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Why Financial Stress Can Cause Sleep Anxiety & How You Can Cope

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Why Financial Stress Can Cause Sleep Anxiety & How You Can Cope

Sleep anxiety is defined by feelings of overwhelming stress right as you’re trying to get some rest. While sleep anxiety can be caused and influenced by many different factors, financial stress is a leading reason adults with sleep deprivation find themselves tossing and turning through the night.

According to results of the Annual Puffy Sleep Survey, financial stress is the second leading cause of poor sleep in America. Respondents of the survey were close to twice as likely to report poor sleep if they also lived paycheck to paycheck, or worried about their financial future.

How is it possible to sleep when your financial woes get in bed with you every night? Using strategies to try and get a hold of your finances while maintaining healthy sleep hygiene habits can both lead to a combined result of better, more restorative sleep.

Here are a couple of tips to keep handy:

Tip #1 - Be Kind To Yourself

Getting on the right track with finances is a step-by-step process. As you achieve your goals, it’s critical to be kind to yourself. According to Brad Klotz, finance psychology and behavior expert, many people experience shame that snowballs into avoidance when it comes to the topic of money.

If you’re feeling anxious about your financial future, create an actionable plan and work your way through it to avoid stress every day. Whatever your financial situation, remember that there are plenty of options to move towards financial freedom. The more you confront stressful situations, the easier it will be to come up with a game plan that makes it easier to deal with.

Tip #2 - Set A Consistent Bedtime

Once you’ve worked out that the only way out of financial stress is by dealing with it head-on, there are a couple of sleep hygiene practices that make dealing with sleep anxiety a whole lot easier.

Our bodies work well when we give it structure, so setting a consistent bedtime is one way to give your brain a heads up that it’s time to wind down. Try to ensure your bedtime remains consistent, even on weekends, so that you’re able to account for at least eight hours of sleep each night.

When you get into the flow of a routine, trouble sleeping can become a thing of the past. Avoid habits that will prolong wakefulness - this includes having anything containing caffeine too close to your bedtime or scheduling your workouts right before going to bed.

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Tip #3 - Stay Away From Your Screens

memory foam mattress

Not only is the blue light present in your phones and other devices deeply disruptive to your circadian rhythm, but scrolling through your newsfeed and being constantly bombarded by various news outlets can have a significantly negative impact on your sleep anxiety.

While money avoidance is one way of dealing with financial stress, obsession is another. If you’re fixated on the performance of your investments, find yourself tracking every last spend, or even allow yourself to be in a position of envy for friends who appear to be financially stable, it’s important to recognize that this won’t help you sleep better.

Try to spend the last two hours of your evening away from any devices, and try to focus on activities that make you feel relaxed, such as reading or a warm bath.

Tip #4 - Invest In A Cozy Setup

So what goes into the perfect stress-relieving bedroom setup? Start with the place you spend most of your time: the bed.

Finding the best memory foam mattress you can for a good night’s sleep can definitely contribute to better rest. If you’re having sleeping problems due to body aches or chronic pain, memory foam mattresses are an effective solution in terms of providing an ideal amount of support through your sleep.

The cushioning, body-contouring effects of memory foam can also additionally improve sleep anxiety by providing a calmer, comfier space to rest and recover. If you’re convinced you already have the best mattress you can for a good night’s sleep, think about other ways you can up the cozy factor - from extra bedding to plush blankets.

Tip #5 - Sustainable Changes Toward Financial Health

financial stress

Sleep anxiety does not disappear overnight, and neither does financial stress. If you’re worried about how you’re going to be affected in the long run by money, it’s a sign you need to create a budget and set an action plan to get ahead.

These books are a great place to start when it comes to researching being debt-free:

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki
  • The Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey
  • The Simple Path To Wealth - J. L. Collins

Not a big reader? There are plenty of video guides online that can help, including The Financial Diet, Financial Education, and Debt Free In 30. These channels make financial literacy accessible and unintimidating, so they’re a great place to get started when it comes to learning more about your personal wealth.

While it might not come as much surprise that sleep anxiety is so closely interwoven with financial stress, this information can still be informative and help guide the way you think about well-being and your sleep routine.

Better sleep is about finding sustainable short-term and long-term changes for your well-being. While you can’t fix your financial situation overnight, what you can do is work towards improving it.

Everyone deals with stress, but don’t invite yours into the bedroom. When you protect the quality of your sleep, you will wake up each morning with the energy and motivation to achieve all your financial goals - one good night’s sleep at a time.

Your Turn...

How do you handle financial stress? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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Certified Sleep Science Coach

Written by Monica Chinsami, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Monica is a writer who is passionate about the connection between wellness and sleep. She believes sleep has the power to unlock our greatest potential for health and happiness. Topics she's covered range from well-being, to the latest trends in sleep health and bedroom aesthetics. Monica holds a BA in Journalism from Monash University and is a Certified Sleep Science Coach.

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