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How To Choose A Mattress For Everyone In The Family

How To Choose A Mattress For Everyone In The Family

Choosing a mattress for every member of your family can feel like a bit of a mission. You have to think about things like comfort, support, and durability, along with price if you need to be working within a budget.

Working out how to choose a mattress starts with looking through a good amount of mattress reviews. Sorting through online resources to figure out the type of bed each member of your family needs can get complicated.

Here’s the comprehensive guide to everything you might need to know about finding a bed everyone will be sleeping better on.

Types Of Mattresses

When it comes to learning how to choose a mattress that’s a good fit for different members of your family, the first step should include finding out the type you want. From memory foam to latex, innerspring, and hybrids, the modern mattress marketplace is filled with options that can be both exciting and overwhelming.

Here’s how to choose a mattress type you know you’ll be satisfied with:

Sleep Position. One of the simplest ways to tell different mattress types apart is by assessing their firmness levels. Modern mattress types such as memory foam and hybrid mattresses are designed to suit all sleepers because they contour to the body. Traditional mattress types like latex and spring are not as adaptive. Most mattress reviews tend to include the sleep positions that are a good fit, so be sure to have a look when you order online for an informed purchase.

Temperature Control. For hot sleepers, it should be a priority to find a mattress with temperature regulation properties. Typically speaking, hybrid mattresses are naturally cooler mattresses, making them a strong choice for warm sleepers. Young children can have an especially hard time with stuffy sleep, so if you find your little one sweats through the night, these are good options for a better night’s sleep. The best memory foam mattresses, such as Puffy’s range of options, will also have cooling technology that ensures you’re not stuffy in your sleep.

Number of Sleepers. If you share your bed with your partner, or your children share a bed, then motion isolation is an important property to consider when it comes to mastering how to choose a mattress. Memory foam mattresses are well-known for their motion isolation abilities, making them the ideal choice for any member of the family who sleeps lightly and can be easily disturbed by movement.

Back Pain Requirements. When you struggle routinely with back or body pain, it’s important to find a mattress that meets your needs for support. Memory foam mattresses hug muscles and joints and are designed to help with spinal alignment. Hybrid mattresses, on the other hand, combine the contouring of memory foam with the added stability of coils to deliver full-body support, making them ideal for full-body support. Sleep positions also factor into this - if you’re a family of stomach sleepers, then a softer mattress can cause strain to your pressure points.

Safety & Cleanliness. Don’t compromise on quality when there are little ones involved. The quality of the materials that go into making your mattress plays a role in exacerbating allergy symptoms, so make sure they have some level of independent certification, such as those awarded by CertiPUR-US®, which can allow you to rest assured. When buying mattresses for children, finding something with a removable or washable cover is also going to save a lot of time in the long run.

Mattress Sizes For Each Member of The Family

Mattress Sizes For Each Member of The Family

Once you’ve figured how to choose a mattress type that’s perfect for your family, the next step is to figure out the right size. Mattress sizes are closely linked with sleep quality, especially for young sleepers who can quickly outgrow a mattress. The perfect mattress size also plays a huge role in the general design of the bedroom - if you buy a mattress that’s too big for the bedroom, the bedroom might feel small, cramped, and anything but relaxing.

To figure out how to choose a mattress size that’s going to work for every member of your family, here’s a handy table that can help:

Best Mattress Size For The Master Bedroom

Stuck between two different mattress sizes for your room? Account for at least two inches of space between the bed and your bedroom furniture so that all available space gets optimized. This is especially important if you have a smaller master bedroom when you need to make your space as open and airy as possible.

If your master bedroom is more open and airy, a larger bed is going to be able to provide comfort, a sense of luxury, and help keep you focused on the actual purpose of the bedroom: rest.

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Best Mattress Size For Kids Bedrooms

When choosing the right mattress size for your child, age is the best way to determine what’s going to be a good fit. For instance, if you’re shopping for your toddler’s first mattress, you’re likely going to be well served by a twin size bed. If your child is about 10-12 years old, they’re going to spend the next ten years growing and needing extra support in their sleep, so a twin-XL or full-size mattress might be a better fit.

Space considerations are also important. A twin mattress size might work fine for a single sleeper, but if you want your children sharing their mattress, opting for a larger size might be wiser so there’s no competing for space.

When Should You Replace A Mattress?

When Should You Replace A Mattress?

Some mattresses are more durable than others. It depends on how well it’s taken care of, and the changing needs of the sleepers. A clear sign that it's time for a mattress upgrade is when aches and pains increase, sleep quality decreases, and you simply feel uncomfortable. As we grow older, the needs of our bodies change, and it takes different kinds of support to ensure peaceful, cozy sleep.

The best mattresses leave you with minimal strain and body ache, giving you the satisfying feeling of almost floating as you rest. Older mattresses also collect dust, fungus, and other germs, and have a tendency of exacerbating allergies, and impacting your sleep patterns.

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When it comes to figuring out how to choose a mattress for your family, letting your instincts guide you and keeping comfort and quality as some of your top priorities will ensure you’re left with a sleep setup that everyone is truly happy with.

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