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Fall Decor Ideas That Are Going To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Blog Bedroom Decor
Fall Decor Ideas That Are Going To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Autumn is right around the corner, and with it, an opportunity to redecorate your bedroom with some proper fall decor ideas.

A change of season is always a great time to think about what’s been working in our homes, what needs donating, or what needs a little bit of an upgrade.

With the colder months sneaking up on us, and the holiday season bringing on festive cheer, here are a few different ways you can spruce up your home without compromising on comfort.

Switching Up Your Bedroom Colors

One of the easiest and most popular fall decor ideas to integrate into your space is bringing some autumnal shades in your bedroom. Use shades of ochre, pumpkin orange, or darker plums and maroons to bring a warm, seasonal touch to your space.

You don’t have to repaint the walls: you can bring these colors in through accessories, bedding, and even flowers. Bedroom colors can have a real impact on your mood, and even the quality of your sleep, so there’s no better way to start celebrating the start of fall.

Adding Some Rustic Touches To Your Space

Switching Up Your Bedroom Colors

When you’re thinking of decor ideas to totally reinvent your space, rustic bedroom decor is a great direction to take for the fall. Not only does rustic decor bring some hominess and warmth into your space, it’s also great for cozy nights spent snuggling in cold weather.

Don’t want to go all out with rustic decor? You can still integrate some extra coziness to your space.

Adding a shag rug for some extra warmth when it gets chilly, or an extra-plush blanket on your bed, can make all the difference to how you feel.

Bring On Some Festive Cheer

Fall decor ideas are guided by the festive spirit, the upcoming Christmas season, and general holiday cheer. Add string lights, childhood ornaments, or hang up some tinsel around the walls of your bedroom to get yourself in the holiday mood.

If you’re not in the mood to bring on the Christmas cheer just yet, adding a few decorative pumpkins or spooky Halloween decorations can be a fun and creative way to add something new to your space. We love this little ghost accent cushion if you want to know where to get started!

Sprucing Up Your Guest Bedroom

Sprucing Up Your Guest Bedroom

Fall is also the perfect time to reconsider your guest bedroom decor, with holidays coming up soon and family that might be expected.

Whether you want to upgrade to a memory foam mattress, or simply want to add some more cozy elements to that space, your guest bedroom can be a fun way to redecorate your space.

Memory foam mattresses are handy because of their temperature regulation properties- meaning they’re going to keep your guests nice and warm in these fall months but remain cool and comfortable when summer arrives.

Make Some Fall Art

Make Some Fall Art

If you’re in the mood for a decorating DIY project, using fall leaves to make some custom artwork for your bedroom is a lot of fun.

Using fall colors as inspiration and pressing and framing leaves like this one, or using leaves as stencils for your own fun colors and prints can help bring some much-needed fall inspiration into your room.

You can also want to try using fall leaves to make your own wreaths or bunting for some added autumnal accents.


There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of a room reset, and the changing seasons are a good reminder as any to double down on nesting and personal comfort.

Taking the time to comb through your Pinterest boards for inspiration, getting started with a plan, and getting down to business can all help with a bedroom that’s going to get you looking forward to the holiday season and all the festive tidings that come with it.

Happy Fall!

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