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5 Common Bedroom Decor Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

5 Common Bedroom Decor Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

When it comes to brainstorming bedroom decor ideas, your creativity can be your greatest strength, but it’s easy to get carried away.

While your bedroom should be a space that reflects your personality, it also needs to be a space that invokes comfort and promotes feelings of restfulness, so bigger and bolder isn’t always the way to go.

We’re all prone to making common bedroom decor mistakes. Luckily, we’ve gathered some quick solutions to avoid the mistake of falling into these traps.

From buying the best mattress to making sure you’re using the right color scheme, here’s what do if you’re planning a bedroom makeover of your own: 

Mistake #1: Using Saturated Colors On Your Walls

One of the most consistent errors we can make when it comes to bedroom decor is to use colors we’re drawn to naturally, without thinking about what they make us feel. Unfortunately, while crimson is a great shade of lipstick, it's not a good idea for your bedroom walls.

Studies show that cooler toned shades and lighter colors tend to work better if you’re looking to optimize your sleep cycles.

Mistake #1: Using Saturated Colors On Your Walls

They’re also more generally calming shades of colors to look at, so  the logic here actually flows - you want your place of rest to be calming, not energizing or invigorating, the way deeper or brighter colors may make us feel.

If you really can’t stand pastel shades, try going for a slate grey or navy blue instead, which work similarly as muted tones rather than anything that’ll keep your brain and body more naturally alert.

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Mistake #2: Sleeping On An Uncomfortable Bed

So you think you’ve found the best mattress for your sleep. Congratulations! If it’s anything like the Puffy or Puffy Lux, you’re on your way to a more balanced routine, and restful, uninterrupted sleep.

If you’re still wondering whether or not it’s worth replacing your mattress, you can do a quick assessment of whether your current mattress is working well for you.

If your mattress is older than five to eight years, it’s likely to have trapped external debris, dust mites, and other nasties between its layers.

Mistake #2: Sleeping On An Uncomfortable Bed

You might also want to replace your mattress if you’re consistently experiencing night sweats,  can’t get into a comfortable position, or simply want to reset the space within your bedroom.

That’s where a Puffy mattress comes in. Climate control capabilities mean you won’t find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because of a frustrating case of the night sweats.

The unique properties of memory foam allow your mattress to contour to your individual sleeping position, providing you with the right balance of support and comfort through your rest.

Mistake #3: Getting A Bed That Doesn’t Fit Your Room

We know we’re not the only ones who grew up dreaming of getting the biggest bed possible as adults (and not just to jump on). Some good news first - the best mattresses don’t have to be big, and neither do the best bed frames.

Understanding the ways in which different mattress sizes work for different spaces can help when it comes to figuring out the best mattress size for you.

If you’re a single sleeper, and you’re working with a smaller room, a twin or twin XL mattress works perfectly to provide you with comfort and an adequate amount of space.

Twin beds also work great if you’re looking to decorate your child or teenager’s room.

Love to toss and turn while in bed, or take up a little more space than average?

You may wish to invest in a full size mattress, which is a little more than double the width of a twin-sized bed. Full size beds also work as snug mattresses for couples who are dealing with sharing a smaller space. 

The best mattresses for your master bedroom don’t take much guesswork - king or California king size beds will work in a spacious area while providing you with a good level of comfort and space for when your child may want a midnight snuggle.

If the master bedroom in your home is less than about 10 x10 feet large, a queen size mattress will still work to give you space without making your room feel too cramped. 

Mistake #4:  Letting Clutter Get The Best Of You

Modern bedroom decor is a far cry for the more-is-more philosophies of past generations. When it comes to setting up your bedroom, going for an approach that focuses on quality and comfort will not lead you astray.

If you find that your bedroom is getting a little too crowded, it may be worth getting rid of a few older pieces of bedroom furniture that are just taking up space.

Mistake #4:  Letting Clutter Get The Best Of You

When it comes to bedroom furniture that minimizes clutter, your best bet is to find pieces that double as storage solutions. A good example of this is adding a nightstand in your bedroom.

Opting for a nightstand with additional shelves adds storage space to your room. This will keep your bedside reading from piling up, with a new place to keep your to-read pile of books.

Another way to create some extra space in your room is by using a bed frame that lends well to storage underneath your bed. This is especially handy if you’re working with a smaller space in your bedroom.

Bed frames like the Puffy Foundation allow you 15” inches of space for storage, so you’re able to really optimize your clean and functional space.

Mistake #5: Coordinating Everything In Your Room 

We love a good color scheme, but trying to get everything in your room to match down to the shade won’t just have you running around in circles,, it’ll leave you with a room that feels slightly impersonal.

Embrace imperfection within your bedroom, and don’t get too bogged down with the details - choose bedroom decor that feels like a good reflection of what is cozy and comfy to you.

Being creative when it comes to your bedroom decor ideas is important, and watching out for some of these common errors will help you find a space that is uniquely you in no time.

Whether you’re looking for the best mattress to suit your space or you’re just deciding on a color scheme, with a little time and planning, you’ll find your bedroom transformed into a space you look forward to resting in.

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