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How To Reduce Night Sweats And Sleep Cooler

How To Reduce Night Sweats And Sleep Cooler

If you’re waking up hot and bothered, there could be a range of reasons why you are losing sleep due to night sweats.

The best way to start sleeping better is to discover what causes night sweats and trial and error some cooling solutions that may help you achieve the type of deep uninterrupted sleep we all look forward to. 

What Are Night Sweats?

Any type of excess sweating in the night is often called a night sweat. People who experience night sweats sometimes wake up with a damp pillow and high body temperatures. While many people are hot sleepers, those who deal with night sweats can’t just kick their feet outside of the blanket to cool down. The fact is, night sweats are annoying! To find a solution, a good starting point is to find the root cause. 

Night Sweat Causes

There are both medical and non-medical reasons why sleepers sweat during the night. 

The most common causes of night sweats to see the doctor about include menopause, infections, and side effects to any medication you might be taking. If you're experiencing any of these, a trip to your GP is a must!

Apart from reasons relating to health, other more common causes of night sweats have to do with the temperature and decor of the bedroom. So many bedrooms simply are not set up for good quality sleep. 

Selecting the right cooling mattress and sheets, as well as arranging bedroom furniture for maximum airflow, can go a long way to ensure your body stays the perfect amount of cool for life-changing sleep. 

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Night Sweats

5. Drink Less Alcohol and More Water Before Bed 

More than often, one nightcap can turn into two, and something three. While a drink before bed from time to time might help you fall asleep faster, it’s not a sustainable solution. Excessive alcohol can have a negative impact on body temperature leading to night sweats, and it also impacts the time you spend in the sleep cycle. 

During REM sleep, the body enters a restorative phase. REM stands for rapid eye movement, and it’s the stage of sleep where dreams occur. Brain activity during REM increases, while the body completely relaxes. This stage of sleep is important as it helps us wake up completely rejuvenated.

Alcohol can also dehydrate the body. Drinking water an hour before bed is a great way to keep the body hydrated and cool. But don’t drink too much, you might find yourself having to wake up to use the bathroom!

4. Sleep on a Cool Surface

Sleeping on a cooling mattress like a Puffy memory foam mattress can certainly help you keep your cool, and not just in the warmer months! Sleepers who have to deal with night sweats can benefit from sleeping on a memory foam mattress because it’s highly breathable and doesn’t absorb and hold heat like some other materials. Advanced temperature regulation features make Puffy the best foam mattresses for hot sleepers.


Puffy Memory Foam Mattress Layers

If you’re mostly happy with your current mattress and just want to cool it down, try a Puffy cooling Mattress Pad. Never heard of a mattress pad? Get excited! Puffy’s cooling Mattress Pads can add a cooling layer to your existing mattress with the perfect amount of puff.  Breathable and hypoallergenic, they are the best cooling mattress pads you can use in every season to create cool and help to reduce overheating that leads to night sweats. 

3. Layer Your Mattress With Cooling Sheets 

Think silky-soft bamboo cooling sheetsMade of 100% bamboo, Puffy sheets come in all sizes and can provide your mattress with cooling comfort. The wrong type of sheets such as silk or flannel don’t circulate air very well and are not the best in warmer months.

Bamboo bed sheets have natural cooling properties. Better still, quality bamboo bed sheets have this amazing ability to get softer the more you use them - they’re a gift that keeps on giving!

The Puffy Bamboo Sheets

2. Try Some New Bedtime Attire

If you are waking up in sweats, do a quick review of what you’re wearing between the sheets. Your favorite flannel or silk pajamas might be causing you to overheat. Consider removing clothes all together. Sleeping in the nude is said to reduce body temperature and help keep heat fluctuations to a minimum. A national US survey found around 8 percent of people are sleeping without clothes, while another survey found 65 percent of millennials are ditching all bedroom attire. 

The millennials might be onto something here. Not only does sleeping in the buff help keep you cool, but it’s also linked to confidence. Confidence is the key to making the most of the opportunities that come our way. You might be surprised to know that sleeping naked helps build more self-confidence makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin. With so many benefits, it's definitely worth a try, and it won’t cost you a thing! 

1. Create a Cool Breeze

Opening a window, using a fan, or switching on the AC are all good options to create a bedroom breeze. Be mindful of the AC, using it too much can circulate dust in the room and irritate allergies.

Having a steady supply of air can further help keep the body temperature neutral and reduce night sweats.

Night sweats can certainly be managed and better sleep is always possible. If a new cooling mattress is something that you think might help, you can Trial a Puffy for 101 Nights to see if it can help keep you cool and comfy!