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Why Sleeping Close To Bedroom Plants Is Really Good For Your Health

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Why Sleeping Close To Bedroom Plants Is Really Good For Your Health

While bedroom plants never really went out of style, they’re now one of the most sought-after bedroom decor accessories. The best part? Snoozing close to plants can actually improve sleep quality and make you feel really good.

So you can worry a little less about plant-obsessed millennials who treat their plants like children. But before you head to the nursery on a pursuit to create a luscious green sanctuary and cover every horizontal surface with plants, ask yourself this: What plants are best for sleep?

Not all indoor plants for the bedroom are conducive to better sleep and wellbeing. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants take the carbon dioxide we exhale and convert it into fresh oxygen. Some bedroom plants are better at doing this than others, and more on this later.

Benefits of bedroom plants

Benefits of bedroom plants

Improving sleep quality is something pretty much everyone wants to do.

When most people think about sleeping better, they think about hitting the bed earlier or investing in the best mattress. This is all wildly important, but another significant factor to consider is air quality. This is when plants take center stage.

Because we’re spending up to 80-90% of our time indoors, air pollutants in the home and bedroom are 2-5 times higher than in outdoor environments. Most people are unaware that their homes are inundated with air pollutants.

Recent research suggests good plants for the bedroom act like natural air purifiers, removing toxins that can disrupt breathing. Studies by NASA have found that water emitted by plants creates a pull and suction of contaminants into the root of the plant leading to an 87% reduction in toxins.

Further to this, we now also know that plants help us deal with stress and boost our powers to be happy and positive. All good things, right?

Best bedroom plants

Just wait a few moments before you head to social media looking for bedroom plant ideas to create your own urban jungle.

Like everything in life, too much of a good thing isn’t a good idea. Saturating your bedroom with indoor plants can create an overflow of carbon dioxide.

As we mentioned, plants do release oxygen (which is good). The interesting thing is that plants have their own rest cycles, and when they are resting, they also release volumes of carbon dioxide (which is bad).

For improved sleep quality, invest in a few plants that are known to be champions in purifying the air.

These are some of the best:

  • Snake plants are low maintenance and have a tendency to release oxygen day and night making them a popular plant for better sleep.
  • Peace lilies are considered top of the class when it comes to formaldehyde and benzene from the air, and they can also increase humidity in colder months.
  • English ivies are highly popular because their deep green vines add incredible charm to decor. Best used as hanging plants in the bedroom, your English ivy will filter allergens with ease. But keep them away from pets and children as they can be harmful if consumed.
  • Lavender plants offer unparalleled soothing with a natural fragrance release of essential oil that will create a tranquil vibe in the bedroom.


What we love about the trend of bedroom plants is it looks good, but also makes people feel good and sleep better, too.

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