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5 Impressive Teen Bedroom Ideas Trending In 2024

5 Impressive Teen Bedroom Ideas Trending In 2024

When it comes to teen bedroom ideas both you and your teenager are going to love, things can get challenging.

Bedroom decorating should be a fun project, and making it a collaborative effort can actually be a great way to bond while creating a space your teen is going to feel truly comfy in.

Choosing high-quality bedroom furniture that will last all the inevitable wear and tear of constant use is key to keeping any decor style staying functional.

Whether it’s finding the best mattress for a good night’s sleep, or investing in storage solutions that you know will make clean-up easy, a balance of practical and creative is at the heart of any decorating project.

Seeking inspiration for you and your teen to reinvent their space? Here are some trending styles for 2024 that might be useful as you’re brainstorming ideas:

1. Boho-Chic

Boho-Chic Bedroom Decor

If you have a teen girl whose bedroom is going to double as their lounge space, then it’s hard to go wrong with the relaxed, cozy layers of a boho-chic bedroom.

Teen bedroom ideas that use boho-chic decor as inspiration tend to utilize a lot of warm patterned textiles, plenty of plants, and fairy lights for a calmer feel.

Since your teen’s going to spend a bulk of their time home in their bedroom, you’ll want to think seriously about the best mattress size for their space.

Depending on the size of their room, and whether or not you plan on using their mattress for the considerable future, a full size mattress or even queen-size mattress provides enough space for mountains of decorative pillows or old stuffed toys.

Boho-chic bedrooms have a special focus on patterns and prints, so when choosing bedding, rugs, and other decorative pieces, it’s handy to keep this in mind. A smaller mattress size is generally going to look overcrowded or busy with these kinds of prints, so if you have space, bigger is better here.

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2. Minimalism With A Twist

Minimalist decor bedroom styles

Minimalism has taken the interior design world by a storm in recent years, and it can be an interesting approach to take when decorating a teen bedroom.

It’s ambitious to imagine any teenager achieving a minimalist philosophy to their space, but some of the core principles of minimalism can actually be really useful when planning bedroom decor.

Minimalist decor styles, at their core, simply highlight the need for fewer, high-quality products that serve a defined function. Trying to minimize clutter and keep your teen’s bedroom as intentional as possible can result in a focused, calming space.

If your teen bedroom is smaller in size, you might opt for a mattress size that’s smaller to ensure it still feels airy and open. Worried about clutter? Choose to invest in some smart storage solutions - bed frames with adjustable heights can allow you to keep things under your teen’s bed, for instance.

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3. Glam and Glitz

Glamorous teen bedroom decor

Seeking a teen bedroom that’s fit for a true diva? Glamorous teen bedroom decor might seem difficult to achieve, especially if you’re on a budget, but it’s a lot simpler than it seems. Dark and rich tones used in bedroom decor deliver a refined and expensive touch.

If you’re looking to give your teen girl’s bedroom that extra touch of glam, a vanity table is a great piece of bedroom furniture that can also serve as a functional piece of storage space. Using lights, and glittery accents with bedding or rugs, can all help tie your teen’s glitzy bedroom together.

To keep things cozy and in line with the rest of your teen’s bedroom decor, a larger bed will add to the glam. Not only do bigger mattress sizes provide comfort, they also feel and look luxurious, which will work well for a teen who wants a space that feels fit for a princess.

4. Wanderlust Inspired

Wanderlust Inspired Bedroom Decor

One of the best ways to get inspiration for a teen bedroom is by thinking about their natural interests. If you have a teen who loves to travel, or wants to do a lot more of it as they grow older, having a wanderlust-inspired bedroom is going to be a nice personal touch to their space.

There are plenty of creative ways to integrate your teen’s wanderlust into their bedroom, from creating a photo wall where you can hang up pictures of their travels so far, to getting a scratch-out map so they have a visual idea of where they’re going to explore next.

Creating a travel-themed shelf for guides and books on your teen’s next big destination, or dedicating a space for souvenirs collected while they’ve been abroad can tie the room together as well.

You may also choose to integrate creative storage solutions in the form of suitcases, or a globe-patterned rug. A wanderlust themed bedroom design is a great and easy way to have the whole world at your teen’s feet!

5. Creative & Artsy

Creative & Artsy Bedroom Decor for Your Teenager

If you have a teenager who’s naturally creative, one way to get them involved in the decorating process is by getting them to pitch in with decor of their own.

Gallery walls are an increasingly popular addition to most bedrooms, so if your teen is an artist themselves, using their own work to decorate a single wall can be a really wonderful way to personalize their space.

Another idea when it comes to decorating this kind of a bedroom is to cave out a bit of studio space so your teen can feel comfortable enough to get their creative juices flowing.

If it’s an easel and a place in their room with plenty of natural light, or simply a work desk on which they can sit down and get their ideas out, creating a distinctive space in their bedroom for this will allow them to feel at ease, and keep them from working on their bed, which should be reserved solely for sleep.

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