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Easy Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas that Max Out on Style

Easy Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas that Max Out on Style

Just when you thought you’d left your days of living in shoebox-sized rooms back in college, you find yourself in a small bedroom that makes your dorm room look like a castle by comparison.

When you’re faced with the dilemma of cramming most of your possessions into a tiny bedroom, it can become easy to lose sight of the design and focus solely on utility. But just because a bedroom is small doesn’t mean it needs to skimp on style.

The right small bedroom decorating ideas can give even the smallest of spaces an instant facelift by combining elements that embrace design and practicality.

In fact, one of the best parts about a small bedroom layout is that it’s already cozy, so all you need to do is find small bedroom decorating ideas that take dimensions into consideration and make them work for you.

Here are a few small bedroom decorating ideas that will help you make the most of your space.

Consider Bed Dimensions

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Bed Dimensions

Bust out those measuring tapes because the key to successfully applying any small bedroom decorating ideas is working with the space you have, not against it.

Since the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, the most common mistake is picking a mattress size that eats up most of your room.

When your bed is too big for your space, you’re not left with much room for anything else, so you might as well say goodbye to clutter-free storage and even decorative trinkets that don’t serve any real function. But you don’t need to. You can still hold on to some of that extra space by finding a mattress size that’s ideal for your room.

To pick the right mattress size, you first need to measure your room and then choose the best beds for small rooms. Here’s the breakdown of the best mattress dimensions based on room sizes:

  • A twin-sized mattress for a room size of 7’ x 10’
  • A full-sized mattress for a room size of 10’ x 10’
  • A standard queen mattress for a room size of 10’ x 12’

Alongside finding the right mattress size, it’s also essential to pick a fitting bed frame. An adjustable bed frame is a good option for those seeking customized comfort, which can be especially useful if you share your space with your partner. But in addition to sleeping soundly, an adjustable base offers you the capability to alter your bed frame’s height, which affords you extra storage space under the bed.

Minimalist Magic

At its core, minimalist decor style is about living without clutter. Not only is decluttering a good way to free up your mind and space, but it’s also one of the best small bedroom decorating ideas to make your space look bigger.

By following a minimalist design style, you might be able to create the illusion of a bigger room. When you’re trying to achieve a minimalist look, it’s essential to ensure that your room isn’t bogged down by clutter. Get rid of things that don’t serve any functionality and focus on making your bed the centerpiece of your room instead.

To further open up your space, opt for a neutral color palette that invites more light into your room. You can liven up your small bedroom by adding a few pops of color with plants and accent pieces, such as throw pillows and throw blankets.

Multifunctional Furniture

Small Bedroom Decor Idea: Multifunctional Furniture

Perhaps the first thought you likely had when you saw the size of your room was how you were possibly going to fit everything you’d accumulated over a lifetime into a 10’ x 10’. But one of the essential small bedroom decorating ideas is to maximize space is by finding multifunctional bedroom furniture.

For instance, instead of a traditional nightstand that does little to add interest, keep a fold-up stepladder in a wooden finish by your bed. This can double as a bedside table and a shelf, where you can display photographs, artwork, or books.

When you’re on the hunt for new furniture, don’t shy away from big pieces. Instead, try to achieve balance. Having multiple smaller pieces of furniture can make your room look more cluttered, but by adding one or two larger furniture pieces, you’ll have more storage space, and your room will look neater.

Trick the Eye

There’s not much you can do to make your room bigger, but you can certainly make it feel bigger.

All small bedroom decorating ideas are centered around getting creative with your space, which means tricking the gaze. An easy way to do this is by adding mirrors around your room. Mirrors make your room feel larger by reflecting more light.

You can also opt for furniture that’s not too tall to create the illusion of higher ceilings. To take things one step further and draw the gaze upward, paint your ceiling a different color. This can also be a great way to bring some brightness into your room, especially if your overall color palette is neutral.

Creative Lighting

Small Bedroom Decor: Creative Lighting

Face the facts, if your bedroom is small, you likely don’t have that much space for table lamps or floor lamps. They may be beautiful and distinctive, but a lamp takes up room that could be utilized by something more essential, such as a desk or an ottoman.

One of the best small bedroom decorating ideas to save space is to use space-saving mounted lamps that provide all the light you need. Alternatively, you could also hang a pendant from your ceiling if you prefer to save your wall space. Either way, experimenting with different light fixtures can ultimately help you free up space in your room.

All you need to add a big dash of personality to your space is some creative solutions. With these small bedroom decorating ideas, you’ll find that you can easily transform your room from cramped to cozy.