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How to Reupholster a Bed Frame: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Reupholster a Bed Frame: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reupholstering a bed frame is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your bedroom without the expense of buying new furniture. Whether it’s a leather bed frame you wish to cover with a vibrant fabric or adding a touch of elegance with button detailing, this guide covers all you need to know.

Can You Reupholster a Bed Frame?

How to Reupholster Bed Frame

Reupholstering a bed frame is an excellent way to refresh your bedroom’s look without the need to purchase new furniture. This project can be tailored to fit any style preference and budget. Here’s a guide on how to achieve a professional-looking reupholstering job on your bed frame.

Materials Needed

Steps to Reupholster Your Bed Frame

  1. Preparation:

    • Begin by removing the mattress and any box spring to expose the bed frame. You’ll need a clear working area, so ensure ample space around the bed frame.
    • Disassemble the frame if necessary, focusing on the portions you intend to reupholster.
  2. Remove Existing Upholstery:

    • Carefully remove any old fabric, staples, or tacks from the bed frame. This step might reveal the frame’s condition and if any repairs are needed before reupholstering.
    • Take this opportunity to clean the frame and apply any fixes or reinforcements.
  3. Measure and Cut Your Fabric:

    • Measure the areas of the bed frame you’re covering, adding several inches on each side for securing the fabric behind or beneath the frame.
    • Cut your chosen fabric according to these measurements, ensuring you have enough material to cover the entire area smoothly.
  4. Attach the Fabric:

    • If adding padding, cut your upholstery foam to size and attach it to the frame using an adhesive spray. Allow it to dry before proceeding.
    • Lay the fabric over the area to be covered, starting at the center point. Pull the fabric taut and secure it with staples to the backside of the frame. Work your way outwards to avoid wrinkles or bunching.
    • For corners and edges, fold the fabric neatly, similar to wrapping a gift, and staple securely.
  5. Finishing Touches:

    • If desired, add decorative elements such as button tufting. This involves threading an upholstery needle with a strong thread, securing a button, and pulling tight to create a tufted effect in the fabric.
    • Trim any excess fabric and ensure all staples or fastenings are not visible from the front.
  6. Reassemble and Style:

    • Once the frame is fully covered and you’re satisfied with the look, reassemble any parts of the bed frame that were disassembled.
    • Style your newly upholstered bed frame with complementary bedding to highlight your hard work.

When I embarked on reupholstering our bed frame, I chose a neutral, durable fabric that brought a fresh look to our room without overshadowing other decor elements.

The process was straightforward but required patience, especially when ensuring the fabric was smooth and evenly secured. The transformation was stunning, giving our old bed frame a new lease on life and adding a custom touch to our bedroom.

Pairing your newly upholstered bed frame with a high quality Puffy Lux Mattress can elevate your bedroom’s comfort and aesthetic appeal.

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How to Reupholster a Leather Bed Frame with Fabric

Reupholstering a leather bed frame with fabric is a unique challenge that requires careful preparation and execution. It’s an excellent way to transform the look of your bed frame from sleek and modern to cozy and textured. Here’s how to approach this project:

Materials Needed

Steps for Reupholstering

  1. Choose the Right Fabric: Since you’re covering leather, select a fabric that is sturdy and thick enough to not show the leather beneath. Fabrics like heavyweight cotton, canvas, or upholstery fabric are ideal choices.

  2. Preparation:

    • Remove the mattress and base to expose the bed frame.
    • If possible, disassemble the frame for easier access to the leather parts you wish to cover.
  3. Clean the Leather:

    • Ensure the leather surface is clean and dry. Use a gentle cleaner to remove any oils or substances that might prevent the fabric from adhering properly.
  4. Roughen the Surface (Optional):

    • If the leather is very slick, lightly sanding the surface with fine-grit sandpaper can create a better grip for the fabric. Be cautious not to damage the leather, especially if you prefer a reversible reupholstery.
  5. Measure and Cut Your Fabric:

    • Carefully measure the leather areas you want to cover, leaving extra fabric on all sides for securing it to the frame.
    • Cut the fabric according to your measurements.
  6. Attach the Fabric:

    • Start by positioning the fabric over the leather, ensuring it’s smooth and even.
    • For additional adherence, you can use an adhesive spray between the leather and fabric. This step is optional but can help keep the fabric in place before stapling.
    • Pull the fabric taut and secure it with staples to the back or underside of the frame. Work from the center outwards to avoid wrinkles.
  7. Finishing Touches:

    • Trim any excess fabric and ensure all staples are not visible from the front or sides.
    • Reassemble the bed frame and place the mattress back on top.

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How to Reupholster a Bed Frame with Buttons

Adding buttons to your reupholstered bed frame introduces a sophisticated, tufted look that can elevate the style of any bedroom.

Additional Materials

Steps for Button Tufting

  1. Plan Your Design:

    • Decide on the placement of your buttons. Common designs include diamond or grid patterns. Mark where each button will go on the fabric once it’s attached to the frame.
  2. Prepare the Frame:

    • If your bed frame is not already tufted, you may need to drill small holes where each button will be placed. These holes allow the thread to pull through the frame, creating the tuft.
  3. Attach the Fabric:

    • Follow the steps outlined in the general reupholstering guide to attach your fabric to the frame, taking care not to cover the pre-marked spots or holes for your buttons.
  4. Sew on the Buttons:

    • Thread your upholstery needle with a strong thread, double it for extra strength, and secure a button at one end.
    • Push the needle through the pre-drilled hole from the back to the front of the frame, through the fabric, and then through the button.
    • Pull the thread tight to create the tuft, then push the needle back through to the back of the frame. Secure tightly.
  5. Repeat for All Buttons:

    • Continue this process for all marked positions on your bed frame, ensuring each button is pulled with consistent tension to create an even, tufted effect.
  6. Final Checks:

    • Once all buttons are attached, inspect your work to ensure each tuft is secure and the pattern looks consistent.

After rejuvenating your bed frame with a beautiful reupholstery job, the next step in elevating your bedroom’s comfort and style is choosing the right mattress. A Puffy Lux Mattress complements your newly upholstered bed frame perfectly, offering layers of plush comfort and support.

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Reupholstering your bed frame is a rewarding project that can significantly change your bedroom’s look and feel. Whether you’re updating an old leather frame with new fabric or adding elegant buttons for a tufted effect, the key to success is patience and careful planning.

With the right tools and materials, your bed frame can become a bespoke piece of furniture that perfectly matches your style and complements your mattress.

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