body. The feeling of memory foam is sometimes described as a ‘gentle hug’ caressing muscles and joints to relieve strain from pressure points. Memory foam is widely considered the best mattress in a box in regards to quality and design, but shoppers have other options too. 

Want to know the difference between spring vs memory foam mattresses? Head to our spring mattress vs memory foam mattress blog post to learn which one is the best for you.

The best hybrid mattresses (a combination of memory foam and coils) can also be vacuum sealed. Hybrids are a popular choice among shoppers who want to experience the benefits of a memory foam mattress, with the added stability of coils.

Key takeaway: when you buy online, it’s easy to compare multiple options at once. 

2. Better Prices

5 Reasons You'll Find The Best Mattress Online, Not In Store

How come mattresses are now more affordable? There are two simple answers. No more mark-ups, and more advanced manufacturing processes. The hefty costs associated with running traditional brick and mortar mattress stores always trickle down to the customer.

Another significant reason why online mattresses are more affordable comes down to how they are made. Technologically advanced processes in foam formulation are not only better and faster, but also safer for the consumer too.

Faster and more efficient production times allow online mattress companies to pass savings onto the customer. The important thing to note is that just because online mattresses are cheaper, it doesn't mean that they are not as luxurious.

In fact, top rated online mattresses are more luxurious! Unlike brick and mortar mattress stores who simply resell different brands, online mattress companies design and manufacture their own products customizing them to meet the needs of the customer.

Key takeaway: when you buy online, you can get a better product at a better price.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

3. Long trial periods

When you buy a new bed, it’s hard to know how comfortable it will be without physically laying down on it. Well, how does an in-home sleep trial sound?

The best online mattresses come with long trial periods that allow you to keep the mattress in your home for a prolonged period of time, and put it through a real sleep test, not just a quick lay-down in a mattress showroom.

If you go for a Puffy Mattress, you’ll get 101 nights to make your final decision and choice to keep or return the mattress. Better yet, if you return your mattress within the trial period, you will also get a full refund of the original purchase price!

The reason why the best mattress brands offer long trial periods is because it takes the body time to adjust to a new bed, especially if it is a type of mattress that you are not used to.

Switching from traditional mattresses like springs to memory foam can take between 14 and 30 days to adjust, so always choose a mattress with a sleep trial that’s longer than 30 days.

Key takeaway: the best mattress brands online will have long at-home trial periods so you can put the mattress through a real sleep test. 

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4. Extended Warranty

Not only can you take the best mattress online home for a trial for months, you also get much longer warranty periods when you buy online. Warranty periods between mattress brands vary significantly, so ensure you do your research.

Most online mattress companies do not make customers pay extra for extended warranties. Puffy offers a free lifetime warranty with every single purchase. Other brands also offer limited warranties, 10 year warranty, 15 year warranty and more.

Most mattresses should last at least 7 years. The best mattresses can last for much longer. For peace of mind, have a close look at the warranty period offered by the online mattress you have your eyes set on.

Key takeaway: unlike most mattresses you buy in a showroom, the best mattress options online have extended warranty periods, like Puffy’s lifetime warranty! 

5. Customer Reviews

Looking for the best cooling mattress or the best mattress for back pain? The best way to truly know if a mattress lives up to its hype is to check out online mattress reviews by real customers. All the best mattress brands will have customer reviews on their websites.

You can also use a range of independent online resources that help you compare the best mattresses online easily and efficiently. You can also search for online mattress reviews on Youtube! Video reviews help customers see exactly how the mattress arrives, how to unbox it, and see what it looks like on a bed frame.

Reading and watching mattress reviews is one of the most convenient online mattress comparison methods.

Key takeaway: online mattress reviews make choosing the best mattress online easy!

Want to know the best place to buy a mattress online? Head to our comparison page to compare America’s most comfortable mattresses, side by side.

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