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King Mattress Size Guide

King Size Mattress Dimensions | Puffy

Whether you are a seasoned king mattress sleeper, or just new to the world of spacious comfort, upgrading to a bigger bed is undeniably one of the best feelings ever!

The interesting thing about mattresses is that they tend to grow as we do. From the time we start sleeping alone as a child, to the teen years, and then adulthood, mattress upgrades become necessary as we grow.

If given a choice, most people prefer a bigger bed. Not just because of the luxurious feeling of sleeping like royalty, but also because having more room in the bed creates a better sleep experience.

Partner disturbance is considered one of the key reasons for sleep loss in relationships. Snoring, tossing and turning, blanket stealing, and getting stuck on the edge of the bed are all reasons that call for a mattress size upgrade.

Before you take the leap, understanding mattress dimensions is essential. For the perfect bedroom design, you need to ensure a king size mattress will fit your bedroom floor plan comfortably.

Check out puffy mattress reviews, from real customers and see how we compare puffy vs nectar, and puffy vs purple.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

King Size Mattress

When you upgrade to a king size mattress, you will be spoilt for space.

A king mattress measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

You might have also heard of a split king size mattress. A split king size mattress is two twin XL's placed side by side. The measurement of a split king is 78 inches wide (2 x 39-inch mattresses) and 80 inches long. A split king is 2 inches wider than a standard king.

Split King Size Mattress

Split king size mattresses are used for adjustable bed frames. It allows sleepers to independently control both sides of the bed frame.

King VS California King: What’s The Difference?

California King Size Mattress Dimensions

California king (sometimes referred to as a cal king) is another king size mattress variation that is highly popular in the US.

The difference between the two mattress sizes is one of the most common questions on the minds of people who are looking for a larger mattress. Only 4 inches separate a king mattress and cal king mattress.

A California king mattress measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long.  

It's important to note that the surface area of a standard king size mattress and a cal king mattress is almost the same. The difference is that a cal king is longer. A cal king is a popular mattress size for taller people or bedrooms that have a greater length than width.

Compare all mattress sizes and weights with our comprehensive mattress size guide to find the perfect fit for your bedroom.

Types Of King Size Mattresses

The size of your next new mattress is important, but you also need to consider which type of mattress is going to guarantee you get the most supportive and comfortable sleep possible.

Our personal preference is memory foam. We believe memory foam mattresses provide the most life-changing sleep experiences in the world and we are confident you’ll feel the same.

5 benefits of a king memory foam mattress

Puffy King Size Mattress Options

Puffy King Size Mattress Options

Our Puffy mattresses are available in all standard mattress sizestwin mattress, twin XL mattress, full size mattress, queen size mattress, king size mattress, and cal king size mattress.

Compare Puffy’s award-winning memory foam mattresses and find your perfect king.

Discover how to take your sleep to the next level. Compare Puffy’s mattresses side-by-side to see all benefits.

Never purchased a king size mattress before? Take advantage of our 101-Night Sleep Trial and put Puffy to the test. You have nothing to lose with our lifetime warranty. Investing in a bigger bed won’t ever disappoint. Learn more on how to choose a mattress to ensure a more restful, spacious, and comfortable sleep.

Check out the King Size Mattress Guide & Dimensions [Infographics].

King Size Mattress Guide & Dimensions [Infographics]

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