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Puffy Adjustable Base Video Review by ASL Reviews

Puffy Adjustable Base Video Review by ASL Reviews

ASL reviews are an independent sleep review group dedicated to finding the best sleep products on the market. Committed to discovering better sleep and providing objectivity in their reviews, their videos and blog posts allow you to make an informed decision on purchases you make for your sleep and well-being.

"The feature-rich adjustable base is packed with extras such as under-bed lighting, zero gravity, and massage motors, giving it a truly customizable sleeping experience" Mike from ASLReviews

Watch Mike from ASL Reviews give the Puffy Adjustable Base a test run. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Puffy Adjustable Base

The Puffy Adjustable Base has been engineered for simple set-up, maximum convenience, and comfort like you’ve never experienced before. With features like dual massage zones, USB charging ports, and soft under-bed LED lighting, Mike at ASL puts it to the test and finds there’s plenty to love about the Puffy Adjustable Base.

1. Ease of Set-Up

One of the things Mike points out in his video is how simple it is to set up the Puffy Adjustable Base. No tools needed - simply follow the clear guide, add the feet of the frame, plug in some cables, and you’re all set.

2. Instant Pressure Relief With Zero-G

With various customizable positions for pressure relief, the Puffy Adjustable Base also comes with a single-press ‘Zero-G’ position that is perfect if you’ve had a long day on your feet. You can also independently adjust the leg and head height, making it totally customizable to your comfort.

3. 101-Night Sleep Trial

As Mike points out, there’s no better assurance of the quality of Puffy’s products than it’s 101-Night Sleep Trial, which offers over three months to test your product before deciding if you want to keep it.

"If you’re looking for the best adjustable base, Puffy is certainly a contender" Mike from ASLReviews


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We’re glad ASL has found the Puffy Adjustable Base to be a top contender amongst best adjustable bases they’ve tested out on their website. With ease of use, smooth delivery, and customizable features that you’ll love, this is a great choice for those who prioritize pressure relief when sleeping.

Choose your Puffy Adjustable Base

Customize your comfort with the Puffy Serenity Adjustable Base.

Sleep supported with this remote-controlled luxury adjustable base:

  • Zero gravity elevation.
  • Designed for all mattresses.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • 101-night sleep trial.
  • Free shipping and returns.