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Best Cooling Mattress: Features and Benefits

Best Cooling Mattress: Features and Benefits

Waking up hot and sweaty can really impact getting better sleep. One of the comfiest solutions to hot and sleepless nights is an upgrade to a cooling mattress.

A cooling mattress is a perfect choice for hot sleepers or people who like to snuggle under sheets without overheating.

As the summer months kick into gear, it is a great time to start sleeping on the best cooling mattress. Not only will you sleep cool all summer long, but you’ll also find that advanced temperature regulation works wonders in every season, not just summer.

What Is A Cooling Mattress?

A cooling mattress is designed with advanced temperature regulation technology with layers of breathable materials that wick heat and moisture away from the skin keeping it cool.

Older mattresses with outdated designs tend to trap heat within the layers which leads to that ‘too hot’ feeling that makes quality sleep almost impossible.

Most cooling mattresses are layered with memory foam. Memory foam is porous, with open cells that allow air to easily pass through the layers. The best cooling mattress, like the Puffy Lux, will work in sync with the body, managing temperature fluctuations effectively.

If you're a hot sleeper who often deals with night sweats, a cooling mattress will help stabilize body temperature keeping it nice and neutral for undisturbed sleep.

But this doesn’t mean a cooling mattress will make you cold. A bed that regulates temperature simply allows for the sleeper to sustain the natural sleeping temperature of their body.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

Body temperature doesn't remain the same throughout the night, it rises and falls during each stage of the sleep cycle. You may notice that you kick the sheets off at certain points of the night, and then reach for the blanket again after a while.

This is because around every 90 minutes or so your sleep cycle transitions and starts over, and as each stage finishes, body temperature fluctuates slightly.

A quality mattress like a cooling memory foam mattress promotes a healthy sleep cycle by creating constant air flow so hot air doesn’t stick around.

Key Features Of A Cooling Mattress

Best Cooling Mattress

When you are researching cooling mattresses, keep an eye out for cooling features such as gel infused foam, cooling beads, and breathable materials that regulate heat.

Gel Infused Memory Foam

Gel infused memory foam is a cool-to-touch foam formulation that is infused with thousands of tiny gel microbeads. Not all layers of mattresses have gel infused foam, but the best cooling mattress will have at least one layer to help keep the mattress nice and cool.

Cooling Beads

Cooling beads are also a common feature of the most popular cooling mattresses. Usually positioned on the top layer, gel infused beads are strategically and evenly positioned on the mattress to create little cooling pockets.

Some sleepers tend to get hot, then look for a cooler spot to shift to. A cooling mattress infused with a top layer of cooling beads eliminates the need for sleepers to shift due to overheating.

Air Flow & Breathability

Not all mattresses are constructed to promote breathability. When air struggles to flow through a mattress, the heat gets stuck between the layers and makes the mattress unbearably hot to sleep on. Originally invented by NASA to help astronauts get deep sleep, the viscoelastic nature of memory foam makes it truly unique.

Millions of tiny pores in memory foam mattresses support the constant flow of air which allows temperatures to remain neutral.

Consider A Puffy Lux Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

The Puffy Lux is the most popular mattress in our range and is much loved providing an ultra cool sleep experience. Designed for maximum breathability, sleepers will stay cool throughout the night, and experience incredible comfort, too.

What makes Puffy one of the best cooling mattresses you can buy? It is a winning combination of two types of cooling foam: Cooling Cloud™ Foam and Climate Comfort™ Foam.

How Sleeping Cool Benefits Sleep

How Sleeping on a Cooling Mattress Benefits Sleep

Sleeping on a cooling mattress can be a game-changer for everyone, not just hot sleepers. Backed by research, sleeping cool is said to help reduce sleep-related conditions such as insomnia, and is also linked to stress reduction.

Throughout the day, the body temperature swings between 98.6 F and 100.4 F. At around 6 pm, as you’re winding down, body temperature is at its lowest, and it spikes again at 7 am around the time most people wake up. Temperature is very closely linked to the circadian rhythm, the internal ‘body clock’ that triggers us to sleep and wake up.

When you are always too hot or too cold, your cardigan rhythm gets confused, not knowing if you should be asleep or awake. When your sleep cycle comes undone, sleep issues such as insomnia, sleep deprivation, and sleep inertia can set in and wreak havoc on your daily productivity.

Sleeping cool allows the body to achieve deep rejuvenating rest so you can wake up in the morning without feeling exhausted.

Other Ways To Cool Down

Even when the bedroom temperature stays at the recommended 60 - 70 degrees, heat still strikes under the covers when bedding is too hot. Overheating can also result from pillows, bed sheets, mattress toppers, and blankets that are not breathable.

Upgrading to a best-in-class cooling mattress is definitely the primary way to control the heat, but if you lay on a cool bed with hot, stuffy, heat-trapping materials, then you won’t feel the full benefits of your new cooling mattress.

Best cooling bedding

Puffy Sheets

Bamboo viscose has a reputation for being the best material for bedding as it is equally cool and comfortable. Ultra-soft bamboo sheets made from this fabric are the perfect companions for cooling mattresses as they are just as breathable - your mattress and bedding should work together rather than against each other to help you get the best shut-eye possible.

Best cooling pillow

Around 7 - 10% of all body heat escapes through the head so keeping it cool through the night will improve sleep quality. Again, the magical cooling power of this type of material is frequently used for pillows too. A cooling bamboo rayon pillow is a great addition to complete any temperature optimized bedroom set-up.

Test-Sleep A Cooling Mattress

By now you might be thinking of your bed and wondering if it’s too hot! If you are new to the world of cooling mattresses, you can actually take any Puffy Mattress for a test-sleep for 101-nights.

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