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How to Lower Your Bed Frame: A DIY Guide for Every Type

How to Lower Your Bed Frame: A DIY Guide for Every Type

Adjusting the height of your bed frame can significantly impact your bedroom’s look and feel, affecting everything from aesthetics to ease of access. Whether you’re aiming for a low-profile design for a sleek, modern look, or you need to make your bed more accessible due to mobility issues, lowering your bed frame is a practical project you can undertake at home.

How to Lower a Bed Frame

Lowering your bed frame might seem daunting, but with the right tools and a bit of know-how, it’s a task you can accomplish over a weekend. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Tools and Materials


  1. Preparation: Clear the bed completely, removing the mattress and box spring, and relocate them to a safe area. This prevents any damage and gives you ample space to work.

  2. Measure and Mark: Determine your desired bed height. Measure from the bottom up on each leg or support of the bed frame, marking where you need to cut or adjust. Ensure all marks are level and even across all legs to avoid a wobbly bed.

  3. Adjust or Cut:

    • For adjustable frames, use your wrench and screwdriver to loosen the legs or supports, adjusting them to the new height, and then retighten.
    • For non-adjustable frames, you’ll need to cut. Equip yourself with protective gear, and using the appropriate saw for the material (wood or metal), cut through each leg at the marked line. Sand the cut edges on wooden frames to smooth out any roughness.
  4. Reassemble and Test: Once the frame is at the desired height, reassemble any parts you may have had to disassemble. Place the mattress back on and give the frame a gentle shake to ensure stability.

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How to Lower a Wooden Bed Frame

Wooden bed frames require a bit of finesse to lower, given the material’s nature and the potential for aesthetic impact.

Tools and Materials


  1. Measure Twice, Cut Once: As with any frame, start by measuring the desired new height on each leg, marking clearly. With wooden frames, it’s crucial to ensure your marks are perfectly level to maintain the frame’s balance.

  2. Cutting: Secure the frame or leg to prevent movement. Using your saw, follow your marks to cut through the wood. Take your time to ensure a clean, straight cut.

  3. Smoothing Edges: Use sandpaper to smooth the cut edges, removing any splinters or roughness. This step is vital for safety and for aesthetic reasons, especially if the cut areas are visible.

  4. Finishing Touches: If the cut areas stand out from the rest of the frame, you might want to apply a coat of stain or paint to match. This will give your frame a seamless look and protect the wood.

  5. Reassemble and Place Mattress: Once the frame is cut, smoothed, and touched up, reassemble any disassembled parts, place your mattress back on, and enjoy your newly lowered bed.

Pairing your newly adjusted wooden bed frame with a high-quality Puffy Lux Mattress can make your bedroom not only more stylish but also more comfortable. Their adaptability to any frame height ensures that your sleep experience is unmatched.

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How to Lower a Dorm Bed Frame

Dorm bed frames are typically designed with adjustability in mind, featuring multiple height settings to maximize space and comfort for students. These frames often utilize a pin-and-notch system, allowing for easy height adjustments. Some may require a simple tool like a rubber mallet or wrench, provided by the dormitory’s maintenance department, to make adjustments.

Tools and Materials Needed

Steps to Lower a Dorm Bed Frame

1. Inspect the Bed Frame

Begin by closely examining the bed frame to understand its adjustment mechanism. Look for:

2. Clear the Bed

Remove all bedding, mattresses, and any personal items from the bed to ensure nothing obstructs the adjustment process.

3. Adjust the Height

Depending on the type of adjustment mechanism, follow the appropriate steps:

4. Ensure Stability

After adjusting the bed frame, give it a gentle shake to ensure it’s stable and securely locked at the new height. Double-check that all pins or bolts are firmly in place to prevent any accidents or instability.

5. Replace Bedding

Once the frame is securely adjusted, place your mattress back on the frame, followed by your bedding. This is also an excellent opportunity to clean or rearrange your space for a fresh start.

Safety Tips

In our home, we’ve tackled lowering our bed frame to create a more accessible environment for family members with mobility issues. The project required careful measurement and a steady hand, especially when sawing through the wooden legs of our antique frame.

The result was not only more functional but also breathed new life into the bedroom’s design. Paired with our Puffy Lux Mattress, the lowered bed frame has made our bedroom a haven of comfort and style.

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Lowering your bed frame is a practical way to refresh your bedroom’s design or meet specific needs. Whether working with wood, metal, or a dorm bed frame, the key is to measure carefully, work patiently, and prioritize safety. Completing this project can give you a renewed sense of comfort and satisfaction in your bedroom space.

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