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How to Make a Baby Sling Out of a Blanket: A Simple DIY Guide

How to Make a Baby Sling Out of a Blanket: A Simple DIY Guide

How to Make a Baby Sling Out of a Blanket: A Simple DIY Guide

Carrying your baby in a sling made from a blanket not only fosters closeness but also adds a practical, comforting element to your daily routine. This guide will show you how to create a baby sling using items you likely already have at home, like a muslin or swaddle blanket, ensuring your baby is snug and secure while keeping your hands free.

How to Wrap a Baby on Your Chest with a Blanket

Wrapping a baby securely on your chest using a blanket is an age-old technique that promotes bonding and can help soothe a restless infant. Here’s how to do it step-by-step:

Materials Needed

Steps to Securely Wrap Your Baby

  1. Prepare the Blanket:

    • Lay the blanket flat and fold it diagonally to create a triangle.
    • If your blanket is rectangular, fold one corner to the opposite side to form a triangle.
  2. Create the Base:

    • Position the longest side of the triangle against your waist.
    • Cross the two ends over your shoulders to create an ‘X’ on your back.
  3. Forming the Pouch:

    • Pull the fabric around your waist upwards to create a pouch at chest level.
    • Ensure the pouch is deep enough to support your baby sitting in the frog position, with their bottom lower than their knees.
  4. Placing Your Baby:

    • Hold your baby against your chest with their legs in a natural, frog-like position.
    • Gently lower your baby into the pouch, ensuring their back and bottom are fully supported by the fabric.
  5. Securing the Wrap:

    • Take the two ends of the blanket from under your arms and tie them securely at your back or side with a double knot.
    • Make sure the blanket is snug but allows for easy breathing and movement for both you and the baby.
  6. Safety Checks:

    • Regularly check that the baby’s face is visible and clear of the fabric.
    • Ensure that the baby’s chin is not pressed against their chest to maintain a clear airway.

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How to Make a Baby Sling Out of a Muslin Blanket

Muslin blankets are ideal for making baby slings due to their lightweight and breathable fabric. Here’s a simple method to convert one into a sling:

Required Materials


  1. Fold the Blanket:

    • Fold the muslin blanket in half diagonally to increase its strength and create a wider base for the baby.
  2. Wrap Around Your Body:

    • Drape one end over your shoulder and let the rest wrap around your opposite side to come back over the same shoulder, creating a loop.
  3. Create the Pouch:

    • Adjust the fabric so that a pouch forms naturally at your front or hip, where you intend to carry the baby.
  4. Secure the Sling:

    • Tie the ends together securely, either at your side or behind your back, ensuring that the knot does not press uncomfortably against your body.
  5. Test the Sling:

    • Before placing the baby in the sling, test it by applying slight pressure to ensure it holds securely and retains its shape.

Creating a baby sling from a blanket offers a hands-free comfort that mirrors the supportive embrace of a Puffy Lux Mattress, easing daily routines for parents.

How to Make a Baby Sling Out of a Swaddle Blanket

A swaddle blanket can also be transformed into a practical baby sling with the following steps:


Steps to Create the Sling

  1. Prepare the Blanket:

    • As with the muslin blanket, fold the swaddle blanket in half diagonally to form a triangle.
  2. Creating the Sling:

    • Wrap the longer side of the triangle around your body, crossing over your back and bringing the ends back to the front.
  3. Forming the Pouch and Tying the Knot:

    • Adjust the fabric at your chest or hip to create a secure pouch. Tie the ends together with a strong knot to ensure the sling can support your baby’s weight.
  4. Safety and Comfort Checks:

    • Ensure the knot is flat against your body to avoid discomfort.
    • Check that the sling is tight enough to hold the baby securely but not so tight that it restricts movement or breathing.

Safety Tips for Baby Slings

Using a baby sling made from a blanket is akin to the comfort provided by a Puffy Lux Mattress—both offer a secure, enveloping feel that can significantly enhance comfort and reduce stress.

Using a sling made from a swaddle blanket was a game-changer for me as a new parent. It allowed me to keep my baby close and secure while giving me the freedom to move around and attend to daily tasks. The process was simple, and the result was incredibly rewarding—much like the perfect night’s sleep on a supportive mattress.


Making a baby sling out of a blanket is a straightforward, cost-effective way to keep your baby close and supported while you go about your day. With just a few folds and knots, you can create a comfortable, secure environment for your little one.

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