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How to Finger Knit a Blanket: A Complete Guide

How to Finger Knit a Blanket: A Complete Guide

Finger knitting is an enjoyable and straightforward method for crafting a blanket without the need for needles. This technique is both entertaining and practical, allowing you to create warm, personalized items for your home.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced knitter, this guide will help you navigate the entire process of finger knitting a blanket.

Can You Finger Knit a Blanket?

Yes, finger knitting can be adapted to make various items, including cozy blankets. This method uses your fingers instead of needles to create loops and stitches, making it an ideal crafting technique for all ages.

How Much Yarn for a Finger Knit Blanket

How to Start a Finger Knit Blanket

Starting a finger knit blanket is an exciting process that sets the foundation for your entire project. Here’s a detailed guide to get you started:

  1. Choose the Right Yarn: Opt for bulky or super bulky yarns as they are easier to handle and make the knitting process faster. These yarns also create a thicker, cozier blanket. Wool, acrylic, and cotton are popular choices due to their softness and durability.

  2. Create a Slip Knot:

    • Lay the yarn across your palm and secure it by wrapping it around your thumb, creating a loop.
    • Insert your fingers into the loop, grab the yarn tail hanging behind the loop, and pull it through to make another loop.
    • Adjust the knot by pulling the tail to tighten the loop around your fingers but not too tight—you need to move them freely.
  3. Casting On:

    • Hold the tail of the yarn between your thumb and the rest of your fingers with the working yarn towards the back.
    • Weave the yarn in and out between your fingers, starting from your index finger and moving outwards.
    • Loop the yarn around your pinky and weave back towards your index finger.
    • Repeat this weaving process until you have two rows of yarn loops on your fingers.
  4. Securing the Foundation Row:

    • Start from the pinky, lift the bottom loop over the top loop, and off your finger. This creates a stitch. Continue this for each finger.
    • Once all fingers have only one loop each, tug gently on the yarn to tighten your stitches.

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How to Finger Knit a Blanket

With the foundation row complete, continue building your blanket by adding more rows:

  1. Knitting the Rows:

    • With the working yarn at the back of your fingers, weave it through the fingers in a zigzag pattern like you did initially, but without adding new loops.
    • Lift the bottom loop over the new top loop and off each finger to create new stitches. Repeat this across your fingers.
  2. Building the Blanket:

    • Continue the process of adding rows by repeating the knitting steps. Ensure you keep a consistent tension on the yarn for even stitches.
    • Periodically stretch the knitted part gently to even out the stitches and check the blanket’s width and length. Adjust the tension if needed.
  3. Adding Width or Colors:

    • To make your blanket wider, you can add more stitches by using both hands or creating panels that you can stitch together later.
    • For color variations, tie on new colors of yarn at the end of a row, leaving a small tail that can be woven in later.

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How to Finish a Finger Knit Blanket

Finishing your finger knit blanket involves securing the stitches and adding any decorative touches:

  1. Casting Off:

    • To cast off, knit the stitches across your fingers until each finger has only one loop.
    • Starting from the pinky, lift the loop off and transfer it to the ring finger. Knit this stitch by pulling the bottom loop over the top loop.
    • Transfer the resulting loop to the middle finger and repeat until all loops have been combined into one loop on the index finger.
  2. Securing the Last Stitch:

    • Cut the yarn, leaving a tail of about six inches. Pull this tail through the last loop and tighten to secure it.
  3. Adding Fringe (Optional):

    • Cut several pieces of yarn about 10 inches long.
    • Fold them in halves and, using a crochet hook or your fingers, pull the folded ends through the edge stitches of the blanket, looping the tails through the folded part to secure them.
  4. Weaving in Ends:

    • Use a yarn needle to weave in any loose ends from color changes or the start/end of the project into the blanket to hide them and prevent unraveling.

When I first tried finger knitting, I underestimated the importance of consistent yarn tension. During one of my early projects, the blanket began to take on a trapezoidal shape because I was pulling the yarn too tightly.

After a few rows, I adjusted my grip, allowing the yarn to flow freely, which corrected the shape as I progressed. This experience taught me the importance of adjusting tension, which is crucial to achieving the perfect finish.

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Creating a finger-knit blanket is a rewarding endeavor that not only engages your creativity but also results in a functional and attractive item for your home. With the right materials and a little patience, you can craft a cozy, handmade addition to your living space.

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