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What is a Bed Skirt?

From the Puffy Editorial Team | 5 min read.
What is a Bed Skirt?

Understanding the role and functionality of a bed skirt is essential in completing the look of your bedroom setup. From hiding unsightly bed frames to reducing dust accumulation under the bed, a bed skirt is a practical addition to any bedroom.

What is a Bed Skirt?

Exploring the basic concept and design of bed skirts.

Definition and Design:

  • Description: A bed skirt is a piece of decorative fabric placed between the mattress and box spring or bed frame, extending down to the floor.
  • Styles: Available in various styles, including pleated, ruffled, or tailored, to match different bedroom aesthetics.

How Does a Bed Skirt Work?

The functionality and setup of a bed skirt.

Mechanism and Installation:

  • Placement: It’s draped over the box spring or bed platform, with the mattress placed on top to secure it.
  • Installation: Some bed skirts have elastic edges or Velcro for easier attachment, especially beneficial for heavier mattresses.

What is a Bed Skirt Used For?

Understanding the multiple purposes of a bed skirt.

Practical Uses:

  • Aesthetics: Adds a finished look, hiding the bed frame and any under-bed storage.
  • Dust Reduction: Minimizes dust accumulation under the bed, contributing to a cleaner bedroom environment.

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How to Use a Bed Skirt

Effectively incorporating a bed skirt into your bedroom decor involves several key considerations to ensure it not only looks great but also serves its intended purpose.

Usage Guide:

  • Match Your Decor: Choose a bed skirt that complements the colors, patterns, and overall theme of your bedroom. Consider the color of your bedding, curtains, and wall paint. For a cohesive look, you might select a bed skirt that matches the color of your comforter or contrasts nicely with your sheets.

  • Right Fit: Measure your bed’s dimensions accurately, including the height from the box spring or bed frame to the floor. This ensures the bed skirt has the correct drop length, providing a neat, tailored appearance that reaches the floor without dragging.

  • Material Selection: Consider the material of the bed skirt for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Lightweight fabrics like cotton or polyester blends are easy to clean and maintain, while heavier fabrics like velvet add a luxurious feel.

  • Style Choice: Decide between various styles such as ruffled, pleated, or straight. A ruffled skirt adds a traditional, romantic touch, while pleated or straight styles offer a more modern look.

  • Installation: When installing the bed skirt, make sure it’s evenly spread out and the corners are aligned properly. For beds, which are known for their substantial construction, you might need assistance in lifting the mattress to place the skirt correctly.

Do You Need a Bed Skirt?

Determining the necessity of a bed skirt for your bedding ensemble.


  • Decorative Preference: While not mandatory, a bed skirt can enhance the overall look of your bed and bedroom.
  • Functional Benefits: Useful for concealing bed legs or under-bed storage, and reducing dust.

Pairing a bed skirt with a Puffy Lux Mattress can elevate your bedroom’s comfort and style, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

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How to Fold a Bed Skirt

Properly folding a bed skirt for storage or future use is an important step in maintaining its appearance and longevity.

Folding Steps:

  • Clean and Dry: Before folding, ensure the bed skirt is clean and completely dry. This prevents mildew and preserves the fabric quality. If it’s been in use, a gentle wash or spot cleaning might be necessary.

  • Methodical Folding: Start by laying the bed skirt flat on a large surface. Smooth out any wrinkles and align the edges. For bed skirts with pleats or ruffles, carefully fold along the pleat lines or ruffle patterns to maintain their shape. This approach helps in preventing deep creases and preserving the design details.

  • Gentle Rolling: For ruffled or heavily pleated skirts, consider gently rolling instead of folding. This can minimize creases and is especially useful for storage in tight spaces.

  • Storage: Store the folded or rolled bed skirt in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight. A breathable storage bag or a cotton sheet can protect it from dust and prevent fabric yellowing or fading.

  • Refresh Before Use: When you’re ready to use the bed skirt again, especially after long-term storage, a quick tumble in the dryer with a damp cloth or a gentle ironing can help eliminate wrinkles and refresh the fabric.

  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly rotating and refolding the bed skirt in different patterns can prevent permanent creases and keep it looking fresh.


A bed skirt is a versatile addition to your bedroom, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. Whether paired with a luxurious Puffy mattress or used to complement a specific bedroom theme, understanding and utilizing a bed skirt can significantly enhance your bedroom’s look and feel.

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With the right choice and maintenance, a bed skirt can become an integral part of your bedding ensemble, contributing to a polished and sophisticated bedroom atmosphere.

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