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How To Decide Between A Soft vs Firm Mattress

How To Decide Between A Soft vs Firm Mattress

Do you wake up with aches, sore muscles, or feeling unrested? Chances are you’re not sleeping on the best mattress for your well-being. You spend a third of your life on your mattress, so it’s well worth investing in. Whether you end up buying a firm mattress, or something a little more plush, assessing your needs and making an informed decision is crucial to sleeping more comfortably through the night.

Whichever sleep position you prefer, the great news is that there’s a mattress out there that’s going to cater to your needs.

Table of Contents

Firm Vs Soft Mattress: What’s The Difference?

Firm Vs Soft Mattress: What’s The Difference? | Puffy

Most mattress brands use a simple scale between 1-10 to describe the firmness of their mattress. Firm mattresses usually fall between a 9 to 7 on the scale, whereas softer mattresses usually fall between 2 to 3.

Since mattress firmness is highly subjective, it can be a challenge to find a uniform rating across mattress brands. One of the other key differences between firm and soft mattresses tend to be the materials they are made out of. All mattresses consist of a mix of comfort and support layers.

The comfort layers are what give your mattress a softer feel, whereas the support layers provide more structure and add some firmness. If your mattress consists of more comfort layers, it’s probably going to be naturally softer. You can also customize the firmness of your mattress by adding a topper that changes its overall feel.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Firm Mattress?

You might be wondering if there are benefits to sleeping on a firm mattress. If you’re not struggling with chronic back pain of any kind, you’re likely going to find a firm mattress fairly comfortable.

Firm mattresses are also recommended to sleepers who prefer resting on their stomach since a firm surface will keep the back aligned properly. The benefits of a firm mattress can include that it helps prevent your lower back from sinking too deep into your mattress. This encourages a steady flow of oxygen while you’re sleeping.

Firm mattresses are also likely to be beneficial to sleepers who rest on their back. That’s because they provide a more stable surface for the back to recover on.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Firm Mattress?

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Firm Mattress? | Puffy

For some specific back problems, such as arthritis or scoliosis, firm mattresses can feel deeply uncomfortable. The best mattress type for back pain tends to be softer, since a hard mattress can put too much pressure on your joints. When you struggle with chronic back pain, it’s important to consult a physician before making any decisions that might exacerbate any pain.

If you’re not used to sleeping on a firm mattress, making the switch can be an adjustment. The harder feel of a firm bed can be slightly uncomfortable and takes a little time to get used to, so you can expect discomfort and an adjustment period if you opt for this kind of bed.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Soft Mattress?

Sleep on a softer mattress comes with plenty of benefits of its own. Often recommended to side sleepers, or sleepers who struggle with back pain, the natural feel of a soft mattress tends to cushion the joints and muscles for a comforting night of sleep.

Soft mattresses are also a great choice for light sleepers, who find hard mattresses exert too much pressure when they’re trying to rest and recharge for the night. When sleeping on your side, a softer mattress is naturally able to keep your hips aligned, which makes them an ideal choice for sleepers who prefer this position.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Soft Mattress?

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Soft Mattress? | Puffy

Though they might seem like the more comfortable choice based on feel, a soft mattress can be difficult to adjust to, especially for stomach sleepers. This is because soft mattresses have plenty of give, which might cause unnatural curving of the spine during sleep, leading to back pain or other chronic body pain.

Soft mattresses can also be the wrong choice for heavier sleepers. Since there’s already a natural amount of sink that comes with most soft mattresses, heavier sleepers might experience an excessive amount of give, and sink too deeply into their bed.

This is also why softer mattresses are less likely to be recommended to couples, especially when opting for a smaller-sized mattress, since this can also lead to excessive sinking. Soft mattresses that are of poor quality can also lose their shape quicker than hard mattresses, so be sure to check the warranty measures of your bed before investing in something softer.

How To Select The Most Comfortable Mattress For Your Sleep

We know we want our mattresses to be comfortable, but what exactly does that mean?

The best way to prevent waking up with any aches or pains is to get a mattress that helps keep your spine aligned through your sleep. Healthy sleep positions help correct your posture and offset pressure from your muscles properly when you’re catching up on your sleep. Learning how to choose a mattress that encourages you to sleep in the best position for you is therefore important.

Your experience of how comfortable a mattress is varies on a lot of personal factors, and a few external ones. For example, the heavier you are, the softer a mattress can feel. If you’re lighter, you might experience a mattress is firmer than it really is.

The best way to choose a mattress that is guaranteed to be a comfortable fit for your lifestyle is by actually testing it out. This is the same reason so many mattress brands also supply a complimentary trial period with their products so that you can be sure you’ve made the right choice before committing to your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a firm mattress better than a soft mattress?

No, a firm mattress isn’t necessarily better than a more plush mattress. The best mattress firmness for you depends on your preferred sleep position and body weight. If you’re a lighter sleeper, chances are you might prefer a softer mattress.

What is the best mattress for back sleepers?

Back sleepers who do not struggle with back pain can stand to benefit from sleeping on a pressure-relieving firm mattress. If you’re a back sleeper who struggles with arthritis or scoliosis, however, the best mattress for back pain is usually more plush.

What is the right mattress for stomach sleepers?

Stomach sleepers typically struggle to keep their back aligned through their sleep. For this reason, firmer mattresses are often the best choice, since they do not cave to any added weight, and help keep the spine straight through the night.

What is the best mattress for couples?

If you’re going to be sharing your mattress with a partner, it’s important that you’re able to choose not just the right firmness, but also the right size for both your shared comfort. It’s usually recommended that couples choose queen-sized beds or larger, though a double mattress can work if you’re dealing with an especially small space.

Are foam mattresses better than spring mattresses?

Though it’s tempting to think there’s such a thing as one ‘best’ mattress, the truth is comfort is subjective, and depending on our needs, we might be better suited to different kinds of materials.

Though it is generally accepted foam mattresses tend to be better at molding to the contours of the body, and spring mattresses hold their structure better, there are a ton of hybrid options on the market today that provide the best of both worlds.

How firm is the Puffy Mattress?

The Puffy Mattresses come in at three different firmness levels, depending on which you opt for. The classic Puffy Mattress is 10” thick, and has a medium-firm feel. Our best-selling model, the Puffy Lux, is 12” thick, and has a luxurious, medium-plush feel. Finally, the Puffy Royal, our largest model at 14” thickness, has an ultra-plush feel.

Our top-rated mattresses work on a range of sleepers and come with a sleep trial policy so you don’t have to worry about committing to your purchase until you know it works for you.


How To Decide Between A Soft vs Firm Mattress Summary | Puffy

Whether you choose a plush mattress or something firmer, remember to keep your sleeping positions, comfort, and long-term use in mind when shopping for a mattress. A good night’s sleep is so much more than just eight hours of rest - it’s fuel for the day ahead of you, and a vital component of your well-being.

When you pick the right mattress for your sleep, therefore, you’re also supercharging every aspect of your life. A good night’s sleep can have an impact. Prepare to wake up more energized, balanced, and ready to take on the day. Happy mattress shopping!

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