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Rustic Bedroom Decor: Everything You Need To Know

Rustic Bedroom Decor: Everything You Need To Know

There’s a reason rustic bedroom decor ideas are never out of style - the classic, understated elegance of these rooms makes them an evergreen option for decorators and homeowners alike.

Rustic bedroom decor is a great way to get started on personalizing your space. Since the driving philosophy behind this style of decorating really comes down to the idea that there’s beauty in imperfection, there’s a little less pressure in picking out pieces you resonate with.

While often mixed up with farmhouse decor or shabby chic bedrooms, the truth is rustic bedrooms are much broader and overlap with a wide variety of decor styles. Whether you want to incorporate just a few elements of this aesthetic or you want to go all out and convert your bedroom into a cabin, we have just the tips for you.

What is Rustic Bedroom Decor?

What is Rustic Bedroom Decor?

Rustic bedroom decor evokes a more country, natural sensibility back into your living space. Think wooden accents, linens, cotton, and clean, neutral colors that are warm and comforting.

The common thread that ties most rustic bedroom ideas together really is that lived in, cozy feel that comes with a real focus on comfort. This means finding the best mattress size for your space - if you have the space, upgrading your mattress size might be just what you need to achieve the comfort you’ve been looking for.

That’s not to say rustic bedroom ideas are only fit for bigger spaces: for smaller rooms, try and incorporate more natural materials when you’re selecting rustic bedroom furniture to achieve a similar effect.

Best Rustic Bedroom Decor Colors

When it comes to the best colors for the best rustic bedroom decor, you can’t go wrong sticking to a more neutral, muted palette. Rustic bedroom ideas are all about bringing the warmth of the outdoors back inside, so stay away from cooler-toned whites or blues, as it’s going to take away from the overall impact of your space.

Look out for colors that give a suggestion of natural, aged, or organic tones. If you prefer a more colorful space, this means gravitating to shades like ochre, dusty blues, and pinks, or even deeper shades of green.

You can definitely integrate patterns into your rustic bedroom ideas. Using fake animal hide or jute materials can be a great change of texture and print can add some interest to your space.

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Rustic Bedroom Furniture Trends

Rustic Bedroom Furniture Trends

Thinking of redecorating your space using rustic bedroom ideas? It’s useful to start off by brainstorming all the different directions you can go with this particular trend. Rustic bedroom decor ideas that are all the rage right now include:

Shabby chic bedrooms: A more romantic, feminine take on the classic rustic bedroom, shabby chic decor involves embracing your love of vintage while still staying true to the slightly undone feel common in most rustic bedrooms.

You can customize a shabby chic bedroom to include minimalist and even contemporary bedroom decor ideas - just make sure to include plenty of wooden accents, a luxurious, elegant bed frame, and prints and colors that really speak to you.

Farmhouse style bedrooms: The term farmhouse might bring up memories of straw or hay, but the rustic bedroom decor style is a little more graceful than that! Farmhouse bedroom decor has an emphasis on a lot of light and airiness.

This style embraces a more casual, laid-back feel, using clean linen fabrics for a space that feels cool and cozy. Be sure to pick out lighter tones when choosing rustic bedroom furniture to really fit the brief.

Minimalist rustic bedrooms: While minimalism might seem at odds with the rustic decor ethos, there are actually a couple of ways to tie the two together. Investing in select, quality pieces that fit within the rustic bedroom decor aesthetic without overcrowding your space can help you achieve this look.

It’s especially important within this style to try and stick to a monochrome color palette so that your attention is drawn only to what’s necessary and intentional. Using shades of brown and natural tones blend rustic vibes with the simplicity of minimalism.

Best Bedding For Rustic Style

Best Bedding For Rustic Style

Rustic bedroom decor isn’t quite complete without the right bedding. Comfort has a big role to play in this decor style, and with that comes a special focus on playing with different textures and tones.

Once you’re convinced you’ve found the best mattress and bed frame to create the coziest bed you can, it’s time to start accessorizing. Opt for natural bed sheets to ensure things keep cool and then think of adding a chunky, textured throw or using decorative pillows to add more patterns and textures into the mix.

Popular fabric choices for rustic bedroom decor include linen, cotton, and flannels. Don’t hesitate to experiment with prints and colors - your bedroom is a personal space that should really make you feel comfortable, so there aren’t too many hard and fast rules on what works.

Rustic bedroom ideas are a great way to add warmth and comfort to your space. You don’t need a big budget - all you need is a little time to prep and plan the bedroom of your dreams. With a little patience and plenty of natural light, you’re going to achieve a cozy rustic space that any camper would be impressed by!

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