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The Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain: Your Comprehensive Guide

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 5 min read.
The Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain: Your Comprehensive Guide

If youโ€™re waking up with a sore shoulder or spending restless nights tossing and turning, your mattress might be the culprit. Finding the best mattress for shoulder pain can be a game-changer for your quality of life and overall wellness.

This blog post aims to help you understand the complexities around this issue and guide you through the maze of mattress options available in the market.

Mattress for Shoulder Pain: The Fundamentals

Before diving into product suggestions, itโ€™s important to know what makes a mattress ideal for mitigating shoulder pain.

  • Firmness: Too firm a mattress may exert pressure on the shoulder, exacerbating the pain. Too soft, and it wonโ€™t provide the necessary support.

  • Material: The construction material has a lot to do with how well the mattress contours around your shoulder, providing relief.

  • Temperature Regulation: For some people, hot sleep can worsen the pain. A mattress that regulates temperature can be crucial.

Puffy mattresses offer excellent contouring and pressure relief for people suffering from shoulder pain. Plus, their advanced cooling technology ensures you donโ€™t get too hot during the night.

What Type of Mattress is Best for Shoulder Pain

For those suffering from shoulder pain, the type of mattress chosen can significantly affect the quality of sleep and pain relief. Memory foam offers excellent contouring, latex provides a balance of support and pressure relief, hybrid mattresses give you a customizable firmness level, and innerspring mattresses, while traditional, are generally not the best choice for shoulder pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Memory foam: Excellent for pressure relief but may retain heat
  • Latex: A balance of support and pressure relief, cooler sleep
  • Hybrid: Customizable firmness and better airflow
  • Innerspring: Good support but lacks in pressure relief

Memory Foam

  • Pros: High contouring properties for pressure relief.
  • Cons: Known to retain heat; may not be suitable for everyone.

Memory foam mattresses can shape themselves around the curves of your body, providing significant relief at stress points like shoulders. However, they can be a bit hot for some sleepers.


  • Pros: Balance of support and pressure relief.
  • Cons: Less contouring than memory foam.

A latex mattress can be an excellent middle-ground solution, offering pressure relief but with a bit of bounce. Plus, it sleeps cooler than memory foam, which can be beneficial for some people.


  • Pros: Combines benefits of foam and innerspring.
  • Cons: Can be more expensive.

Hybrid mattresses provide a mix of foam for comfort and springs for support. This dual structure allows for a personalized level of firmness, important for those with shoulder pain.


  • Pros: Provides a familiar, supportive feel.
  • Cons: Lacks the contouring and pressure relief needed for shoulder pain.

Though innerspring mattresses offer a level of support, they generally fall short in providing adequate pressure relief, making them less suitable for shoulder pain sufferers.

Mattress Type Pros Cons
Memory Foam High contouring, pressure relief Retains heat
Latex Balanced support, cooler sleep Less contouring
Hybrid Customizable, good airflow Can be expensive
Innerspring Familiar feel, good support Lacks adequate pressure relief

By carefully evaluating these attributes, you empower yourself to make a more informed decision, thus potentially improving your sleep quality and reducing shoulder pain. It's vital to test different types to find the one that addresses your unique needs best.

Interested in how Puffy stacks up against other brands? Check out our mattress comparisons: Puffy vs Purple, Puffy vs Nectar, Puffy vs Casper, Puffy vs Leesa, Puffy vs Saatva, and Puffy vs DreamCloud.

Can a Bad Mattress Cause Shoulder Pain

The short answer is yes, a bad mattress can exacerbate or even cause shoulder pain.

  • Uneven Support: A lumpy or sagging mattress can lead to poor spinal alignment, contributing to shoulder pain.

  • Pressure Points: A mattress that is too firm can create pressure points, especially around the shoulder area.

Can a Firm Mattress Cause Shoulder Pain

Contrary to what many people believe, a very firm mattress may not be ideal for shoulder pain. It can create pressure points and lack the contouring necessary to cushion the shoulder joint.

Puffy mattresses offer a 101-night sleep trial, allowing you to find the right balance between firmness and support, vital for reducing shoulder pain.

Can a Soft Mattress Cause Shoulder Pain

On the flip side, a mattress that is too soft may not provide sufficient support, causing misalignment and subsequent shoulder pain. If you find that your shoulder sinks too deeply into the mattress, it might be too soft for you.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

Additional Considerations

Sleep Position

Your sleep position can drastically affect the severity of your shoulder pain and the type of mattress that may be best for you.

Price Range

High-quality mattresses designed for pain relief can be pricey, but itโ€™s an investment in your health.

Warranty and Trial Periods

Donโ€™t underestimate the value of a good warranty and a reasonable trial period, especially when you are shopping online.


Choosing the best mattress for shoulder pain involves multiple considerations - from the type and firmness of the mattress to the sleep position and temperature regulation.

Use our store locator to find the closest furniture or mattress store near you and feel the cloudlike comfort of our Puffy Mattress in person.

With the information in this guide, youโ€™re armed with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision that will hopefully lead to many nights of restful, pain-free sleep.

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