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How to Hide a Mattress: Creative Solutions for Space Management

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 4 min read.
How to Hide a Mattress: Creative Solutions for Space Management

In smaller homes or multi-use spaces, effectively hiding a mattress or box spring can be a challenge. Whether it’s a spare mattress for guests or a box spring that disrupts the room’s decor, finding ways to conceal these items can help maintain a clean, organized, and stylish living environment. This article explores various methods and creative ideas for hiding mattresses and box springs in your home.

Hide a Mattress

Concealing a mattress can be essential in homes with limited space. Here are some ingenious ways to hide it when not in use.

Storage Ideas:

  • Under the Bed: Slide the spare mattress under an existing bed frame, ideally one that’s elevated or has built-in storage.
  • Behind Furniture: Tuck the mattress vertically behind a large piece of furniture like a wardrobe or bookcase.
  • Closet Storage: If you have a large closet, consider storing the mattress on its side, leaning against a wall.

Design Tips:

  • Use a Mattress Cover: To protect the mattress from dust and damage while stored.
  • Space Optimization: Measure your available space to find the most effective storage solution.

How to Hide a Spare Mattress

Spare mattresses are handy for guests but can take up valuable space. Here’s how to store them efficiently.

Creative Storage Solutions:

  • Wall-Mounted Options: Install a wall-mounted rack or shelving where the mattress can be stored vertically.
  • Convertible Furniture: Use furniture like a fold-out couch or a daybed where the mattress can serve a dual purpose.
  • Under Other Furniture: Store under larger pieces of furniture like a dining table if the height allows.

Aesthetic Integration:

  • Decorative Covers: Use aesthetically pleasing covers to turn the mattress into a part of your decor when not in use.
  • Room Dividers: A vertical mattress can act as a makeshift room divider in open-plan spaces.

Remember: Investing in a high-quality Puffy Lux Mattress can offer long-term benefits, reducing the need to find ways to hide or store less frequently used mattresses.

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How to Hide a Box Spring Mattress

Box springs can be bulky and difficult to hide. Here are some ways to conceal them effectively.

Disguise Methods:

  • Bed Skirts: Use bed skirts or valances to cover the box spring and create a more unified bed appearance.
  • Custom Enclosures: Build a custom wooden enclosure around the box spring to match your room’s decor.
  • Under-Bed Storage: If the box spring is part of a guest bed, consider storing it under another bed when not in use.

Functional Decor:

  • Upholstering: Upholster the box spring in a fabric that complements your room for a more intentional design element.
  • Strategic Placement: Position the bed against a wall with a large tapestry or wall art to draw attention away from the box spring.

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How to Hide Mattress in Studio Apartment

Studio apartments require smart space management. Here’s how to hide your mattress effectively.

Studio-Friendly Ideas:

  • Murphy Beds: A Murphy bed allows you to fold the mattress into the wall when not in use.
  • Loft Beds: Elevate your sleeping area with a loft bed, freeing up floor space.
  • Room Dividers: Use bookcases or curtains to create a separate sleeping area that conceals the mattress.

Dual-Purpose Furniture:

  • Sofa Beds: Invest in a sofa bed where the mattress can serve as both seating and sleeping space.
  • Ottomans with Storage: Some ottomans are large enough to store folded mattresses or mattress toppers.

Incorporating a mattress like Puffy into a studio apartment requires creative solutions to maximize space without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.


Hiding a mattress or box spring effectively requires a combination of creativity, practicality, and smart design. Whether it’s using space-saving furniture, decorative disguises, or innovative storage solutions, there are numerous ways to keep your mattress out of sight while preserving the functionality and style of your living space.

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By implementing these strategies, you can enjoy a clutter-free, organized home that seamlessly integrates your sleeping arrangements, even in limited spaces.

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