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Tips for managing your 4th of July food coma

Tips for managing your 4th of July food coma

One of our favorite long weekends has arrived! Like us, most of you are probably planning cook-ups to celebrate being together with friends and family. Plan for your food coma too, because you know it’s coming.

A food coma is a real thing! You can even find the term in the dictionary. Research suggests that excessive eating, especially during the holidays, can often reduce blood flow in the brain and lower energy levels.

But let’s face it, we are all planning to enjoy some great food during the holidays. So instead of fearing the post-holiday slump, plan in advance for maximum enjoyment.

Water is a secret weapon

Drinking lots of water will keep your body hydrated and energetic. Another critical benefit of drinking water is that is will assist with digestion. It’s a myth that water makes us fuller. Water will help with breaking down food and regulating blood flow.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Yes, to prepare your body for your lunch or dinner feast, start the morning with a nourishing breakfast. Eating breakfast will help kick-start your metabolism and reduce unnecessary cravings in the afternoon so you can indulge at a healthy pace.

Enjoy fresh air

Avoid slumping in front of the TV straight after you eat and try sitting outside instead. Laying on the couch and aimlessly staring at the screen will make you feel even fuller and affect your holiday mood. Sitting outside or going for a walk can help you digest and feel good.

Embrace the nap

A light walk, even just around the backyard and a nap is a great food coma cure. Indeed, sleeping for a full night after a large meal can often lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, bodies cannot burn calories while we sleep - if only! A 90-minute siesta, however, can send your body in a blissful state of relaxation, allowing you to wake up refreshed and recharged for holiday activities.

If what you’re missing on this list is the comfy bed. We have good news for you. This July 4th, you can get $300 off America’s most comfortable mattress.

Enjoy the holidays and nap well, too!