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Finding The Perfect Vintage Decor For Your Bedroom: Sit Down With Jenny Zacharewicz

Blog Bedroom Decor

Interior Designer Jenny Zacharewicz has a life that is just as charming as her cozy vintage bedroom looks. Tucked away in Northwest Georgia on a goat farm with her nine children and husband, the founder of Big Family, Little Farm knows a thing or two about picking pieces that are beautiful yet functional for the home.

We talked to Jenny for our Interior Design Showcase as she shared easy ways to find the best vintage decor for your space.

Jenny’s trademark vintage approach comes with a natural love of DIY home improvement projects, a great knowledge of up-cycling older pieces, and making your house a home with the right eye. Here’s what she has to say on keeping on picking comfy and quaint vintage decor.

Keep Things Interesting With Texture

Keep Things Interesting With Texture

"You can achieve the vintage look with items from antique stores and country markets that add warmth and texture and backdrops for your bedroom decor", Jenny explains.

Vintage decor goes well with a variety of different decor styles, so feel free to get experimental and incorporate a more rustic approach too. Jenny prefers a vintage farmhouse feel for her own home, and she does this by adding wooden accents on her walls, beams, and floors. As Jenny goes on to say: 

"I am inspired by things with texture and warmth when I’m redecorating a space - I love to find unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else! Typically, I’ll look for one item that is unique, and then I use that to create an entire vignette". 

Using Patterns With Neutral Tones

Vintage Decor: Using Patterns With Neutral Tones

Vintage decor is a naturally pattern-heavy style, but using neutral tones can offset this and keep things looking subtle. Jenny maintains you can achieve a beautiful look that the full family will love with the right amount of planning. 

"Using floral prints in neutral colors and using pillows with fringe, ruffles in neutral colors can keep the space feminine without being over the top. The size of the bed, mattress, and bedroom furniture is really important in creating a bedroom which doesn’t feel cluttered", she cautions. 

Strike The Balance Between Aesthetics & Comfort

Vintage Decor: Strike The Balance Between Aesthetics & Comfort

While Jenny loves a vintage accent piece for her space, she highlights the need for a comfortable sleep set up, especially as a busy mom.

"I look forward to kicking off my shoes and relaxing on my bed so I can begin to wind down from a busy day. There’s nothing I love more than a warm and cozy space for relaxing! Lots of big, fluffy pillows on the bed and lots of layered blankets", she says.

This includes finding a bed that works for everyone. 

"A quality mattress is the difference between having a good next day or a bad one! If you don’t sleep well, it will show up in all areas of your life. The Puffy Lux conforms to me so I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud, while still supporting my back! After giving birth 8 times, my body has taken a beating, and this mattress has helped so much", she adds. 

The most important rule for vintage bedrooms that still feel personal to you? Don’t take the rules so seriously. Jenny says it best:

"I have learned to avoid going with what’s “popular” and to step outside the box! As I’ve grown in my own interior design practice, I’ve come to realize there are no rules in decorating".


Your Turn...

What does vintage decor mean to you, and how do you use it in your space? Share your tips and comments below, and don’t forget to see what other leading designers have to say about this year’s coming trends in the Puffy Interior Design Showcase

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