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Are You A Cyberloafer?

Working hard, or hardly working? The modern workplace presents many opportunities for digital distraction, and it turns out there’s an actual word for it: cyberloafing.

cyberloafing at work

A cyber loafer is a person who finds it all too easy to drift away from work and get easily distracted by the endless potential of internet surfing. Some people think cyberloafing at work is a waste of time, but studies show that a little cyberloafing can actually help boost productivity and creative thinking.

Positive cyber loafers are able to refresh the mind by engaging in a non-work related task to regain focus or find new ideas. But negative cyber loafers get caught in a whirlwind of clicks and scrolls and often find it difficult to get back on the productivity train.

How to find the right balance

Positive cyber loafers

A study by University of Sheffield’s Department of Psychology found most people who feel inclined to cyberload often feel unmotivated or unhappy at work. Around 6 out of 10 employees slack off from between 3 hours per week to even 2 hours per day.

We all cyberloaf - so instead of feeling bad about it, most experts suggest using cyberloafing to your advantage. By harnessing the power of short breaks, you can actually get more done in a day.

Here are some ways to use distractions in a good way:

  • Finish the task you’re working on before picking up your phone
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes several times throughout the day
  • Go for a short walk while you use your phone and stop when you get back
  • Read something productive or motivational instead of using social media.
Read something productive or motivational

There’s no ‘right’ amount of time you should spend getting distracted - but there are some definite benefits. Our advice? From time to time, recharge with a power nap! It can really do wonders for your mood, energy, and creativity!