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Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: The Complete Guide

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 4 min read.
Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: The Complete Guide

Sleeping on your side is more than just a preference; it’s a lifestyle choice that demands specific support for optimal health. So, what is the best mattress for side sleepers? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

The mattress that’s best for you will depend on various factors like firmness, material, and your specific health needs. Let’s get right to it: for side sleepers, a medium-firm mattress that supports spinal alignment and relieves pressure points is generally the best choice. Stick around as we explore this topic in depth.

Mattress for Side Sleepers: What to Look For

When picking a mattress for side sleepers, it’s essential to consider these key factors:

  • Support: Proper spinal alignment is crucial.
  • Pressure Relief: Side sleeping can cause pressure on shoulders and hips.
  • Firmness: A balanced level of firmness is needed to support curves and relieve pressure points.

Support and Spinal Alignment

Your mattress should provide sufficient support to maintain the natural curve of your spine while sleeping on your side.

  • Memory Foam: Good for contouring to your body shape.
  • Latex: Offers consistent support across the bed.
  • Innerspring: Tends to be firmer, which might not always be ideal.

One alternative that addresses all of these concerns is the Puffy Lux Mattress. With its adaptive foam technology, it offers a balance of support and comfort.

Pressure Relief

This is essential to avoid discomfort and potential long-term issues.

  • Memory Foam: Excellent for relieving pressure.
  • Latex: Less contouring but still decent at pressure relief.
  • Innerspring: Might create pressure points due to uneven support.


Different mattresses offer varying degrees of firmness, but medium to medium-firm mattresses are generally the best for side sleepers.

  • Soft: Not recommended as it might not provide sufficient support.
  • Medium: Offers a good balance of support and comfort.
  • Firm: Might be too harsh on pressure points unless specifically designed for side sleepers.

Best Type of Mattress for Side Sleepers

Let’s delve deeper into the types of mattresses that are generally recommended for side sleepers.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are excellent for contouring to your body’s shape, making them an excellent choice for side sleepers.


Natural latex offers a bit more bounce and is generally cooler than memory foam.


These mattresses offer a combination of memory foam and innerspring, providing a balanced level of support and comfort.


Innerspring mattresses have a traditional feel and tend to be firmer, which might not always be ideal for side sleepers.

Interested in how Puffy stacks up against other brands? Check out our mattress comparisons: Puffy vs Purple, Puffy vs Nectar, Puffy vs Casper, Puffy vs Leesa, Puffy vs Saatva, and Puffy vs DreamCloud.

Is a Firm Mattress Good for Side Sleepers?

Firm mattresses might be excellent for back or stomach sleepers, but they might not be the best for side sleepers. A too-firm mattress can exert excessive pressure on the shoulders and hips, leading to discomfort and poor sleep quality.

Is a Plush Mattress Good for Side Sleepers?

Plush mattresses can be excellent for pressure relief but might lack the necessary support. Make sure the mattress provides a balanced level of comfort and support.

What Mattress Firmness is Best for Side Sleepers?

The optimal level of firmness for a side sleeper generally ranges from medium to medium-firm. This level provides enough support to maintain spinal alignment while also providing comfort for pressure points.

For those willing to try something new, Puffy mattresses offers a 101-night trial. You can return the mattress if it’s not the right level of firmness for you.

Check out Puffy mattress reviews from real customers and see how we compare with other brands.

Additional Considerations

  • Budget: Don’t forget to consider the cost versus the benefits.
  • Sleep Trial and Warranty: A lengthy sleep trial and robust warranty can make your investment more secure.
  • Temperature Regulation: Look for mattresses that regulate temperature well if you sleep hot.


Finding the best mattress for side sleepers can be a journey. Keep in mind the vital factors like support, firmness, and pressure relief.

Use our store locator to find the closest furniture or mattress store near you and feel the cloudlike comfort of our Puffy Mattress in person.

Your mattress should be more than just a comfortable place to crash; it should be an investment in your well-being. Choose wisely, and you’ll reap the benefits in quality sleep and better health.

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