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Kids Mattress Video Review - The Most Comfortable Mattress

Kids Mattress Video Review - The Most Comfortable Mattress

Micah & Sarah are parents and co-founders of the YouTube Channel FunAwesomeKids, where they document adventures with their six adorable children Jackson, Lacey, Rachelle, Autumn, Sierra, and Chase. The family put their new Puffy Mattress to the test with a rigorous round of the ‘Fun Awesome Mattress Test’, and we were holding our breath when it came to results time!

"I love the texture that it has - I can sleep better on it".
Watch Micah and his kids unveil their Puffy Mattress

How Puffy Won The Fun Awesome Mattress Test

The Puffy Mattress beat out innerspring beds in rounds of the Fun Awesome Mattress Test that was focused on both comfort as well as support, all thanks to its unique design. The Firm Core Support Layer supports the spine and ensures proper pressure relief, while climate-adaptive regulation keeps your kids cool throughout the night.

1. The Toddler Bounce Test

The first round of the Fun Awesome Mattress Test featured Sierra, aged two, jumping on her new Puffy, along with two older innerspring varieties. The Puffy Mattress has a perfectly balanced medium-firm feel. This means it makes for a great make-shift trampoline but also ensures comfy, supportive sleep.

2. The Egg Test

One of our favorite rounds of the kids’ testing methods is the egg test. Jackson attempts to sit on an egg (placed safely in a Ziploc bag) on each of the mattresses, to try and test if it will stay intact. Though Micah has to step in to help, the Puffy Mattress wins out again with its pressure-relief technology, with the egg taking the longest amount of time to crack under his palm and a lot of extra force. 

3. Stain Resistant Cover For Extra Assurance

An extra feature that parents purchasing the Puffy Mattress will love is the stain-resistant cover. Though this never gets put to the test, you can quickly and easily wipe spills while leaving your mattress just as clean as it was when you first got it, and even unzip the outer layer when it comes for a deep clean. Perfect for children, whether they’re cracking eggs on their bed or not!

"It was best overall, and I like it!"

When it came to judging which mattress got top marks, Lacey loves her new Puffy Mattress! With comfortable sleep that’s difficult to beat, it’s two thumbs up for Puffy from the Fun Awesome Kids!

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