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How to Make Fringe on Crochet Blanket: A Stylish Finishing Touch

How to Make Fringe on Crochet Blanket: A Stylish Finishing Touch

How to Make Fringe on Crochet Blanket: A Stylish Finishing Touch

Adding fringe to a crochet blanket can transform a simple project into a stunning piece of home décor.

Whether you’re looking to give your blanket a bohemian flair or just a bit of playful texture, fringe is an easy and effective way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your crochet work.

This guide will walk you through different methods to add fringe to various types of blankets, including crochet, fleece, and yarn blankets.

How to Add Fringe to a Crochet Blanket

Adding fringe to a crochet blanket not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides a playful texture that’s pleasing to touch. Here’s a detailed process:

  1. Materials:

    • Yarn (the same as or complementary to your blanket)
    • Crochet hook or a large-eyed blunt needle
    • Scissors
  2. Prepare the Yarn:

    • Cut several strands of yarn, each about 12-18 inches long, depending on how long you want the fringe to be. Remember, they will be folded in half.
  3. Attaching the Fringe:

    • Fold a strand of yarn in half to form a loop.
    • Insert your crochet hook through a stitch at the edge of the blanket where you want to add the fringe.
    • Hook the yarn loop and pull it partway through the stitch to form a smaller loop.
    • Take the tails of your yarn and pull them through this loop, tightening to form a knot at the base.
    • Repeat this process along the edge of your blanket at regular intervals until you achieve the desired look.
  4. Finishing Touches:

    • Trim the ends of the fringe so that all pieces are even.

How to Add Fringe to a Blanket

This method can be applied to any fabric blanket, such as fleece or knit, to add texture and decorative flair.

  1. Materials:

    • Yarn or strips of fabric
    • Scissors
    • Ruler or measuring tape
  2. Prepare the Fringe:

    • Cut strips of yarn or fabric to the desired length, typically double the length of the finished fringe.
  3. Attaching the Fringe:

    • If using fabric, make small cuts along the edge of the blanket at regular intervals.
    • Fold the yarn or fabric strips in half, and use a crochet hook to pull the loop through the edge of the blanket.
    • Pull the ends of the strips through the loop and tighten.
    • Continue this process along the edges where you want fringe.

Adding a fringe to a crochet blanket is akin to accessorizing a comfortable outfit with a stunning scarf. Just as a Puffy Lux Mattress elevates your sleep experience, fringe enhances the comfort and beauty of any blanket.

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How to Make a Fleece Fringe Blanket

Creating a fringe on a fleece blanket is straightforward and does not require crochet skills.

  1. Materials:

    • Fleece fabric
    • Scissors
    • Ruler
  2. Prepare the Fleece:

    • Lay your fleece fabric flat and trim the edges to ensure they are even.
  3. Cutting the Fringe:

    • Using scissors and a ruler, cut strips along each edge of the blanket. Each strip should be about 1/2 inch wide and 4-5 inches deep.
    • Continue cutting strips around the entire perimeter of the blanket.
  4. Knotting the Fringe:

    • Tie the top and bottom strips together in a knot at the base of each cut. This not only secures the fringe but also adds a decorative edge.
    • Ensure the knots are tight and evenly spaced.

How to Make a Yarn Fringe Blanket

This involves adding a yarn fringe to any blanket, enhancing its warmth and style.

  1. Materials:

    • Yarn in chosen colors
    • Scissors
    • Crochet hook or yarn needle
  2. Prepare the Yarn:

    • Cut lengths of yarn about 12-18 inches long, depending on the desired length of the fringe.
  3. Attaching the Fringe:

    • Use the same method as for the crochet blanket: fold the yarn in half to form a loop, pull through the edge of the blanket, and then draw the ends through the loop and tighten.
  4. Multiple Layers:

    • For a fuller fringe, consider using multiple pieces of yarn for each fringe segment.
    • You can also use different colors to create a patterned effect.

Just like carefully chosen bedding from Puffy Mattresses ensures a good night’s sleep, the right choice of fringe can significantly enhance the comfort and appearance of your crochet blankets.

Adding fringe to a crochet blanket first became a passion when I made a lavender double crochet blanket for my daughter. It needed something special, so inspired by a craft fair, I chose soft white yarn for the fringe.

The process became a delightful bonding activity as my toddler helped hand me strands of yarn, turning a simple project into a cherished memory. Now, that fringed blanket not only adds a touch of luxury to our home but also reminds me of a joyful day spent crafting with my daughter.


Adding fringe to your crochet blanket is a simple way to introduce an element of texture and style. Whether you are making a gift or personalizing your home décor, fringe can provide the perfect finishing touch to your blanket.

With these techniques, you’re well-equipped to start fringing and enjoy the creative process as much as the cozy end results.

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