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Top Home Decor Trends 2024: 10 Interior Design Styles Set To Rise

Top Home Decor Trends 2024: 10 Interior Design Styles Set To Rise

Top Home Decor Trends 2024: 10 Interior Design Styles Set To Rise

Do you remember the days when the home was just a small part of your life? The cycle of the gym before work, long days at the office, post-work dinner, and even late-night movies all came to a sudden halt in 2020.

The home is no longer a resting stop, it’s now a multifunctional sanctuary with 24/7 livability requirements. For many, the house is now life itself, and this transition has led to one of the most defining moments in the history of modern home decor.

On every level, people are reconnecting with their dwellings in new and exciting ways. We’re paying attention to even the smallest details that were once left unnoticed amongst the hustle of life. So it makes sense that over 71% of American’s we surveyed are planning to take their home decor game to a whole new level in 2024.

Whether you’re a design buff or just someone craving more comfort at home, read on to see the top ten home decor trends in 2024.

10. Neutral Color Palettes (14%)

home decor trends

Some homes will emphasize color in 2024, while others will completely tone it down with a natural home and bedroom color scheme. Neutral colors are soft and subtle, with a capacity to seamlessly blend with a variety of textures.

The versatility and tranquility of neutral colors will help simplify home decor and contribute to an inviting ambiance that allows for both focus and relaxation. 14% of people we surveyed will play with neutral colors in their 2024 redesigns.

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9. Polka Dot Print (17%)

Believe it or not, polka dots are back - and 17% of respondents are all for it. But not as you might remember them. Polka dot home decor has been given a makeover and now adds tasteful style and sophistication with various colors, textures, and sizes. The versatility of polka dot design really makes the trend shine with multiple applications, including bedding, homewares, curtains, tableware, and wall art.

8. Modern Rustic Fixtures (19%)

Modern rustic decor celebrates everything we love about old and new designs. 19% of people we surveyed have their eyes on a variety of modern rustic fixtures that will add small yet charming details to the home's overall aesthetic.

Features such as natural wooden beams, painted brick, feature walls, antique sink fittings, modern rugs with a jute weave are standout examples of modern rustic trends that will grace homes with modern flare this year.

7. Deep Blue Color Palettes (20%)

home decor, deep blue furniture

There’s undeniable tranquility only offered by the color blue. Previously underrated as a home decor trend, in 2024, 20% of people have their eyes set on the deep colors of the ocean.

Naturally, blue reminds us of the most extraordinary things mother nature has to offer: the sky and the ocean. Deep blue is the perfect color to turn to amidst times of chaos as it provides instant calm. Science also backs the use of blue. Blue has a short wavelength, making it one of the easiest colors to see. The most popular integrations of blue home decor include sofas, cushions, modern areas rugs, and curtains.

6. Grey Color Palettes (21%)

Grey offers incredible versatility, and 21% of the people we surveyed agree. While it’s never really gone out of fashion, the upsurge of simplistic living and minimalist decor trends shows us one thing: grey is here to stay.

The best thing about grey color palettes is that they are composed of many different shades. From light and airy greys that remind you of an autumn afternoon to mid-tone grey that oozes class and sophistication. If you like grey and are also fans of pops of color, you can take a two-tone approach to your home decor color palettes.

Layer light grey walls with yellow or orange artwork. Or pile your grey sofa with bright colored cushions.

5. Light-colored Woods (26%)

26% of home decor enthusiasts who responded to our survey have their eyes on light-colored wood home decor integrations. From dining tables and chairs to floating shelves and benches, light-colored wood combines natural elements with everyday living.

Many country-inspired home and bedroom decor layouts showcase light woods as central elements of the design. Light-colored wood also makes a statement in Scandanavian decor themes; the understated appeal makes room for plenty of cozy layers and textures.

4. Sustainable Designs (26%)

home decor 2021

The sustainable furniture and home decor market are growing rapidly, and many American homes are set to transform into eco-friendly spaces.

26% of our survey respondents are interested in uplifting their home with sustainable items such as mattresses, bedding, and furniture. Many brands are pioneering the use of recycled wood and natural fibers such as bamboo in the case of bamboo viscose sheets and textiles.

Standout products in sustainable design in 2024 include bamboo bed sheets and furniture made from recycled timber. The bedroom will be a focal point for sustainability since it’s the most used space in the house.

3. Colorful Statement Art (28%)

Beautiful artwork has always had a place in home decor, but in 2024, it’s all about big, bold, and color statement pieces. This might have something to do with the home now serving as a place for both rest and inspiration.

Artwork helps forge a deeper connection with our emotions, the people around us, and even the world. Creativity instigates ideas and provokes conversations. Colorful statement art can inject life into even the most lackluster room of the house.

Consider adding a bold piece of artwork into the bedroom, and you may find that the right piece of art will put a spring in your step when you wake up each morning.

2. Natural Elements (31%)

We’re not surprised that natural elements take second place on the list of home decor trends in 2024. After all, everyone's home is now inundated with indoor plants. This can only be a good thing. Indoor plants come with a plethora of benefits. They purify the air, help reduce stress, and can even help you sleep better.

Since people are spending less time outdoors, natural elements in the home are the next best thing. Humans have an inherent connection to the outdoors. As well as plants, florals in the bedroom and living room have the power to uplift and rejuvenate. Next time you’re feeling a little stuck while you are at home, buy yourself a bunch of flowers!

1. Smart Furniture (34%)

You’ve probably heard of smart home technology, but that’s so last year. In 2024, the most significant home decor trend will be smart furniture. 34% of people say smart furniture will take residence in their home.

The smart furniture industry is set to be valued at $244 million by 2024. Some of the trendiest examples of smart furniture trends include TVs that double as pieces of artwork, smart tables fit with speakers and charging ports, and even color-changing wardrobes.

Other standout innovations include smart coffee tables with refrigerator drawers and adjustable bed frames with wireless remotes controls and built-in massage zones. Smart furniture adds impressive functionality to the home and elevates livability.

Ready To Redecorate?

If you’re looking around your house unsure where to start, we’ve got some advice for you. Always start with the bedroom. As the most used room in the house, your bedroom plays a vital role in supporting your well-being and productivity.

Bedroom essentials include the most comfortable mattress, layers of cozy bedding, and supportive pillows that will ensure you get the best sleep every night. A great way to approach your home decor refresh is to take it slow and focus on one room at a time.

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No matter what home decor trend you lead towards, 2024 the best time to invest in your sanctuary and design a home that’s uniquely yours. It’s your home, so you deserve to make it a reflection of everything that makes you smile.

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