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Stylish Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Stylish Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small bedrooms don’t have to compromise on your decor ideas. It’s rewarding to have a creative challenge in the form of limited space. The world of small bedroom decor is exciting, and understanding how to decorate your small room so that you’re minimizing clutter and keeping things calm is all about planning well.

From making sure you have the best mattress size for your space to figuring out how to integrate your personality into your room, here are some of our top tips for small bedroom decor ideas that feel as good as they look.

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How To Make Small Bedroom Decor Feel Luxurious

There are many reasons you might choose to have a smaller space to use as a bedroom. Whether you’re moving out of your home for the very first time, or you’re in a city where smaller apartments are the norm, small bedrooms don’t always mean you’re compromising on quality.

When you’re working on small bedroom design, investing in high-quality products can help keep comfort a priority.

Whether you’re looking for the best mattress for a good night’s sleep or searching for artwork that ties your room together, doing your research before investing in small bedroom decor can make all the difference.

Investing in premium products will help you achieve that luxury feel, even in a smaller space.

Best Bedroom Colors For Small Spaces

How to decorate a small bedroom?

A neutral color scheme might not seem like the most groundbreaking or original choice, but it’s the best option for smaller rooms. After all, it’s no bedroom design secret that lighter colors can open up your space, while darker colors absorb light, making your room feel smaller.

But just because you’re sticking with lighter colors doesn’t mean you have to opt for stark white walls that remind you of a sterile hospital room.

When you’re deciding how to decorate a small bedroom, don’t be afraid to get creative with your bedroom colors and moods. Pale green, blue, yellow, pink, and lavender are great options you can incorporate. One of the best ways to do so is by creating a color-blocked wall with two colors that complement each other.

You can even take things to the next level and introduce a few bold prints and patterns to your walls with removable wallpaper. Swap it out every six months or so for an instant room reset.

Alternatively, if you’re committing to a completely neutral color palette to achieve a Scandinavian-inspired style, you can still add dimension with patterned pillows, throws, and modern rugs.

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How To Find The Best Mattress For Your Small Room

Small Bedroom Decor Tips

It’s important to get the basics right with small bedrooms. One of the fundamentals when it comes to getting the design of a small bedroom right is picking out a mattress that’s proportional to your space.

Choosing a breathable, lightweight, and durable mattress with a range of sizing options is therefore critical when it comes to selecting the right mattress for yourself. Memory foam mattresses are a versatile choice for almost any type of sleep position.

Climate control capabilities for mattresses like the Puffy Lux are even more important in small rooms - this will ensure your body temperature is regulated through the night, and you aren’t waking up sweating.

Finding the right mattress size for your room can make a world of difference, and choosing something too big is a pretty common mistake. Sacrificing the quality of your mattress for the sake of space in the form of a fold-out couch might seem like a good idea, but you’re going to want to forgo this, and quick. The best mattresses should be able to provide comfort, support and allow for rest that sets you in good stead for the day ahead of you.

Here’s a chart that’ll help you figure out what will work best:

Mattress Size  Minimum Recommended Room Size
Twin Size Mattress, Twin XL 7’ x 10’
Full-Size Mattress, Full XL 10’ x 12’
Standard Queen 10’x10’

Best Small Bedroom Furniture

Best Small Bedroom Furniture

Finding small bedroom furniture when you’re shopping for your room doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are tons of great options in the market for sizing that is customizable to your space.

Remember that keeping things simple is key to making sure your bedroom remains a space for comfort in your home. Investing in practical pieces of furniture cupboards with plenty of shelving, for instance, can work to minimize clutter and create space in your room.

Don’t be afraid to get hands-on with decorating projects, and take inspiration from everywhere. For instance, if you’ve seen a great storage unit you’d like to size down for your own room, do a little research to see if you have carpenters or furniture makers in your area, or better yet, try to craft something similar on your own.

Small Details With Big Impact

Small Details With Big Impact

If you’re finetuning the way you decorate your space, the little things count. Sleep accessories, bedroom rugs, and indoor plants are small touches you can add to your bedroom to make it feel and look cozier.

One of the smaller ways to add a ton of comfort back into your bedroom is with the help of sleep accessories. Finding the right sleep accessories for a good night’s rest is going to make a big difference when it comes to how well you rest through the night, as well as the overall comfort of your room. Think about adding cooling sheets, light throws, and snuggly blankets, which will all help you feel cozier in your bedroom.

If you share your space with a partner, you may be looking for ways to create comfort that feels tailored to each person. An adjustable bed frame can be a great addition to a new memory foam mattress, especially since it works to support individual sleeping positions without compromising on the look or feel of the room itself.

Deciding on a bedroom decor style that aligns with your personality can help make the decorating process easy. For instance, a minimalist bedroom is going to have a set color scheme, and keeping things bare can make them look intentional and chic.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to really cozy up in your space, then finding boho or rustic accent pieces that are going to add to a sense of comfort can make a world of difference.

How To Create Space In Small Areas

Small Bedroom Decor Ideas for Small Space

When you’re dealing with a smaller room, it’s important to brainstorm bedroom organization ideas focussed on creating space in smaller pockets. Employing a nightstand with multiple drawers, for instance, can allow you to fit and organize your belongings much more efficiently than you’d be able to do with a single stand.

Storage solutions are your friend when you’re dealing with more limited space in your room. Whether by using a bed frame that has adjustable height options, or simply investing in a simple and compact modern nightstand, can help reduce clutter and create space in your room.

Decluttering is essential for a room of any size, but it’s imperative in a small room because nothing eats up space the way clutter does. Clutter adds up, and you might have more junk than you think, so take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s notebook and throw out anything that doesn’t spark joy or serve any function.

Even before you decide how to decorate a small bedroom, prioritize storage and make a plan for where you plan to keep everything. When things have a place of their own, you’ll find that it’s much easier to keep track of your belongings and store them neatly.

Regardless of the actual style of your bedroom, having a minimalist mindset can come in especially handy when you’re figuring out how to decorate a small bedroom. Holding on to the essentials and eliminating everything else can not only free up space in your room but also your mind.

Getting Creative With Less Space

To get small bedroom organization done effectively, think about the ways you trick the gaze, and utilize all the free space in your room. One way to save floor space is by choosing bedroom furniture pieces with rounded edges to soften your room’s overall appearance. Another trick is to add mirrors. Not only are mirrors a great way to spruce up empty walls, but they also make rooms feel larger by reflecting light.

To create the illusion of a taller room, paint your ceiling a different color. This will draw the gaze upward and add some interest to your room, especially if you’ve chosen a neutral color palette. A hanging pendant light can be equally helpful for drawing the gaze upward but keep the design simple.

Another thing to remember when deciding how to decorate a small bedroom is that the size doesn’t need to impede function. You can make even the smallest of rooms multifunctional based on your interests. For instance, if you want to utilize an awkward corner in your room, turn it into a reading nook. To ensure your reading corner feels as cozy as it sounds, add some throw pillows and faux fur blankets for extra comfort.

One last thing to keep in mind - when it comes to smaller bedrooms, you’re going to need plenty of space to move around. Making sure there’s an adequate amount of space between your different pieces of bedroom furniture will also help ensure your mattress is well-ventilated, which can be essential for a cool night’s sleep.

From finding the right mattress size to ensuring your bedroom decor is in check, it’s easy to make your small bedroom work for you. With enough trial and error, your bedroom will soon become one you wouldn’t want to trade, even if you could!

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