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The Best And Worst Indoor Plants For Your Bedroom

The Best And Worst Indoor Plants For Your Bedroom

Indoor plants have begun trending as bedroom decor in recent months, but some of them can hurt more than they help. Finding the right plants to use as bedroom decor can make a significant difference in the quality of your sleep.

Whether it’s a little succulent to put by your nightstand, or higher-maintenance plants like Ivy or Orchids, indoor houseplants can impact everything from the way you sleep to the ambiance of your bedroom.

Understandably, people are looking to bring the outdoors back inside now more than ever. Journalist Emily Anthes, author of The Great Indoors, writes "my number one go-to recommendation is nature or plants. There’s overwhelming evidence that exposure to greenery and natural landscapes has all these benefits for us from reducing stress, anxiety, pain, boosting mood".

To start practicing on a green thumb of your own, here are some of our top tips for the best indoor plants to get started with.

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Best Indoor Plants For The Bedroom

Best Indoor Plants For The Bedroom

Some of the benefits of the best indoor plants include air-purifying properties (that work great for allergy sufferers!), as well as a naturally calming effect that will ensure your bedroom remains a comforting retreat from the outside world.

Here are some of our favorites:

Worst Indoor Plants For The Bedroom

Worst Indoor Plants For The Bedroom

For every indoor plant that’s low-maintenance and perfect for your bedroom, there’s also one that can be toxic to pets, and ridiculously difficult to maintain.

Here are some of the worst plants for your bedroom:

Benefits Of Indoor Plants For Better Sleep

The Best And Worst Indoor Plants For Your Bedroom

Using indoor plants as bedroom decor in your space can be especially useful when you’re trying to bring back restorative and calm energy into your space. According to traditional Feng Shui principles, indoor plants can improve the energy within our home, and even promote good luck.

The air-purifying effect many plants have on the environment isn’t the only positive thing about them. Many Feng Shui experts suggest that good ‘oxygenation levels’ can help promote good health and a better sense of well-being.

A study by the University of Exeter revealed indoor plants can improve productivity by up to 40%, and in some cases, reduce anxiety and improve your mood.


What is the best indoor plant?

The best indoor plants are those that are low maintenance and don’t negatively affect your energy or sleep. Some of the best indoor plants include a snake plant, aloe vera, spider plant, ZZ plant, pothos, and a bird’s nest fern.

What is the best indoor plant to clean the air?

Some plants purify the air and remove toxins like benzene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. This improves the air quality in your home. The most popular of these plants are the peace lily, pot mum, spider plant, pothos, aloe vera, ficus, and rubber tree.

What are the easiest house plants?

The easiest indoor plants to care for are the ones that are low maintenance. They require low light and sparingly need watering. Some indoor plants that are easy to take care of include the snake plant, peace lily, spider plant, ZZ plant, pothos, and succulents.

What are the best tall indoor plants?

Tall indoor plants are a lovely addition to a home, they can be placed in empty corners or to make a bold decor statement. The best tall indoor plants include Norfolk pines, dragon trees or dracaenas, and fiddle leaf figs.


Bringing the outdoors back inside can help us feel more connected to nature and more balanced as a whole. Try your hand at a low-maintenance bedroom plant that you can place on your nightstand, and enjoy the benefits of better sleep as you do.

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