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How to Wash a Quilted Blanket: Ensuring Durability and Comfort

How to Wash a Quilted Blanket: Ensuring Durability and Comfort

How to Wash a Quilted Blanket: Ensuring Durability and Comfort

Quilted blankets, with their intricate stitching and layers of fabric, are more than just bedding; they are often cherished items that add warmth and style to any home. However, caring for them properly is crucial to ensure they last for years.

Whether you’re a seasoned quilt owner or a newcomer, understanding the right washing methods is key to preserving the quality and appearance of your quilted blankets.

Can You Machine Wash All Quilted Blankets?

While machine washing is convenient, not all quilted blankets are suitable for this method. It’s crucial to assess each quilt individually based on several factors to determine the appropriate cleaning approach.

Factors to Consider

  1. Material: Quilts made from delicate fabrics like silk or wool, or those with embellishments such as beads or sequins, are typically not suitable for machine washing as the agitation can cause damage.

  2. Construction: Hand-stitched quilts or those with loose stitching may not withstand the mechanical processes of a washing machine and could be better preserved through hand washing.

  3. Age and Condition: Older or antique quilts that are fragile should be treated with extra care. Machine washing could exacerbate existing wear and potentially ruin these valuable textiles.

  4. Care Label Instructions: Always check the manufacturer’s label for washing instructions. If the label suggests dry cleaning or hand washing, it’s best to follow those guidelines to avoid damaging the quilt.

Alternatives to Machine Washing

For quilts that cannot be machine washed, consider these alternatives:

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How to Wash a Quilt Blanket

Properly washing a quilted blanket, whether by hand or machine, requires specific steps to ensure it is cleaned without causing damage.

Machine Washing

  1. Preparation:

    • Check the entire quilt for any tears or loose threads. Repair these issues to prevent further damage during washing.
    • Treat any stains with a mild stain remover suitable for the fabric type.
  2. Washing:

    • Choose a large capacity washer to avoid compressing the quilt too tightly, which could affect its shape and stitching.
    • Set the machine to a gentle cycle with cold water to prevent shrinking and color bleeding.
    • Use a mild, dye-free detergent to safeguard the quilt’s colors and textures.
  3. Drying:

    • Air drying is the safest method. Lay the quilt flat on a clean surface or use a drying rack. Avoid direct sunlight, which can fade colors and weaken fibers.
    • If you must use a dryer, choose a low heat setting and include a few tennis balls to help keep the filling evenly distributed.

Hand Washing

For more delicate quilts, hand washing is preferable:

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Tips for Hand Washing Delicate Quilts

For quilts that aren’t suitable for machine washing, hand washing is a safer alternative:

How to Maintain a Quilted Blanket

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life and beauty of your quilted blanket.

Routine Care

Storage Tips

As someone who treasures family heirlooms, taking care of our quilted blankets has become a cherished routine in our household. I remember how my grandmother would carefully hand-wash her quilts, a technique I still use for our most delicate pieces.

These quilts have not only provided warmth but also carry memories of family gatherings and cozy winter nights, all preserved through careful maintenance and love.


Properly washing and caring for your quilted blanket is crucial for preserving its beauty and functionality. By following these detailed guidelines, you can ensure that your quilts remain vibrant and intact, providing comfort and charm to your home for years to come.

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