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5 Simple Bedroom Decor Ideas to Stay Organized

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5 Simple Bedroom Decor Ideas  to Stay Organized

Clutter can have a significantly detrimental role in your sleep cycle, and ultimately, the overall quality of your rest at night. You’re going to get the best quality of sleep from a bedroom you feel comfortable and cozy in.

Thankfully, it isn’t difficult to come up with bedroom decor ideas that keep your space tidy without compromising on style.

If bedroom organization doesn’t come to you naturally, don’t worry - we’re here to help. Room organization of any kind is a lot easier once you understand the basics of keeping your space tidy.

There are a few simple hacks you can try out to keep your room looking nice and organized. What’s more, with daily practice and habits that take about five minutes of your day (at most!), you can ensure you keep it that way.

When you keep your space clean, you reduce dust and other external clutter, which is both good for the airways and helps create calmness in the mind and body for rejuvenating sleep.

Here are our top tips and tricks for keeping your bedroom furniture organized, and making sure your space lives up to its potential as a haven you can look forward to relaxing in once the day is done.

Tip #1: Pick The Right Mattress Size For Your Space

Mattress size can make or break the feel of your bedroom, especially when you’re trying to organize bedroom furniture within a limited amount of space. Factoring in mattress size as you brainstorm bedroom decor ideas can be  If you’re moving into your very first flat, or you’re sharing a space with someone, you’ll want to make sure your mattress accommodates you comfortably during your sleep, without taking up too much of your actual bedroom.

Twin or twin XL size mattresses are the natural choice for rooms where there’s a smaller space to work with. Coming in at around 75 inches (or 80, if you’re going for the XL) long, these compact mattress sizes work great to provide you all the comfort of a normal bedroom, minus the cramped space.

Bedroom organization ultimately comes down to the ways in which we use the space available to us. You want your bedroom to feel spacious and airy regardless of its size, so thinking about a mattress size that will be comfortable enough for you to rest on without taking up so much room you’re unable to move around freely is really important.

If you are sharing your bed with a partner, a full-size mattress can be a great alternative that still is compact enough to create the illusion of space in your room. Another reason you want to ensure the mattress size you’re picking works within your bedroom is for airflow.

If you own a memory foam mattress, you’re going to want to ensure it has enough breathing room to keep cool and provide you with the most comfortable experience possible. 

Tip #2: Finding Furniture That Aligns With Your Bedroom Decor Ideas

It stands to reason that your bedroom organization is going to rely heavily on your bedroom furniture. Keeping bedroom furniture in your plan for bedroom decor ideas that can function both as a storage solution and a piece that has a real purpose in your space is the trick to optimizing the space you have available.

Bedroom Ideas to Stay Organized

One example of this can be to use a nightstand with drawers instead of a regular bedside table. A nightstand with drawers can function as a space for your night-lamp and bedside reading, but also house away excess clutter, and act as a storage solution for whatever you choose to keep in there.


Tip #3: Find Organizers To Keep Your Closet Clean

If your Pinterest board for bedroom decor ideas doesn’t include a pile of clothes on the floor, your bedroom shouldn’t either.

If you don’t have a laundry hamper or a basket to sort your clothes into, it can be easy to let messy clothes pile up on your floor or in your closet, and this leads to a mess that ends up needing to be cleaned every few months.

Using closet organizers can make a really powerful difference to the way you sort your clothes out. Make sure there are allotted spaces for each of your closet items - once everything has its place, commit to spending five minutes of your night to put everything back where you left it.

Make sure to include a dedicated space for these items in your own bedroom decor ideas. This will help you get into the practice of putting things back where they belong, and keep things looking clean for your space.


Tip #4: Avoid Clutter & Keep Your Artwork On The Walls

When it comes to bedroom decor ideas that speak to your personality, art can be a great start. Getting the right amount of art for your space can be a slippery slope to getting over-cluttered, but there’s a quick fix for ensuring your bedroom doesn’t feel overly crowded.

Bedroom Decor Ideas: Artwork

Make sure to put any photos or art you have on the walls of your bedroom, instead of atop your tables or other storage units, to give your space a cleaner feel.

While decorative items may not be at the top of your list of room organization ideas, how you choose to decorate your space and what you use to do this can have an invariably significant role in the way your room looks.


Tip #5: Using The Space Under Your Bed Wisely 

Finally on our list of tips for smarter bedroom decor ideas is utilizing the space under your bed effectively. Using a bed frame that is tall enough (or adjustable) to account for storage under your bed can be a really impactful way to save on space. Storage under your bed is a super effective solution to hiding away excess clutter without it impacting the overall look of your room.

Find a bed frame that is engineered with this in mind can make bedroom organization a lot easier. Investing in some storage boxes or compression bags can help you keep things you may not need on a regular basis, such as off-season clothing, or documents you don’t necessarily need to be using on a day-to-day basis.

Investing in the right bedroom furniture won't just help keep your bedroom organized, it’s going to help you create a space you can truly feel comfortable in.

Looking after your overall wellbeing contributes to a healthy sleep cycle, and vice versa, so creating a positive cycle can help you achieve balance within your own life.

Your bedroom decor ideas can, therefore, be an important step towards achieving a more holistic approach to your life, and not just design-wise.

With these bedroom decor ideas for organization, you’ll find a sense of calm both in the look of your bedroom and more importantly, in the way you feel as you tuck yourself to bed every night.

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