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Montessori Bedroom Style Guide

Blog Bedroom Decor
Montessori Bedroom Style Guide

Why Montessori style bedrooms are trending

In this blog you will discover:

  • What Montessori means
  • How to style a Montessori bedroom
  • The benefits of Montessori bedroom styling

What is Montessori?

Montessori is a style of education developed by Maria Montessori over 100 years ago. You may have heard of Montessori pre-schools? If you have let us know in the comments section, the Puffy team would love to hear your opinion or experience.

The waiting lists for Montessori pre-schools can be huge; independent thinking style schools are trending all over the world.

Montessori principles are built around helping children form and thrive in natural interests as opposed to traditional educational principles where learning occurs from prescribed methods.

These principles are now becoming quite popular at home before children even start school. It all starts in the place where we spend most of our time at home: the bedroom.

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Montessori style bedrooms

Montessori style bedrooms

To best prepare children for open-minded and independent thinking, the Montessori style bedroom is emerging as a trend in homes all around the world.

You might be wondering what it means to take this style of education and turn it into an interior design idea. Well, creating a Montessori bedroom is all about empowering free-thinking in how your child sleeps and plays.

If you want to use this approach, you need to ditch the crib and closely consider the layout of the bedroom. Montessori bedrooms feature a minimalist bedroom with low floor beds allowing children to feel free to wake up and sleep in an open space.

Montessori styling also aims to eliminate clutter and objects which may cause stress for the child such as hard to reach play benches and copious amounts of toys.

Clutter is distracting and can overwhelm young minds who tend to play with one a few of their toys anyway. Another suggestion experts make about Montessori styling is to use what they create as decoration rather than investing in large paintings or décor that children have no connection with.

Montessori style bedroom essentials:

  • Floor bed with a twin mattress rather than a crib
  • Low benched and furniture your child can reach
  • Remove clutter and unused toys and books
  • Ensure there is an open floor space
  • Use natural colors and handmade artwork as decoration

What are the benefits of Montessori style bedrooms?

  • Floor beds provide freedom to move and create healthy sleeping habits (plus it’s more comfortable)
  • Low furniture encourages independent interaction in the bedroom
  • Fewer toys and clutter assist with focus on play by reducing distraction
  • Natural colors and handmade artwork reduce anxiety and increase comfort

If you have created a Montessori style bedroom at your house, share a photo with us on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to see it.

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