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What is a Trundle Bed: Your Ultimate Guide

What is a Trundle Bed: Your Ultimate Guide

A trundle bed represents the pinnacle of practical furniture design, merging style, comfort, and efficiency. Ideal for small spaces, guest rooms, or children’s bedrooms, trundle beds offer a versatile sleeping solution without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

What is a Trundle Bed?

A trundle bed is a two-in-one furniture piece designed to maximize space and provide an extra sleeping area without occupying the permanent floor space of two beds.

It consists of a primary bed frame that houses a secondary bed underneath, which can be rolled out whenever additional sleeping accommodations are needed. This secondary bed is typically mounted on casters or rollers for easy deployment and storage.

Trundle beds are especially popular in multi-use rooms, such as home offices that double as guest rooms, children’s bedrooms for sleepovers, or in any living space where optimizing room usage is crucial.

The design of a trundle bed is not only practical for space-saving but also aesthetically pleasing, as it maintains the appearance of a single bed when the trundle is not in use.

How Does a Trundle Bed Work?

The functionality of a trundle bed lies in its simple yet ingenious design:

Trundle beds work particularly well in tight spaces and serve a dual purpose: they maintain the aesthetic of a traditional bed while offering the functionality of an extra sleeping area.

How Big is a Trundle Bed?

The dimensions of a trundle bed largely depend on the size of the primary bed under which it is stored. Typically, trundle beds are designed to fit standard mattress sizes, with twin (single) and full (double) being the most common.

However, due to the need for the trundle to slide underneath the main bed frame, the trundle mattress is often slightly smaller in both length and width than its standard counterparts.

How Wide is a Trundle Bed?

The width of a trundle bed is designed to match the width of a twin or full mattress, albeit with a slight reduction to ensure it can be stored under the primary bed. This means:

It’s essential to note that the width mentioned here refers to the mattress size the trundle is intended to support, and the actual frame of the trundle may add a few inches.

Can You Add a Trundle to Any Bed?

Adding a trundle to an existing bed depends on several factors, including the bed’s design, the clearance under the bed, and the structure of both the bed and the trundle. Here are some considerations:

In summary, while not every bed can accommodate a trundle without modifications, many can be adapted to include this versatile and space-saving feature. Assessing the specific dimensions and design of your bed is the first step in determining whether adding a trundle is a viable option for your space.

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How to Raise a Trundle Bed

Raising a trundle bed to the height of the main bed or to a more comfortable height can be accomplished in a few ways, depending on the type of trundle bed you have:

  1. Pop-Up Trundle Mechanism: Many trundle beds are designed with a pop-up mechanism that allows the trundle to be elevated to the same height as the main bed. This feature usually involves a spring-loaded or lever-activated frame that can be easily lifted and locked into place. To raise such a trundle bed, you simply pull it out from under the main bed and lift it until it clicks and locks at the desired height.

  2. Riser Blocks or Bed Risers: If your trundle bed doesn’t come with a built-in mechanism to raise it, you can use riser blocks or bed risers designed for trundle beds. These are placed under the trundle’s legs or wheels when it’s extended, elevating it to a higher position. Ensure that the risers are stable and match the trundle’s dimensions for a secure fit.

  3. Custom Solutions: In some cases, you might need a custom solution, such as adding a thicker mattress or constructing a platform to place under the trundle mattress. While these options can offer a temporary height boost, it’s essential to consider safety and stability, ensuring the bed doesn’t become top-heavy or unstable.

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How to Open a Trundle Bed

Opening a trundle bed is usually a straightforward process, designed for easy access and use:

  1. Clear the Area: Before attempting to open the trundle bed, ensure that the area around and under the main bed is clear of any obstacles, including rugs, furniture, or other items that could impede the trundle’s movement.

  2. Locate the Handle or Grip: Many trundle beds have a handle, grip, or cut-out along the edge facing outwards when stored under the main bed. Locate this point of contact for pulling the trundle out.

  3. Pull the Trundle Out Gently: Firmly grasp the handle or edge of the trundle and pull it towards you smoothly and steadily. It should glide out on its casters or wheels. If your trundle bed is designed with a pop-up mechanism, it will remain at a lower level until you activate the mechanism to raise it.

  4. Engage the Pop-Up Mechanism (If Applicable): If your trundle has a pop-up feature and you wish to raise it, follow the specific instructions for your bed model to lift and lock the trundle in place. This often involves pulling up on the frame until it expands and locks at the same height as the main bed.

  5. Prepare the Bed for Use: Once the trundle is fully extended (and raised, if desired), you can make the bed with sheets, blankets, and pillows, preparing it for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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Trundle beds exemplify smart design, offering a dual-purpose solution that saves space without compromising on comfort or style. Whether for occasional guests, kids’ rooms, or small living spaces, a trundle bed can be an excellent addition to your home, providing flexibility and convenience.

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