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How to Protect Mattress When Moving: A Comprehensive Guide

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 3 min read.
How to Protect Mattress When Moving: A Comprehensive Guide

Transporting a mattress during a move requires careful planning and execution. A mattress is not only an investment in your comfort but also in your health. Proper protection during a move is crucial to prevent damage and maintain its condition.

How to Protect a Mattress When Moving

Effective methods to ensure your mattress remains undamaged during a move.

Protection Techniques:

  • Invest in a Mattress Bag: Use a heavy-duty, sealable mattress bag to protect against dirt, moisture, and pests.
  • Secure with Tape: Ensure the mattress bag is tightly sealed with strong tape to keep out contaminants.
  • Avoid Folding: If possible, keep the mattress flat to prevent internal damage or warping.

Preparing Your Mattress for the Move

Steps to get your mattress ready for safe transportation.

Preparation Checklist:

  • Clean the Mattress: Vacuum and spot-clean the mattress before packing to ensure it’s fresh upon arrival.
  • Remove Bedding: Strip the mattress of all bedding, including sheets, mattress protectors, and toppers.
  • Plan the Moving Path: Ensure there’s a clear and safe path to move the mattress from your home to the moving vehicle.

Using quality protective materials, similar to the durable fabrics used in Puffy mattresses, is crucial for ensuring your mattress stays clean and intact during a move.

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Transporting Your Mattress

Best practices for moving your mattress to its new location.

Transportation Tips:

  • Use an Appropriate Vehicle: A large, enclosed moving truck is ideal to protect the mattress from the elements.
  • Position Correctly: Place the mattress flat or on its side, but ensure it’s not bent or folded.
  • Secure in Place: Use straps or ropes to secure the mattress, preventing movement during transport.

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Setting Up Your Mattress in the New Home

Steps to ensure your mattress is ready for use after the move.

Setup Guide:

  • Unpack Carefully: Remove the mattress from its protective bag without using sharp objects that could damage it.
  • Let it Breathe: Allow the mattress to air out for a few hours before dressing it with bedding.
  • Inspect for Damage: Check for any signs of wear or damage incurred during the move.

Just as Puffy mattresses are designed to provide consistent comfort and support, ensuring your mattress is properly set up in your new home will contribute to maintaining its quality.


Protecting your mattress during a move is essential for preserving its life and ensuring continued comfort. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth transition for your mattress, from your old home to your new one.

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Remember, the care and effort you put into protecting your mattress during a move can make a significant difference in its longevity and performance.

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