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Twin vs. Twin XL: Detailed Size Comparison Guide

Twin vs. Twin XL: Detailed Size Comparison Guide

A twin mattress is a versatile option for virtually any room. Be it children’s rooms, college dorm rooms, or even a studio apartment, a high-quality twin mattress can save space without compromising comfort. But how do you choose between a twin vs. twin XL mattress?

As the name suggests, twin and twin XL mattresses are about the same size. The main difference between the two is the length. A twin XL mattress is five inches longer than a twin. Here, we break down the key features of a twin vs. twin XL mattress and the differences to help you decide which mattress size is the best fit for you.

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What Is A Twin Mattress?

What Is A Twin Mattress? | Puffy

A standard twin mattress is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. Besides a crib mattress, twin mattresses are the smallest mattress size available, making it the perfect choice for kids and teenagers. Twin size beds are also the most compact choice for any room.

If you have two kids who share one bedroom, you can easily stack two twin beds to form a bunk bed. This is a great way to maximize floor space and offers your children the flexibility to carve out their play and study zones.

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What Is A Twin XL Mattress?

What Is A Twin XL Mattress? | Puffy

A twin XL mattress is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. The twin and twin XL mattresses are the same widths. However, unlike the twin, a twin XL offers much more legroom, making it the ideal choice for growing children, young adults, and taller sleepers.

Though the difference between the two mattress sizes may not be significant, it’s worth noting that the extra length afforded by the twin XL mattress goes a long way. In fact, a person who is taller than 6 feet will be able to sleep stretched out on a twin XL mattress. Because there is no difference in width, a twin XL mattress is still a good bet for smaller rooms.

Twin vs. Twin XL: Mattress Comparison Chart

Twin Mattress Twin XL Mattress
Mattress Dimensions 38" X 75" 38" X 80"
Price Cheaper Slightly more expensive
Best for Children under the age of 13 Teenagers and young adults
Room Size Recommendations 7 x 10 feet 8 x 10 feet

Mattress Dimensions

When shopping for any mattress, it’s essential to consider the dimensions. Not only will it help you determine the right fit for your room, but it’s also a deciding factor for your personal space needs.

As noted previously, the main distinction between a twin vs. twin XL mattress is the length. The surface area of a twin mattress uses 2,925 square inches, while a twin XL mattress covers 3,120 square inches.


The price difference between a twin and twin XL mattress is not as significant as the difference between a queen and king-size mattress. For instance, a twin-size Puffy Mattress is $599, whereas the twin XL is $629. The cost difference is only a matter of $30, but it’s safe to say that a twin mattress and its accessories will always be slightly cheaper than a twin XL.


A twin size mattress is most suitable for young children, ideally those under the age of 12. But twin mattresses can also accommodate adults who are under 6 feet tall.

If you’re shopping for your kid and debating between a twin vs. twin XL mattress, a twin XL is the most reliable choice, especially when they hit a growth spurt. A twin XL is also a good choice for college students and single adults. The one downside is that those who like to sprawl out might find it challenging to get a comfortable night’s sleep. It’s also not wide enough to fit more than one sleeper.

Room Size

The recommended room size for twin mattresses is at least 7 x 10 feet. This will ensure that the bedroom isn’t too cramped and leaves enough space to include other furniture.

In case you decide to place two twin beds side by side, which is also known as a split king mattress, you will require a room that’s 10 x 10 feet. On the other hand, a room should at least be 8 x 10 feet to accommodate twin XL mattresses.

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Pros & Cons of Twin vs. Twin XL Mattress

Twin and twin XL mattresses share many similarities, but if you can’t decide between the two, weighing the pros and cons of each can help.

Pros & Cons of Twin | Puffy

Pros & Cons of Twin XL | Puffy

Variations for Twin vs. Twin XL Mattress

The standard twin and twin XL mattresses are the most common sizes available, but there are two other variations.

RV Twin Mattress

As the name suggests, an RV twin mattress, also known as a short twin mattress, is most commonly used in RVs and campers. Because of their purpose and usage, short twin mattresses tend to be on the smaller side so that they can conveniently fit in a motor home.

RV twin size mattresses tend to be 28 inches wide and 75 inches long. Similar to the twin XL mattress, a longer version is also available, which is 28 inches wide and 80 inches long. These mattress sizes might be tougher to find, but they’re a versatile option that can fit anywhere, even cramped spaces, such as RVs and campers.

Split King Mattress

When you place two twin XL mattresses side by side, you get a split king mattress. Two twin XL mattresses are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, the same as a standard king mattress.

A split king mattress is a popular choice among couples who have different sleeping preferences. If one person prefers a firm mattress, while the other prefers a soft mattress, neither has to compromise on comfort and settle for anything less than what they want.

A split king mattress is also compatible with adjustable bed frames. The only thing to note is that a split king mattress may not be suitable for smaller rooms because they take up more space. However, split king mattresses are a good choice for master bedrooms.

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How big is a twin XL mattress compared to a twin?

Twin and twin XL mattresses are the same widths, but a twin XL mattress is five inches longer, an advantage that gives sleepers more space and legroom.

Can twin sheets fit on a twin XL?

Because a twin XL is five inches longer than a twin mattress, twin-size sheets may be too short for a twin XL mattress.

Is a twin XL the same size as a full?

No, twin XL and full size mattresses have different dimensions. A twin XL is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long, making it the perfect choice for single sleepers who are tall. A full size bed, also known as a double bed, is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. A full size mattress is significantly wider than a twin XL and might be the more comfortable choice for combination sleepers who like to sprawl out.

Are two twins better than a king?

A king mattress is wide enough to accommodate two sleepers comfortably. When you place two twin XL mattresses next to each other, you get a split king mattress. This is a good option for couples who have different sleeping preferences, allowing each person to choose the mattress that’s most comfortable for them.

What kind of sheets do you put on a split king bed?

A split king bed will require two sets of twin XL fitted sheets and one king-size flat sheet. This is the best way to ensure that the split in the middle isn’t visible.

What is the difference between a twin XL and an extra long twin?

Twin XL mattresses are sometimes referred to as an extra long twin, but there is actually no difference between the two.

Is there a mattress smaller than a twin?

The only mattress size that’s smaller than a twin is a crib mattress, which is designed for babies. Other than a crib mattress, a twin size mattress is the smallest available size on the market.


Choosing the right mattress size is essential for overall comfort. Twin and twin XL mattresses share some similarities, but the key difference between the two is that the twin XL is best suited for growing children and taller individuals. Because twin and twin XL mattresses don’t take up too much room, they’re also the ideal option for dorm rooms, smaller rooms, guest rooms, and studio apartments.

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