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Puffy Mattress Reviews

pPuffy Mattress Reviews

Our commitment to helping our customers sleep better to live better has never been stronger. Curious to know why customers think that Puffy Mattress is the best mattress for any type of sleeper? Don’t take our word for it, see what thousands of happy sleepers have to say! 

Reading our 5-star mattress reviews will demonstrate the quality of our product and the high level of customer satisfaction Puffy is known for. If you love your Puffy just as much as these happy customers, leave us a review to let others know how the amazing Puffy Mattress, Puffy Lux Mattress, or Puffy Royal Mattress has transformed your sleep!

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Puffy Mattress Reviews and Ratings

Based on 14965 reviews
Best mattress I ever slept on!

Even my grandkids agree, we might have a king size bed but can’t fit 4 in it! So grandma gives up her heavenly soft mattress for the grandkids, what you don’t do for your grandkids!

Thank you for five stars, Debbie! It's wonderful to hear both you and your grandkids are sleeping better with your new mattress.

Finally a Good Night’s Rest

It took me 1 night to gets used to my Puffy mattress ! It really does give you the feeling of floating as promised. I love my new mattress as I am sleeping through the night and not waking up with a sore back.

Thank you for choosing Puffy! We're glad to hear you're sleeping cool and comfy with your new mattress.

Finally a good night's sleep

The mattress is just right. Great support and comfortable to sleep. Very good quality we are so Happy we chose this one. I will order another Puffy mattress when needed for another bed in our home.

We're happy to hear you're sleeping better on your Puffy, Leo! Thanks for sharing.

Perfect Puffy!

We happened onto while searching for a new bed online. We couldn’t find “the bed” for us in any store. With health issues/concerns, we needed to find just the right bed. We decided to take the chance on Puffy after research & reading reviews, & we liked the 100-day guarantee. When it arrived & we saw the small box, we admit there were doubts! But it was the easiest bed ever to set up & it’s been a dream to sleep on ever since! We are so happy with it...& grateful it was so affordable.

Robert, thanks for a wonderful review! We're pleased you've had such a positive experience.

The adjustable base has changed our lives!

We are in love with the adjustable base. Very responsive and sturdy. We will never sleep on a flat bed again!

Matthew, we're over the moon your sleeping experience has improved with your new adjustable base. Thanks for sharing!

Best Sleep Experience Ever

After much searching for the best adjustable base out there on the internet, we took a step of faith and chose the Puffy. So glad we did! My husband and I get a wonderful sleepful experience and the massage feature helps us to get right to sleep. Thank you so much!

Cindy, so good to hear you and your husband are both enjoying your new adjustable base! Thanks for sharing.

Supportive and Comfortable

We bought two new puffy mattresses for our condo and could not be more pleased. Our mattresses are both supportive and comfortable. They make you so glad when bedtime arrives.

We're over the moon to see you're sleeping better, Don! Thanks for a great review.

Puffy let me sleep again.

Bought a new mattress for my bed hoping that would help me sleep through the night. After I was still waking up because of back pain my daughter suggested getting a adjustable frame. She helped me do some research and we found Puffy to be the best rated. I have been sleeping great. The only complaint I have is finding the controller in the dark. Thanks Puffy

Terri, it's wonderful to hear you've been catching up on some pain-free sleep with your new base! Thanks for a great review.

Best bed we have slept on…Bar none!

We were skepticle about buying a bed in a box, but with the 100 night guarantee we were ready to give it a go. Make no mistake this is a winner!

We're happy to hear the sleep trial has come in handy, Jim! Thanks for a great review.

Puffy is a life changer

I can’t begin to explain how much this mattress has changed our lives, my wife and I both suffer from lower back pain, after two nights of sleeping on our Puffy Lux we are pain free! I never would have imagined that a mattress could be this comfortable! We researched for quite a while before we decided to go with the Puffy Lux, and we are so glad we did! This will be the only Mattress we ever buy! Thank you Puffy!!

John, we are so pleased to hear you and your wife have found blissful sleep with your Puffy. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful review!

Remo Bed Heaven

I have been loving my new Puffy bed and mattress ensemble since I purchased them both. Every time I lay on it, I think what a joy to have a bed so comfortable and soft. You guys really did a great job with constructing/creating such a wonderful product. The installation was easy and straight forward. Will probably need two people and I believe it took about an hour and a half to complete. Having an electric drill would make it go even faster, but is not necessary. Nothing was difficult to follow. The mattress just puffs right up when you unwrap it from the plastic. No long wait for mattress to expand. The time spent was well worth the joy and after feeling of having such an awesome bed.

Dorene, we're thrilled to hear you found set-up so smooth! Thanks for choosing Puffy.

My Dream Cloud

After many nights of little sleep because my back and hip hurt so much, I decided on purchasing the Puffy Luxe Hybrid. I love getting into my bed at night now, because it's like sleeping on my own cloud. I have since travelled and stayed in upscale hotels and none of the beds come close to being as comfortable as mine.I will purchase more for the other bedrooms in the near future.

Gayle, we're so glad you're catching up on pain-free sleep with your Puffy! Thanks for five stars.

We love our Puffy Delux King

So comfortable for both my husband and me.
Bodee absolutely loves it too!
The bamboo sheets that we ordered with our bed are the softest I've ever slept on.
Love everything about Puffy

Lorry, thank you for sharing such a great review! We're happy to hear you and adorable Bodee love your new Puffy.

Great night sleep

We love our Puffy Lux Mattress. We have had 2 others buy one because we have raved over how comfy it is.

Sadie, we're so glad you're sleeping better! Thanks for sharing.

Vacation comfort

We love our own Puffy, so decided to purchase one to put in our vacation rental condo. We figured a busy day at the beach would have the perfect ending 'sleeping on a cloud'. Makes for happy guests!!

Your guest bedroom looks extra cozy, Kurt! We're so glad you're loving your new mattress.


Our Puffy Lux mattress is so soft and luxurious! It is, by far, the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on.

I have slept on the beach, I have slept in my car, but my Puffy Lux mattress gives the best sleep so far!

Tony, we're so happy to hear you're catching up on the high-quality sleep you deserve. Thank you for a great review!


Love my mattress, it’s absolutely what I had dreamed off. Very comfortable and soft, my back pain has since gone and I get a well rested night sleep.

Nancy, it's wonderful to hear you're sleeping pain-free with your new Puffy. Thanks for sharing!

Puffy mattress

Love my mattress, sheets, pillows, sheets, they are amazing

Thank you for five stars, Myrna!

Loving my Puffy bed

I’ve had my Puffy Lux Hybrid for 70 days and absolutely love it. I had serious reservations about ordering a mattress online but it has turned out to be a very wise decision. I knew there would be an adjustment period but that was a lot shorter period than I expected. I could not be happier!

Merle, thank you for five stars! We're so happy you're sleeping better on your new Puffy.

Best mattress for the best nights sleep.

Thanks for a stellar review, Allen!

Love our Puffy!

We've had a few different mattresses now, and while none of them have been bad, the Puffy has been the best! It's super comfortable and we feel like our bodies are supported everywhere they need to be. I love the fact too, that it's not as bouncy as traditional mattresses, so when one of us moves in bed, the whole mattress doesn't shake like there's an earthquake. I can roll over and my spouse doesn't notice, and vice versa. Love our Puffy!

Paul, we design our mattresses to minimize motion transfer - so good to hear you're enjoying that feature! Thanks for a great review.

Better then expected

Received the mattress on time and the set up was super easy. We bought this for our 5 year old daughter who is extremely tall for her age. We decided to lay it on the floor as a safety precaution as she is an active sleeper. The mattress exceeded my expectations as far as quality and comfort go. The built in stain resistant cover is nice and the fact that it is hypoallergenic gives you added peace of mind. I would like to upgrade all the mattresses in my house now to this one. Thank you Puffy for delivering on your promise!

We're so pleased to hear your daughter loves her new Puffy. Thank you for five stars!


First I purchased the mattress and instantly loved it. Two years later I got the Queen Adjustable bed and wow the mattress felt even better !!!

Cecelia, we're so glad you're sleeping better on your new adjustable base! Thanks for choosing Puffy.

Puffy Rug
The last Rug you’ll need

The Puffy Rug is plush and well padded. I chose the dark tone. The fibres are soft to the touch and do not easily pull away. Made for high use areas and as a statement piece. My dog also likes the Rug. The last Rug you’ll ever need.

Diego, your rug looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Mattress Topper

I’m a side sleeper and the extra cushion was a lifesaver for my shoulders!

Christopher, we're glad to hear you're sleeping comfier with your new mattress topper! Thanks for sharing.