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5 Reasons Why Better Sleep Is Your Hidden Superpower

5 Reasons Why Better Sleep Is Your Hidden Superpower

At a time when we’re all on the lookout for the next wellness hack to help tap into our super-selves, the answer to a more balanced lifestyle lies in something pretty simple: better sleep.

Despite the extensive research that’s being done on the benefits of a good night’s sleep, learning how to get better sleep is often neglected for other aspects of well-being, such as exercise and diet.

If you’re looking to unlock your hidden superpowers, sleep is the answer. Here’s exactly why you should be trying to get the best sleep you can:

1. Minimizes Risk Of Infection

One of the many benefits of better sleep is an immune system that’s always ready for action. When your body is chronically sleep-deprived, it produces a smaller amount of cytokines, a protein that aids in minimizing inflammation and infection.

One study conducted by researchers at the University of North Texas actually found flu vaccines are less effective for those who struggle with a lack of sleep. Ensuring you get an adequate amount of sleep is therefore vital for keeping yourself healthy and bouncing back quickly if you do get sick.

To avoid being stuck with a bad case of the sniffles, the best mattress for hygienic sleep should always have hypoallergenic properties to it. This is going to keep dust from being trapped in your bed, which can be a contributing factor when it comes to getting ill.

Not only is the Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress and stain-resistant, but it also has climate adapting properties that ensure you’re sleeping cool and clean through the night.

2. Assists Mood Regulation

Assists Mood Regulation | Why Better Sleep Is Your Hidden Superpower

Sleep deprivation can lead to an increase in irritability, frustration, and even stress. In one study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, participants who were limited to only 4.5 hours of sleep every night reported greater feelings of mental exhaustion and anger. They also experienced a better mood once they were allowed to sleep a full 8 hours.

Since sleep and mood are deeply interdependent, it is also true that you may struggle to get better sleep during periods of high stress in your life. Thus begins a vicious cycle, where your anxiety is responsible for keeping you up at night, after which a lack of sleep produces more stress the next day.

Ensuring you’re doing everything you can to get 8 hours of sleep every night goes a long way in helping you manage stress better. Sleeping better will also help you achieve consistency with your moods, and prevent you from developing more serious mental disorders such as depression and insomnia in the long run.

3. Helps Achieve Your Fitness Goals

A good night’s sleep is restorative in more ways than one. Athletes like LeBron James and Roger Federer are reported to sleep for up to twelve hours per day, while others such as Usain Bolt and Maria Sharapova get eight to ten hours at a minimum.

So why is it that your favorite athletes commit just as much time to sleep as they do to practice or training? Research shows that athletes who focus on better sleep have improved recovery times, increased focus, and better energy levels than those who choose to do otherwise.

Better sleep has also been shown to improve reaction times and increase motivation as you try to refocus and direct your energy. Get into the best shape you’ve ever been in, all thanks to a few extra hours of sleep - who would’ve thought it?

4. Leaves You With A Healthier Heart

Those who struggle with chronic sleep deprivation are far more likely to risk cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases than those who get their full eight hours each night.

While the reason sleep affects heart health to this degree is still relatively unknown, most researchers agree sleep deprivation causes disruptions in underlying health conditions, especially those that relate to your blood pressure and inflammation.

The best guess researchers have for the reason behind this is because your body activates specific chemicals that keep heart rate and blood pressure lowered for prolonged periods of time. This affects the way your sleep impacts your heart.

Sleep deprivation leaves you more prone to other detrimental health conditions as well, such as obesity, and even diabetes.

5. Improves Focus And Energy

Improves Focus And Energy | Better Sleep Is Your Hidden Superpower

One of the final ways better sleep can help access your inner superhero is by strengthening your memory and recall. Your brain consolidates and processes new memories while you’re in the deep stages of your sleep, so it’s important to get the right amount of rest to accomplish this.

According to sleep scientist Matthew Walker, whose TED talk on the power of sleep has over ten million views, sleep actually preps your brain to absorb and retain new memories. It’s easy to assume an all-nighter is going to help improve grades, but as it turns out, you’re far likelier to get straight A’s with the help of a good night’s sleep.

Looking to tap into your inner superhero? Your bedroom is a great place to start if you want to improve your focus, energy, athletic ability, and overall well-being. Once you’re sure you’ve optimized your bedroom for a good night’s sleep, you’ll soon be able to tap into your full potential.

There are plenty of ways you might be able to achieve better sleep. Downloading a sleep app to help track your sleep patterns might empower you to fix the root cause of your nightly interruptions.

Other ways of achieving better sleep include giving yourself a sleep schedule, staying away from your phone at night, and implementing a nightly ritual that calms you down and primes your body for blissful rest.

Learning how to get better sleep is deeply beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. It is just as important as a healthy diet and regular exercise in maintaining your balance and happiness, so prioritizing it as such will get you that much closer to your best self.

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Minimizes Risk Of Infection

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