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How to Compress a Mattress: Simplifying Storage and Moving

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 4 min read.
How to Compress a Mattress: Simplifying Storage and Moving

Whether you’re moving to a new home or simply need to store your mattress, compressing it can save a lot of space and make transportation easier. Compressing a mattress, much like the convenience offered by brands like Puffy, requires the right technique and tools.

This guide will cover everything from the feasibility of compressing various types of mattresses to practical tips for doing it yourself.

Can You Compress a Mattress?

The feasibility of compressing a mattress depends on its type and construction.

Types of Mattresses and Compression:

  • Memory Foam and Latex: These materials can be compressed effectively.
  • Innerspring and Hybrid: Compressing these can be challenging and may damage the springs.
  • Considerations: Evaluate the mattress warranty and structure before attempting compression.

How to Compress Mattress

Compressing a mattress properly requires attention to detail and the right tools to ensure it’s done safely and effectively.

Compression Process:

  1. Clean the Mattress: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the mattress. This can involve vacuuming to remove dust and allergens and spot-cleaning any stains. A clean mattress ensures no debris gets sealed in during the compression process.

  2. Wrap in Plastic: Use a specialized mattress bag or thick, durable plastic to wrap the mattress completely. The wrap should be tight and secure to prevent air from entering during the compression process. Ensure that the plastic is sealed with strong tape along all edges.

  3. Vacuum Sealing: Attach a vacuum valve, which can be found in mattress compression kits, to the plastic wrapping. Connect your vacuum cleaner hose to the valve and turn on the vacuum. As the vacuum runs, it will extract the air from inside the plastic, causing the mattress to compress. Watch the process carefully to ensure even compression and stop the vacuum once the mattress is satisfactorily compressed.

  4. Secure with Straps: After the mattress is compressed, use ratchet straps or strong packing straps to secure it. Wrap the straps around the mattress both lengthwise and widthwise to hold the compressed shape. This step is crucial to prevent the mattress from re-expanding during transport or storage.

Much like the convenience of Puffy mattresses that come compressed, this process makes storage and transportation of your traditional mattress much easier and more efficient.

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By carefully following these steps, you can compress your mattress effectively, making it much more manageable for moving or storage. This process is particularly useful for foam mattresses, which are more conducive to compression compared to spring mattresses.

How to Compress Mattress for Moving

Compressing a mattress specifically for moving requires additional considerations.

Moving Tips:

  • Proper Packaging: Ensure the mattress is securely wrapped in durable plastic.
  • Avoid Bending: Keep the mattress as flat as possible during compression and moving.
  • Transportation: Once compressed, transport the mattress in a box or a protected flat surface to prevent damage.

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How to Compress a Spring Mattress

Compressing a spring mattress is not typically recommended but can be attempted with caution.

Steps for Spring Mattresses:

  1. Evaluate the Risk: Understand that compressing spring mattresses can potentially damage the springs.
  2. Gentle Compression: If attempting, apply gentle and even pressure without using a vacuum.
  3. Professional Assistance: Consider seeking professional help for compressing spring mattresses.

For spring mattresses, unlike easily compressible Puffy Cloud Mattress, careful consideration and handling are essential to prevent damage.


Compressing a mattress can be a practical solution for storage and moving, but it’s important to do it correctly to avoid damaging the mattress. Understanding the types of mattresses that can be safely compressed and following the correct procedure are key.

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Just as Puffy mattresses are designed for easy setup and portability, applying the right compression techniques can simplify the process of moving and storing any mattress.

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